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GPS Discussion / Re: ACA Maps on my Garmin Edge 1000
« on: February 07, 2017, 08:58:34 am »
without having to periodically load more sections to the Garmin during the ride.  Is that correct?
That is correct. You can load the entire set of tracks once for the entire trip.

Edge 1000 detailed instructions available.

it will give me turn by turn direction for the entire ride Bar Harbor, ME to Key West, FL
Pay close attention navigation notes. Specifically, "Do not rely on turn-by-turn instructions. While they work most of the time, they give false confidence of their reliability. There are many areas where the device does not calculate the route correctly. This will vary depending on device, base map and apps. We highly recommend you simply follow the track line on your screen to avoid incorrect turn prompts."

GPS Discussion / Re: Basemap for Trans Am Trail - Newbie Question
« on: February 04, 2017, 09:02:12 am »
Read recent discussion about similar topic:

GPS Discussion / Re: Easytrails App - Loading tracks
« on: January 16, 2017, 09:59:00 am »
I cannot see how to load the digital gpx files from the ACA.
Detailed instructions available on Adventure Cycling web site.

From a location where you have the GPX files (GoodReader or Dropbox), you can open them in EasyTrails app.

I have downloaded the recommended Easytrails app onto the IPAD, (free version)
This maybe part of the problem. The free version only supports loading one track. You should be able to see it from the "paw" icon at the bottom of the screen.

GPS Discussion / Re: Best GPS file for Garmin 800 for the Trans Am Trail
« on: January 13, 2017, 09:00:14 pm »
Can anyone recommend a good GPX file for the route
TransAm Map Set Digital

is the Garmin
North America maps good enough to complete the route.
You can get background maps free from Open Street Map. Follow instructions posted earlier.

GPS Discussion / Re: ACA Maps on my Garmin Edge 1000
« on: November 18, 2016, 10:14:40 pm »
I also purchased the digital download for my Garmin Edge 1000, which I am slowly getting accustomed to.
Great choice. The Edge 1000 is a superb device. Review the detailed instructions for loading routes onto the unit.

Does this sound about right. Not sure how the 200 waypoint limitation comes into play.
Yes, what you have done is great. You are good to go.

The limit of 200 waypoints is for services along the route. These will work far better on a mobile device per Jennifer's note earlier.

One ends in an "N" and the other in an "S." Might these denote northbound or southbound?
That is correct: N is for north & S is for south. See more details about route names at under Find Track section.

Also, I often use Ride with GPS. Can ACA maps can be opened with that app on an Android phone?
My guess is that RWG requires the route be in your library of routes. Please post an update how it works for you or if you find other apps.

GPS Discussion / Re: Best GPS device for cycling
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:47:22 pm »
I am happy to pay a good price if it means I can keep it for a while. I want something not too big...
Buy the Garmin Edge 820, which was just announced two days ago, if you can wait until it is in the market, which will be in a few weeks. It is not too big. It has full features ready for fitness rides & extended touring.

If you cannot wait, buy the Edge 1000.

For other Garmin choices, read earlier discussion & somewhat outdated comparison chart.

Other devices that you see from other brands such as Wahoo Elemnt, Polar V650, & Magellan Cycle 505 are amazing products for fitness. They are not as suitable for extended touring rides.

GPS Discussion / Re: Garmin Edge 1000 Explore
« on: June 16, 2016, 05:43:48 am »
couldn't justify the extra cost until I figured out what I paid each month to SPOT
I assume you use Live Tracking as well, in similar function to SPOT, that allows family & friends to track your location.

GPS Discussion / Re: Garmin Edge 1000 Explore
« on: June 16, 2016, 05:40:44 am »
Is there a way to show more than one region at once? at least with the OSM updates anyway?
I do not believe there is a way to load more than one map onto Basecamp, at least when I looked at it a couple of years ago. This is mainly because the file name must be a specific, therefore cannot be duplicated.

What is your preference for using Basecamp versus some of the online mapping tools such as Ride with GPS, Strava, or Garmin Connect?

Aside from fast, responsive, & friendly user interface, Ride with GPS allows for choosing among many available maps: Google, OSM, OSM bicycle, OSM outdoor, satellite, topo, etc.

Strava, on the other hand, allows you to choose routes base on heat maps that show most popular & used routes.

GPS Discussion / Re: Newbie GPS question from England... waypoints!
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:50:23 pm »
There are fewer than 2,000 points in the entire file for TransAm. They can all load onto your eTrex.

Regardless, consider using a smart phone or tablet when browsing for such service points. The interface is far simpler, more responsive, & easier to view.

I haven't looked at the gpx tracks but probably need to be broken into segments if using a Garmin type device IF a given gpx track has 10k or more points.
All GPX tracks should be fit for use immediately without any further manipulation. Please post questions to the forum with any trouble using them as is.

Per instruction of Garmin eTrex, Navigate Tracks section, step 6, "All of our tracks are under 10,000 points".

does this work for east and westbound?

Yes. There are two sets of tracks: one is east bound & the other is west bound.

What is the general behavior when you turn the device off for the night?
This varies by device. Some of them will remember the track from before turning off. Otherwise, you will need to again select the track to navigate.

When you turn it back on will it insist that you start from the beginning of the course or will it let you start anywhere on the course?
All devices will pick up right from your current location.

Some of them give you the choice to navigate to the start of track, but that is just an option for you to decline. For example, see Garmin Edge 1000 instructions, Navigate Tracks section, step 7.

GPS Discussion / Re: TransAm using the TransAm gps
« on: May 03, 2016, 09:01:12 pm »
Yes, that is exactly the case. You will only need the eastward set of tracks.

For the service points, the Edge series store very limited number (200) service points. Consider using your mobile device instead (see details).

GPS Discussion / Re: eTrex20x with or without TOPO for Great Divide
« on: May 03, 2016, 07:34:35 am »
What do you need the maps for?

Free OSM maps often include trails. Could they work for you? At least give them a try.

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