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It's really hard to tell by looking at the Krebs map and poking around online whether this can be done on a touring bike, but if it is it would be a much better option than taking the road occupied by cars into the park.

Nearest I can tell from the mountain biking sites this fire road is considered technically easy, and physically somewhat challenging. I've never ridden any fire roads on my bike, but I'm a fairly good rider. I'm wondering if anyone here has ridden this route on any bike and could give me advice on whether I should attempt it.

I have really solid wheels with 35mm Schwalbe Marathons, but I'll also be loaded with front and rear panniers. If there are just a few precarious spots I figure I could get off and walk my steed for a spell, but I'd rather not be stuck walking my bike all day.

So should I take the paved road or the unpaved?

Hi all,
I'm planning a week long trip from SF to SLO and have been researching my camping options using the Pacific Coast Section 4 map and Krebs' Monterey map. I've got a fair amount of options, but there seems to be a deficit of options between Pfeiffer Big Sur and San Simeon. The one spot I came up with I found doing a Google Map search, a privately run campground on public lands called Kirk Creek Campground. My question is whether anyone has stayed at this campground (the fact that it doesn't seem to register on any bike touring radar makes me suspect), or knows of any other options midway between Pfeiffer Big Sur and San Simeon.


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