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Gear Talk / Surly and Jeff Jones H-Bars
« on: September 09, 2012, 05:24:16 pm »
I posted this over on BikeForums also.   First post here so be gentle.   :) :)

Great Falls, MT.

I'm new to touring and will be taking a 1000 mile trip next June. I have a new Surly Disc Trucker. Here is my problem. I had brain surgery a couple of years back and it does stress my neck muscles to bend over a set of drop bars quite abit. I can do the 10-30 miles trips ok buy am worried that anything much longer is not good. I just need to sit up more. I have looked at the different styles of bars, ie, trekking bars, mustache bars, but was wondering if anybody has tried Jeff Jones's H-Bars for touring on this forum. Would like to hear what you say. Here is the link to his H-Bars:

Thanks in advance.

Great Falls, MT

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