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There is road construction along US 101 in Lincoln City between SE 23rd and SW 35th Streets.  The road should stay open, but if traffic and conditions seem unsafe to ride through, here is an alternate to get around most of the construction:

For more information, see:

Pavement is being replaced on I-84 for 1 mile east of turn A (MP 87 to 88).   
From May 22 to September 7th, 2015 Eastbound I-84 will have the typical 10 ft. shoulder available throughout the project.
Westbound will have 10 foot shoulders available for all but 0.5 miles of the project, where it will be down to a 4 foot shoulder.
From September 8th of 2015 to Memorial Day of 2016 only 4 foot shoulders will be maintained throughout the project.

Use extreme caution if taking this main route.   Also consider taking US 197 to the Washington Option.  To get across the Columbia River, walk your bike over the bridge on the east sidewalk, as there is no shoulder on this bridge.

For more information, see:

On the Hell's Gate Option, Webb Rd. is closed for construction.  Use Lapwai Alternate and River Option instead. 

For more information, see:

Construction on a bridge will close the road just north of turn I, starting May 11, 2015.  Construction is scheduled to be completed November 16, 2015.  For more information, go to:

A possible reroute:
EB: At F, Continue straight on Garth Rd./CR 614. In 5 mi., turn right onto Old Garth Rd./CR 601. At stop sign in 2 mi., at the stop sign, continue straight onto Old Ivy Rd./CR 601.  In 1 mi., bear left onto Ivy Rd./US 250 to rejoin route.  Mileage remains the same.

WB: At junction of Ivy Rd./US 250 and Old Ivy Rd - 13(21km) – bear right onto Old Ivy Rd.  At stop sign in 1 mi., continue straight onto Old Garth Rd./CR 601. In 0.5 mi. bear right to continue on Old Garth Rd./CR 601. In 2 mi., turn left onto Garth Rd./CR 601. In 5 mi., continue straight to rejoin route at F.  Mileage remains the same.

There is road construction along SR 107 between Stockbridge and Bethel, making the road very rough and causing delays. Estimated construction completion is July 2015.  For updates, see

To avoid this construction, take the main route and not the White River Alternate.

Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Northern Tier 11, Map 143 - 2014-2015
« on: September 02, 2014, 01:43:23 pm »
There is road construction along SR 107 between Stockbridge and Bethel, making the road very rough and causing delays. Estimated construction completion is July 2015.  For updates, see

Suggested re-route:

EB: 13(21)Rochester. Turn left onto North Hollow Rd., which becomes
Camp Brook Rd. 23(37)Turn right onto SR 12. 25.5(41)Bethel. Continue straight onto SR 107.  Rejoin route.

WB: 2.5(4)Bethel. Ride straight onto SR 12. 7. 5(12)Turn left onto Camp Brook Rd., which becomes North Hollow Rd.  17.5(28)Rochester. At town square, turn right onto unsigned SR 100. Rejoin route.

Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / UGRR Section 3, Map 33 - 2014
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:34:40 pm »
Utica-Sellersburg Rd. is closed for about a mile starting at Brookhollow Way and going north.  This is part of the Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing construction project, which spans several roads in this area.  Utica-Sellersburg Rd. is expected to be re-opened in November.  For updates, see this website:

There is construction on SR 71/Sage Creek Rd. south of Rawlins - from 26 miles south of Rawlins (around mile 164 on our Great Divide Map A) to the junction of Highway 70 (on Map B). The road will be closed between 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, excluding Federal holidays.

A possible re-route if you can cross through the northern 5 miles of the construction area during a time when the road is open:
169(272)Turn right onto McCarty Canyon Rd./CR 503. 195(314)Continue straight onto Cherry Grove Rd. 203.5(328) Turn right onto CR 561. 204.5(329)Savery. Turn left onto State Hwy. 70. 209(336)Slater.  Rejoin route on Map B at mile 42.1(67.7).
(updated post 20 June 2014)

There is construction on the bridge over the Iowa River just north of Oakville on CR 99.  Louisa County will try to keep this bridge open as they work on it until September, but may need to close it occasionally for a day at a time.  Then in September they will close the bridge for about a month.  The re-route is significant, especially if you are traveling southbound, so call Louisa County ahead of time to find out the status of the bridge:
Louisa County Engineer/Road Department: 319-523-5271
One reroute option:
19(30)Turn right onto CR G62. 22.5(36)Turn right onto CR 99. 23(37)Cross Iowa River. Wapello. Route becomes Franklin St. 23.5(38)Turn left onto US 61. 30(48)Turn left onto CR H22. 37.5(60)Turn right onto CR 99.  Rejoin route 0.5 mi. south of Oakville.
1(2)Turn left onto CR H22. 8.5(14)Turn right onto US 61. 15(24)Wapello. Turn right onto Franklin St./CR 99. 15.5(25)Cross Iowa River. 16(26)Turn left onto CR G62. 20(32)Turn left onto CR X61. Rejoin route 3 miles south of CR G56.
CAUTION: US 61 can have high traffic and has no shoulder.  Use caution.
To avoid US 61 you can ride through Illinois instead of Iowa.  However, the closest to Oakville that you can cross the Mississippi river is Muscatine from the north and Burlington from the south.
See the Illinois bicycle maps for routing on the Illinois side of the river:

CR Y13 is closed between Farley and Cascade.  At the end of the construction season this year (2014), the road will be re-opened as a gravel road.  Next year (2015) CR Y13 is scheduled to be re-paved.

Recommended re-route:
EB: Map 92
G 33(53) Farley. Turn left onto 1st Ave., which becomes Old Hwy Rd.  37(58) Epworth. Turn right onto Center Ave. S. 37.5(60)Ride under US 20. Route becomes Placid Rd. 41(66)Turn right onto Pleasant Grove Rd. 41.5(67)Turn left onto Roller Coaster Rd. 43.5(70)Turn right onto N Cascade Rd. 47.5(76)Turn right onto US 151.  Warning:  This mile of US 151 can be busy and has no shoulder.  Use caution. 48.5(78)Exit right toward Cascade.  Turn left onto Fox St. 49(79)Turn right onto1st Ave.  Rejoin route on panel 93, turn A.

WB: Map 93:
20.5(33)Turn right onto US 151. Warning:  This mile of US 151 can be busy and has no shoulder.  Use caution. 21.5(35)Turn left onto N. Cascade Rd. 25.5(41)Turn left onto Roller Coaster Rd. 27.5(44)Turn right onto Pleasant Grove Rd. 28(45)Turn left onto Placid Rd. 31.5(50)Ride under US 20. Route becomes Center Ave. S. 32(51)Turn left onto Main St. which becomes Old Hwy Rd. 36(58)Turn right onto 1st St. which becomes CR Y13. Rejoin route on panel 92, second part of turn H.

The bridge over the Waccamaw River is out on Red Bluffs Rd./CR 31.  Road construction is expected to be finished mid September 2014. 

Suggested Reroute:
SB, map 54: G 20(32) Continue on SR 90.  22.5 (37) Turn right onto Old Reaves Ferry Rd./CR 105.  29.5 (50) Turn left onto SR 905.  Resume route.
NB, map 55: 21(34) Turn right onto Old Reaves Ferry Rd./CR 105.  28(45) Turn left onto SR 90.  G Rejoin route at SR 90 and CR 31.

Check SCDOT for more information:

On Map V, the frontage road between Terry and Fallon is closed due to a landslide.  Length of time for the closure is unknown.  You can take I-94 as an alternate.  Check for updates.

There is major flooding in Alberta and British Columbia on and near the Great Divide route.  For general information, see for Alberta and for British Columbia.  For more local information, contact municipalities and National Parks.

If you have more information about specific route closures or suggested reroutes, please post. I will update this discussion if I receive further information.

US 6 will be closed starting Monday, May 13, near Joppa Rd. between SR 61 and SR 60 for the replacement of a culvert.  It is expected to reopen June 3, 2013.   Check the Ohio DOT District 3 website for updates (  The detour given by Ohio DOT leads traffic to limited access SR 2.  Use the following detour instead.

0(0)Continue on Cleveland-Sandusky Rd./US 6.* 2(3)Turn right onto Frailey Rd. *3.5(6)Turn left onto Darrow Rd. *5.5(9)Turn left onto Barnes Rd. *8(13)Turn right onto Cleveland-Sandusky Rd./US 6.  Rejoin route on map 117

*19(31)3 miles after Vermillion, turn left onto Barnes Rd. *21.5(35)Turn right onto Darrow Rd. *23.5(38)Turn right onto Frailey Rd. *25(40)Turn left onto Cleveland-Sandusky Rd./US 6. Rejoin route on map 117.

A bridge is being repaired on Strecker Rd. between SR 269 and Billings Rd. (W. of SR 4).  The construction is estimated to be finished in late May.  While the road is closed, use the following detour:

Ignore the last turn (I) at the end of Map 115 and stay on S. Ridge Rd./CR 175.  Starting Map 116: 0(0 km)Continue on S. Ridge Rd.\CR 175. *3.5(6)Bend right following Portland Rd.\CR 175.  *6(10)Turn right onto Billings Rd. *7.5(12)Turn left onto Strecker Rd.  Rejoin route on map 116.

*18(29)1.5 mi. after SR 4, turn right onto Billings Rd. *19.5(31)Turn left onto Portland Rd.\CR 175. *22(35)Bend left following S. Ridge Rd.\CR 175. 25.5(41)Rejoin route on map 115.

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