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07/16/2014 - 3 lightning caused wildfire which are being managed as the "Whiskey Complex" have closed the Main Route between Placerville and Garden Valley. It has also closed the Hot Springs Campground on the Lowman Cutoff. It is advised riders stay off the Lowman Cutoff west of Lowman as well.

Current updated info here:
Closure area map as of 07/15/2014 here:

EDIT: The Main Route is not closed, but all areas to the immediate east of the road are. This could change at any moment. So, please use caution on Alder Creek Rd.

A few folks have come across this closure notice in the past few days:

Please ignore it.

I just talked to the folks at the Stanley RS, and Decker Flat Rd./FR 210 is OPEN. They just haven't updated any website to reflect this

All routing remains open, but there are a couple of area closures to note. More info and maps can be found here:

- The area surrounding the Main Route to the east of Dollarhide Summit is closed. Bicycle travel is restricted to FR 227. All recreation activities in the closure area are not permitted at this time, including camping. This does not affect any hot springs. Reference this map for the closure:

- Due to fire damage, Baumgartner Campground and hot springs are closed. They will reopen sometime summer 2014.

Great Divide Section 3 - Map B

This picture is from Wyoming SR 70 somewhere between miles 25.0 & 42.1.

Bruce Burrows, from the Wyoming Department of transportation, and his on-site engineers in the area have granted permission for cyclists to walk around the landslide on State Route 70. The engineers seem to be confident that racing and touring mtb'rs are savy enough to get around it. He did stress to use caution. Also, there could be people/heavy equipment working in the area.

This might change later in the summer when they start working on the road. Here is number to contact for more info:
Wyoming Department of Transportation - 307.777.4375

Again, the Wyoming Department of Transport has granted permission for cyclists to walk around the landslide

-Casey Greene
cartographer, Adventure Cycling Association

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