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Good condition, no tears. I can take pics upon request.

Please PM your contact info.



ACA does not update maps on a yearly basis so I don't know if these are their most current. Publish date listed is 2010

Good condition. I can email you a picture upon request (get an error message from this website when I attempt to post a pic)

Please PM your contact info.


Good condition, no tears. ACA does not update their maps on a yearly basis so I think they are current but not sure about all of them. Publish dates listed on the front of the maps are as follows:

1-3     are  2013
4-8     are  2012
9-10   are 2011
11-12 are 2013

Please PM your contact information.

I attempted to post a picture but received an error message. I can send a pic to your email address if you like.

General Discussion / Re: Link to this forum is buried, why???
« on: January 28, 2014, 08:14:05 pm »
I agree. It should be in a prominent, obvious location.

On another note, I was already signed in and I went to respond to this thread and I was required to re-sign in before I posted. Not a big deal but another irritation that puts a question mark over my head as to why?

It was still closed over labor day weekend .

I was Southbound and was going to proceed past the sign thinking that a bike can always get through some way or another but a hand-written sign next to the official sign said that it was also closed to bicycles. I had started in Nehalem that day and was feeling too tired to gamble riding a few miles up the hill only to have to turn around and head back so just proceeded on the busy 101 over the pass (not fun on the big weekend with heavy traffic). 

Another thing that may be of more interest to people on this section is the route and location of the  campground at Devils lake campground. The map sends you around the east side of the lake and that's were the camping appears to be located but that's a day use area on that side. The camping is located on the west side of the lake.  (if you're as tired as I was that day) you might consider staying on 101 (yes, busy crowded 101) and  enter town on the west side of the lake. That's were you'll see the sign directing you to the campground.


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