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Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Options along the TransAm in Kansas
« on: August 13, 2014, 11:30:20 pm »

US 50 has far more traffic. And the towns along the TransAm are used to cyclists and very welcoming.
KS 96 has, on average, about 1000 vehicles per day across western Kansas.
US 50 has at least 2000 in most places and more than 4000 near the larger communities.

Personally, I prefer Nebraska - but if you are riding across Kansas, the TransAm is best.


Hwy 153 is now closed with fires entering the town of Pateros.

US 2 is also closed around Leavenworth

I suspect that WSDOT may begin to limit eastbound traffic on Hwy 20 at Rockport since there is no paved open road option east or south of Winthrop.

From Twisp there is an easy detour via Pateros and Brewster -
(Doesn't mean going up into Canada or such)

From Twisp:
Hwy 153 South to Pateros (a couple of backroad options, too)
US 97 from Pateros to Brewster
Old US 97 from Brewster to south of Okanogan
Hwy 20 continues into Okanogan

The owner of Kurt's General Store in Paulina is really helpful - -
Anyone needing info should call - 541-477-3311
He has contacted to school principal and the gym will be open to cyclists.

More info on the Paulina Detour - -

Kurt's General Store in Paulina is open 8 to 8, 7 days.
Camping is permitted at the rodeo grounds in town.

Total distance 136 miles -
Paulina is 56 miles from Prineville, 80 tough miles from John Day
Starr Springs Campground (NF) is 15 miles south of John Day on US 395
2000 foot climb from John Day to Starr Spgs on US 395

Don't know the hours of the little general store in Post.

Heading west - the Izee Road Junction is clearly marked for Paulina:

Detour from John Day -
South on US 399 to Izee Road to Paulina
West on OR 380 (Paulina Hwy) to Prineville

Not that much further - pretty remote - limited services in Paulina & Post
General stores in both communities.

Please Note - most of the land along the route is private and fenced.
Also there is extreme fire risk - - thus, don't stealth camp.
Folks in Paulina will probably be accommodating.

Southwest / Re: New Mexico - northwest region
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:48:43 am »
I have toured Chaco Canyon as part of longer bicycle trips a couple of times.
I tour on a Trek 8000 - but you can do it on a Trek 520 with care.
(I took some insane two-tracks from the west on one trip.)

I'm not sure what your overall route is - -
But there are only two entrances to Chaco Canyon - north and south.
The highway from Cuba to Crownpoint is paved and quite good.
There are little stores at Torreon and Pueblo Pintado.
You can also get water at a number of Navajo chapter houses.
The road from the south is usually far better.
It may vary, but the north road usually has horrible washboards -
And you have to access the north road from a busy US 550.
Not to mention that the south road goes by stunning Fajada Butte.
The turnoff from IR 9 to the south road is at an abandoned trading post.
There is potable water and camping at Chaco.

Routes / Re: East to West or West to East
« on: June 30, 2014, 12:00:11 am »
Moving objects create apparent wind and apparent wind angle.

The simplest way to start is to consider a cyclist riding at 10 mph with a 10 mph tailwind.
The apparent wind for the cyclist is zero. With a 10 mph headwind, the apparent wind is 20 mph.

This also applies to side winds (90 degrees) but the calculation involves simple trigonometry.
For apparent speed:
A = Squareroot[(Windspeed2)+(Velocity2)+2WVcos(alpha)]
For apparent direction:
Beta = Arccos[{Wcos(alpha)+V}/A]

For a person riding east at 10 mph with a 10 mph north wind -
It SEEMS like there is a northeast wind of approximately 14 mph.

Thus, for most of us, 3/4 of the time it feels like there is a headwind -
And only 1/4 of the time does it feel like there is a tailwind.

Routes / Re: Bakersfield California to Darby Montana
« on: June 24, 2014, 10:40:15 am »
Chrissie -

Take a little time with maps and with websites like
I haven't mapped it out - but Yosemite Valley is at 4000 ft and Crane Flat at 6000 ft.
Thus it is only another 4000 ft to Tioga Pass - - then a killer downhill to Lee Vining.

The Pass you mention may only be at 5500 ft - but you drop 6000 ft, then climb again.
Not to mention that nearly all of Hwy 49 is a roller-coaster.
I would be willing to bet that the NET climbing is about equal - Nevada vs Valley.
(The ACA route will have significantly more climbing.)
Also, the gradient of Tioga Pass Road is quite reasonable heading east.

Yep - the Nevada route is almost 100 miles shorter and 2700 ft less climbing.

Routes / Re: Bakersfield California to Darby Montana
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:11:38 pm »
The route you outlined surely isn't easy -
A good deal of climbing and a good deal of traffic on many roads.
So I'm not sure what "experienced" means in this case.

My takes on less experienced needs - in order of importance - are:

1. Low traffic and/or adequate shoulders -
A high traffic road without shoulder can be tough - esp. when you have panniers on your bike.

2. Moderate climbing -
Really steep ascents - 10%+ - or killer rollers can really sap a new touring cyclist.

3. Frequent services -
New touring cyclists need the reassurance of services at moderate intervals.

4. Reasonable weather -
Extreme weather - heat/cold/rain - can really sap a new touring cyclist and make it a drudge.

The Nevada route has 1, 2 & 4 with good services until Fernley.
The Sierra Cascades route has more traffic and climbing, but better services and weather for July.

Camping options are somewhat limited in Valley towns.
And you will likely encounter few other cyclists.

PS - As for meeting folks along the way - after 20 years I have found that it is way better for them to meet me than me to meet them.  Anyhoo, 60 miles is a hour driving for them and a day riding for us. It's different if I really want to visit Boulder or Jackson - - but it's even harder when it's a big city.

Routes / Re: Bakersfield California to Darby Montana
« on: June 22, 2014, 11:27:10 pm »
What is you level of experience?
Is Red Bluff a must? Because the Valley is super hot.

If not, then from Yosemite cross over Tioga on CA 120 -
Then take US 395 to Bridgeport -
Then CA 182 / NV 338 / NV 208 to Yerington -
Continue on US 93A to Fernley -
Then a very remote NV 447 to Cedarville -
And over CA 299 to Alturas

There's also the ACA Sierra Cascades route from Yosemite to Truckee -
But I would stay to the east thru Plumas N.F. and hit Susanville then up to Alturas.

The Nevada route is really remote north of Fernley - but beautiful.
Susanville to Alturas is pretty remote, too - either CA 139 or US 395.

Routes / Re: Virginia
« on: June 22, 2014, 05:17:03 pm »
Show it who is top dog with a menacing "No! or "Hey!"

Those are not exactly the words I use on dogs.

General Discussion / Re: Crossing the upper Mississippi
« on: June 18, 2014, 07:49:43 am »

The Centennial Bridge between Davenport and Rock Island has a wide walkway on the east side and is quite attractive. (The west side walkway has been cut on the Illinois side)

The Cassville Ferry is the only ferry on this stretch - variable hours.

Most bridges - except Interstate - permit bicycles, although many are narrow and dangerous. Generally, any bridge completed before 1970 is going to be pretty narrow unless it was built with a sidewalk. The Arsenal Bridge in Rock Island is also doable, the bridges at Clinton and at Savanna are scary. Both bridges in Dubuque have sidewalks/shoulders, but the US 61 bridge is more expressway with trickier exit access. The US 18 bridge has wide shoulders and moderate traffic - the Blackhawk Bridge, Hwy 9, is narrow and scary. At La Crosse, the new eastbound US 14 bridge - Cameron Ave - has the bike lane.

Routes / Re: Yellowstone Camping
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:35:16 pm »
Do not bring any food into your tent - -
Not in Yellowstone - -
Not in Kansas or Kentucky.

Do you mean US 20? 
I-20 is in Texas and Louisiana.

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