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Cycling Events / MOVED: Patagonia to Alaska
« on: April 25, 2013, 07:43:00 am »

Due to a mud slide, Cape Mears Loop Rd. on the Oregon Coast is closed. This affects TransAm Section 1, Map 3 and Pacific Coast Section 2, Map 16.

You will need to use the Netarts Highway Alternate during this closure.


Underground Railroad / MOVED: UGRR help
« on: March 15, 2013, 10:46:15 am »

A bridge is being repaired on SR 36 causing a closure of the road requiring the detour as written below. It is estimated to last from now until early June:

Northbound on map 35:
0(0 km)Continue straight (east) on SR 56. 20(32)Vevay. Route becomes SR 156. * 26(42)Turn left onto SR 101. Cross Ohio River, enter Kentucky. Route becomes SR 1039. * 33.5(54)Ride over I-71. SR 1039 curves left. Turn right onto Boone Rd./SR 465. * 35(56)Turn right onto Sparta Pike/SR 35. 37(59)Sparta. Rejoin route on map 36.

Southbound on map 36:
* 20.5(33)Sparta. Turn right onto Sparta Pike/SR 35. * 22.5(36)Turn left onto Boone Rd/SR 465. * 24(39)Turn left onto SR 1039. Ride over I-71. * 31.5(51)Cross Ohio River, enter Indiana. Turn right onto SR 156. 37.5(60)Vevay. Route becomes SR 56. 57.5(92)Madison. Rejoin route on map 35.

NOTE: SR 56 is not in great shape -- it is broken in places and there is no shoulder -- and you will be sharing it with 55 mph traffic. Ride with caution.

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Announcement about Fred Hiltz
« on: March 13, 2013, 01:37:20 pm »
I don't know how many of you had conversations with Fred Hiltz, but I'm sure all have benefited from his presence as a moderator on the forum -- in this discussion area in particular -- and I wanted to let you know that he has passed away from a long fought illness.

In 2002, Fred volunteered to be part of the then-new GPS waypoint project. (blog post: His support was invaluable. He established naming conventions, wrote user and admin guides and generally walked us through the process. The original round of waypoints for the entire route network were created by him.

He then extended his volunteer time and became a forum moderator helping us keep the spam-bots in check and answering questions from his deep well of bicycle travel experiences. He was most active in the GPS Discussion helping countless cyclists get their GPS units up and running, but also chimed in the General Discussion and Routes areas regularly.

He was the Adventure Cycling Volunteer of the Year in 2008 ( and was a Life Member. He will be missed.

There is to be a Circle of Remembrance for him in his community on April 20. If you would like to express your gratitude for his efforts, I will collect and share them with his widow, Ann.


Routes / MOVED: route ideas for cycling in greece
« on: December 19, 2012, 09:22:40 am »

In a recent blog post (, we asked the question: How do you use our GPS waypoints?

As a department we are in the midst of designing a database for map creation and maintenance. Part of this includes our GPS waypoints. As we go along, we realize we really don't know enough about how you are using the waypoints. We want to make sure that what comes out of this process is at least as helpful as what is currently available and hopefully more so.

A few things we'd like to know about your use of the waypoints specifically include:

What would make them easier to use?

What about the waypoint names? Do you rename them? What if we rename them over time?

Do you like/use the sample routes provided?

Anything else we should know?

Routes & Mapping staff will be chiming in now and again throughout the conversation, perhaps asking more questions along the way. Your feedback will have an impact on what we do next so please help us help you.


There is extensive construction occurring on SR 162 SW of Kamiah. Ride with caution. This project will continue through the summer and should be complete by September. For progress reports and conditions, see the Idaho Highway Information page:


We just received this notice about construction occurring in Hood River, Oregon (maps 109 & 110) to extend the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. It is navigable but may be tricky to get through/around. The project should be complete by Fall 2013.

For more information on the project, see this page from the Oregon DOT:


Be advised, we just received this notice from the North Dakota Department of Transportation:

“The NDDOT replacement of the ND 46 Sheyenne River bridge is on schedule for completion this summer.  ND 46 is open for bicycle traffic.  There is a bridge across the Sheyenne River at the Little Yellowstone campground that bicyclists can use during construction.”


Flooding is occurring across central Minnesota. Roads and campgrounds are closed on the Northern Tier Route, Section 6, maps 75-78 and Northern Tier section 5, Little Falls Alternate, maps F-H.

For a map showing affected areas and expected durations, see Public Alerts:

For more information about road closures and impacts, see Minnesota DOT, Traveler Information:


There are two construction projects in progress on map 84 of Atlantic Coast section 7.

1) A1A Little Lake Worth Bridge Replacement ( The bridge labeled as Jack Nicklaus Dr./SR A1A south of Juno Beach, just north of Lake Worth. This project will continue through the winter of 2012.

2) Little Blue Heron Bridge ( The bridge on the Riviera Beach Detail Map labeled as Blue Heron Blvd./SR A1A. This project with continue through June 2012.

On both projects, lanes will remain open throughout the construction as well as sidewalk pedestrian access if you wish to walk your bike through.

We have also been advised there is an alternative route parallel parallel to US 1  -- Avenue A/Lakeshore Drive -- 1 starting at 20th St. E., eventually crossing Blue Heron Blvd, and extending north to Shore Court, where it joins US 1 at Northlake Blvd. US 1 between here and PGA Blvd. has paved shoulders and is a reasonable to bike.

This Google map shows the alternate route:


Mid-Atlantic / MOVED: White Hall VA Community Center
« on: April 10, 2012, 08:30:59 am »

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