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We heard from one of our ambassador members in Southern Illinois that due to high waters, the Cave in Rock Ferry will be closed for approximately the next week. This affects the TransAmerica Route on map 118 and the Great Rivers Route on map 18. He has posted detour routing on this crazyguyonabike discussion:

You can also check with the Kentucky Transportation District 1 on their Facebook page for updates:
(You don't need a Facebook account to read their page.)


Routes / Re: Northern Tier - Without going into Canada
« on: April 18, 2011, 08:25:39 am »
Mike..if u follow the ACA "NT" route as it is described you would not go into Canada. When you get to Buffalo you will be on a north-northeast route from Ohio/Erie PA area. From Buffalo you will go east along the Erie Canal Towpath. 

Actually, the Northern Tier route DOES go into Canada from Buffalo.

I would see about getting the Greater Buffalo / Niagara Area Bicycle Route Guide map on this page for routing to stay in the U.S.: There seems to be a problem with the link at the time I clicked on it. Contact the regional bike/pedestrian coordinator for Niagara County to find out how to get the map: Greg Szewczyk, 100 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY, 14203,, 716-847-3614

Have a great trip!


We just received this notice from our Southern Tier tour group currently on the road:

Fires still burning in fort davis, tx. We arrived yesterday afternoon
but shuttled riders immediately to alpine, tx. Spending rest day there.
Just drove back to get mail. We were last ones out before another road

May want to post that fort davis should still be avoided. Lingering
smoke in the air and still a threat of another evacuation. Shifting
winds may bring flames back tomorrow to finish off what wasn't burned
already. Some businesses open again but not sure how long.

You can read more in his blog posts found here:

April 10:
April 11:

Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Welcome to Bicycle Route 66!
« on: April 06, 2011, 09:26:51 am »
On a visit to Flagstaff AZ I needed some quick help with a bike problem.  Absolute Bikes on Rt 66 near the heart of town gave good service quickly and at a reasonable price. 

Is this the kind of information that is helpful for this effort?

You bet! Getting this kind of information helps us narrow the choices of what businesses to list when there are multiple options.


I spoke to a National Forest Ranger last week and Lynx Campground is still closed. It will remain closed until they can inspect the work done last year and assess any damage due to fallen trees over the winter. They intend to reopen the campground once it has been deemed safe.


Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Welcome to Bicycle Route 66!
« on: April 04, 2011, 10:55:01 am »
I'm in Amarillo and will help any way I can.

Great, thanks! If you'd send me your email and/or other contact information in a PM, I'll add you to our list of possible volunteers.


General Discussion / Re: Free Camping
« on: April 04, 2011, 10:40:52 am »
... but I wonder does ACO have a list of members, who might offer you a bed or allow you to set up your tent, in their backyard? ...

I missed this last week. No, we don't have such a list, however you will find some Cyclists' Only Lodging and Camping options on our maps. These are sometimes businesses that allow cyclists to use their property to camp and occasionally they are private homes that have asked to be listed on the maps. I agree with another person replying to this discussion that is a good resource for finding free accommodations along the way.


For information about the probable opening date of the Cascade Highway/SR 50 on the Northern Tier #1 - Maps 4 & 5, Sierra Cascades #1 - Maps 5 & 6 and Washington Parks #2- Maps 26 & 27 please see press release below:

Washington State Department of Transportation – NEWS

North Central Region - PO Box 98, Wenatchee, WA 98807-0098, 509-667-3000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                             March 30, 2011

Contact: Jeff Adamson, Communications Manager, 509-667-2815 (Wenatchee)       

Clearing the North Cascades Highway starts April 11
Deep snow and avalanche danger forces latest start in 20 years

TWISP – It’s shaping up to be the latest reopening in 20 years for the North Cascades Highway. Up to 15 feet of snow has fallen in the last month and the avalanche danger is extreme, forcing the reopening to begin later than normal this year.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) plans to begin clearing State Route 20 on Monday, April 11. The 34-mile stretch between the Skagit and Methow valleys has been closed since Dec. 1.

Last year, crews started clearing snow on March 22, and only four weeks later Tootsie Clark was serving her famous cinnamon rolls to the first drivers at the gate when it opened April 16.

WSDOT cannot shift the avalanche crew and snow-clearing equipment from Stevens Pass to the North Cascades Highway until the threat of snow and avalanche danger subsides. “We’ve received a third of a normal season’s snow total in just the last month,” said Avalanche Supervisor Mike Stanford. “We haven’t seen this much snow in years. Right now, there’s a lot of deep, unstable snow in the avalanche chutes above the highway.”

Avalanche control was required today on Stevens Pass due to new snow overnight followed by heavy rain and warm temperatures.

On the annual North Cascades assessment trip on March 17, crews found snow 60 feet deep burying the road below the Liberty Bell Mountain avalanche zone. Pictures are posted on Flickr

The work is expected to take as many as six weeks to complete this year.

For maps, pictures, frequently asked questions and a history of opening dates for the North Cascades Highway, visit the website

Subscribe for reopening e-mail updates here:


We just received notice from the Missouri DOT that they will be replacing some bridges on the Great Rivers Route this spring, summer and fall. They are:

GR #1 - Map 7, CR W, just south of CR WW over Ramsey Creek, approximately 2/23 - 4/23
GR #1 - Map 7, CR W, north of Pike/Lincoln County line over Guins Creek, approximately 5/31 - 7/30
GR #1 - Map 7, CR W, south of CR F over Bryants Creek, approximately 5/9 - 8/9
GR #1 - Map 12, SR 49, over Ottery Creek overflow, approximately 9/12 - 11/1
GR #1 - Map 12, SR 49, over Ottery Creek, approximately 8/1 - 10/1

You can see their recommended detours of these sites by visiting the Safe and Sound website. Select the bridge you want more information about and it's location and a detour will appear in the lower right.


Routes / Re: Bike route through/around Knoxville TN
« on: March 31, 2011, 08:48:46 am »
Hi there,

It looks like the city of Knoxville has a map of recommended routes through the city. Check out the map found on their Bicycle Program page:


Will it block .getting to the Katie trail and use it some Ive got to go south,, at walnut grove..  Thanks Ron

The Safe and Sound map is a well done resource showing not only locations but also approximate start days and project durations. I'd use it to get the answers you're looking for.


We just received notice from the Missouri DOT that they will be replacing some bridges on the TransAmerica Trail Route this spring and summer. They are:

TA #9 - Map 101, SR 126, between SR J and US 71, beginning 3/9/11 for 56 days
TA #9 - Map 102, SR K, between SR 39 and SR M, beginning 8/1/11 for 53 days
TA #9 - Map 103, SR BB between SR 123 and SR Z, beginning 7/19/11 for 44 days
TA #9 - Map 105, SR 38, between SR F and SR 5, beginning 4/23/11 for 44 days

You can see their recommended detours of these sites by visiting the Safe and Sound website. Select the bridge you want more information about and it's location and detour will appear in the lower right.



If you have Section 7 of the Lewis & Clark route (, it shows an alternate route to stay on the Washington side of the Columbia River on SR 14 from Vancouver to US 97 where you would pick up the main route. Otherwise, you could cross the Columbia from Vancouver as someone else suggested on I-205.

Hope that helps.


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