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Pacific Northwest / Re: route
« on: May 24, 2013, 06:33:32 am »

No worries, Jana! Keep posting here, I'll forward them on to Twitter.

Hope your trip has been great.


Routes / Re: Route help needed from Ashland, OR to Shasta
« on: May 21, 2013, 07:45:00 am »
If you ride the Sierra Cascades section 3 route from Ashland to Shasta, it's only 7 miles in I-5. =)


Thanks for the info, jana! I have also tweeted it out on the #acaTransAm hashtag. if you're on Twitter, would love to have you use it along the way to report in on flooding and good food stops, too!

Enjoy your TransAm journey!


Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Welcome to Bicycle Route 66!
« on: May 16, 2013, 08:17:42 am »

There are no unpaved sections on the stretch I outlined.  I've ridden it.
You can ride all the way from the Grand Canyon thru Window Rock to Abiquiu.
All pavement, low traffic.  Services comparable to the Western Express.

The unpaved part is a zag to Chaco Canyon NHP.  Well worth it.
This park includes some of the oldest and most extensive ancient Puebloan ruins.

Sorry, I either misinterpreted your earlier suggestion or was confusing it with a different post altogether. I agree, Chaco is amazing. My husband went there a couple of years ago, truly fascinating place. There is an alternate on the GDMBR that passes near it.

Speaking of history.  And I do teach college history.

The fact is - Route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico has largely disappeared under I-40 since the 1970s.
Yes, there is the fabulous section thru Peach Springs.  But between Flagstaff and Albuquerque it is questionable.
In many places the old road from the 1930s is a streak in the desert.
Where there are maintained sections, they often dead-end at a fence on the interstate.
And when there is a usable service road, it can be right next to 20,000 vehicles on I-40.

Nearly everyone who has tried to ride Route 66 has complained about this section.
If you reroute a little bit - i.e. onto Townsend Winona Rd - you are already "off route".
And if you are riding on I-40, you are certainly not riding on historic Route 66.

Although I am not absolutely against riding on an interstate - it defeats the purpose of touring IMO.
I won't detour 100 miles to avoid 5 miles of interstate riding where it's the only option - -
But to plan a route that includes considerable mileage of interstate and service road riding is less than ideal.

These are all good points. We are not adverse to offering alternates -- paved and unpaved. This route has not been completely laid out yet and there may be a way to incorporate your suggestions as one. I just don't know at this moment. I do appreciate you for chiming in on the topic.


Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Welcome to Bicycle Route 66!
« on: May 16, 2013, 07:37:58 am »
Hi mathieu,

I won't take issue on the principal route choice. Given that the ACA route will follow the historic Rt-66 as close as possible, I hope that there will be suggested alternates for the noise, smells and spoiled views on the roads running in close proximity of I-40. Between Elk City and Clinton-OK there is a 30 miles long quiet paved backcountry road. On Google Maps it is signed as E1120 Rd, but all local road signs that I saw had EW-112 on it. Sorry, if this duplicates suggestions already made, but I have not seen any proposals for Oklahoma.

I will pass this along to the cartographer working on this part of the route so he can compare what was researched to your suggestion.


Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Welcome to Bicycle Route 66!
« on: May 14, 2013, 06:09:33 am »
Please be aware Kamper Kompanion Rv Park Litchfield, Ill Is giving the camping rate for all bicylclist traveling per bike on route 66 a rate of $6.66 for one night tent camping. Free coffee.

Kamper kompanion Rv Park
18388 E. Frontage Rd.
Litchfield, Ill 62056
On I55 exit 60

Thanks for writing in with your information. I have passed it along to the cartographer working with this stretch of our Bicycle Route 66 route so it can be included on the map.


Classifieds / Re: WANTED: ACA MAPS
« on: May 14, 2013, 06:07:17 am »
Hello Sergey,

When purchasing these maps, make sure you get the 2012 version of the Northern Tier 3 and 4 maps. For background on why, see this blog post:

Have a great trip!


General Discussion / Re: transiting TX/NM on the Southern route
« on: May 13, 2013, 01:27:49 pm »

Thanks for writing to let us know of an improved suggested routing through El Paso. I'll put this information in the file for review. Local cyclists and cyclists riding our routes are time and again our best resources for improvements such as these.


John is right, our routes are rarely the shortest distance between two points. =)

That being said, you might see what the state of Minnesota shows as suitable routing between Grand Rapids and Duluth. Check out their offerings here:

Have a great trip!


Routes / Re: Florida to Ohio routes? maps?
« on: May 13, 2013, 05:11:34 am »
Hi Marty,

I don't know if there is anything in our route network you will want to use but you can download a pdf of it to see:

The next thing I'd recommend is to get in touch with the bicycle coordinators for the states in which you will be traveling through and need routing. Many have online resources as well as printed materials. Nearly every state publishes a bicycle map of some sort that they will send out for free and the coordinators often have more information they can distribute for no charge as well. And while the maps aren't as detailed as ours, they generally offer suggested roads for cycling through their state. Here is a link to the contact information for all of the bicycle coordinators:


Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Welcome to Bicycle Route 66!
« on: May 09, 2013, 07:45:36 am »
Hi jamawani,

It is regrettable that the need to follow an exact routing
takes precedence over the quality of the cycling experience, itself.

With historic routes like this we have to walk a line between remaining true to the route as prescribed through history while creating an experience a traveling cyclist would enjoy. What we've learned from creating historic routes is that the people who are interested in the history tend to want to stay as close to it as possible, no matter what. Safety, closely followed by services, is usually the biggest factor we consider when we decide to deviate from that. I agree, your suggested routing might feel a bit more like traveling in the 1930's. It's not clear to me that's what people are looking for by retracing Route 66. Also, your alternative has unpaved sections. According to our latest survey, our membership is still mostly interested in riding on pavement.

None of this means we won't consider including mapped or suggested alternates in the final product. The Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail route has multiple alternates and spurs in order to preserve as much of the historic information as we could. These factors will all be considered when the route is actually laid out.


You might want to contact the New Mexico Bicycle Pedestrian Equestrian coordinator. Their suitability/bicycle map shows traffic counts and shoulder widths to help you select roads. The coordinator should also know about the feasibility of riding them that time of year. Her contact info and a link to the map can be found here:

Report back what you find out, I'm sure others would find it helpful either now or in the future. Thanks!

Hope this helps,

Gear Talk / Re: ACA & Smartphones
« on: April 26, 2013, 06:30:23 am »
Not to mention that fist full of cards to report changes that comes with the maps.

There is an online map correction card available on the site if you'd like to send us corrections electronically:

When you are signed into your My Adventure Cycling account, all of your contact information should be auto filled for you leaving only the items specific to your correction to be added.

Or you may email them to if that is easier.


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