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General Discussion / Re: Colorado: bike maps?
« on: July 12, 2016, 10:56:17 am »
You could also check the resources found on the following page. It also includes contact information for the Colorado Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator who might have other suggestions along the lines of what you are looking for.


For about 11 miles, SR 14 out of Cedar City is being chipped sealed this month. It will take some time for it to settle. It may be advisable to get a ride across this stretch until then.


A detour around this closure would be to use 600th Ave. south of Elkhart and Lester Rd. east of Williamsville. See this map for more information:

It is uncertain how long this closure will last due to budget concerns. It may continue to be closed through the fall.


Thanks, I see that now as well. My search terms did not pick up that entry.


Due to a landslide in August 2015, FR 227 between Featherville and and Ketchum east of Skeleton Creek has a washed out section. There are Road Closed signs posted at this washout. It does not apply to cyclists. The Fairfield District of the Sawtooth National Forest has built a path for cyclists use. It is rough and you will likely need to walk your bike and equipment. The path is less than half a mile in length.

It is unknown if this road will be repaired further in the near-term.


Alright then, now that the facts are out of the way, let me get up on my soapbox and state my opinions about the FR277 closure.

First of all, I really don't understand why this season's snowfall totals (which are now completely irrelevant) merit a prominent mention on the map's addenda page, but the FR277 closure is buried here in the forum. The map addenda main page states:

Addenda only pertain to long term changes and updates. For short term road closures, please see the Adventure Cycling's Routes Temporary Road Closures discussion in our Forums.

The snow totals for this year were clearly a short-term situation. In contrast, FR277 has been closed for 10 months and counting. Is that not a "long term change"? It's time to update the addenda page.

I understand your frustration that this information got buried. Placed as it was within another post, we didn't see the FR 277 closure when it was posted, either.

The snowfall totals and methods for determining their impact on the route is information that probably should have made it onto the printed map. This is why it went on the addenda as well as in the forums. We want cyclists to have this information for planning purposes regardless of the year.

Second, I suggest that ACA get on the horn with the forest service and find out about possible re-routes that are not as big a detour. Anecdotal evidence suggests that such a route does exist. Motorcyclist #3 that I spoke with as I climbed Dollarhide never reappeared later in the day to backtrack his way out.

Finally, should you ride this? Almost definitely. Unless you are a real pack horse, you are looking at at most a 2 hour delay, and the countryside down here is really beautiful.

As I mentioned in my above post, someone will be contacting the Sawtooth National Forest for recommendations to deal with this closure. Though it appears it is doable to make your way through the closure, it may be the forest's stand that they do not want cyclists doing this. We will not advocate this course of action without their permission. After we have this conversation we will post the outcome.


First, thank you for the specific information on this closure. The 6/23/16 post above is the first I've seen of the situation with FR 277.

FR277 is closed from   43 35.0191N, 114 59.5907W on the west to 43 35.0332N, 114 59.2484W  on the east. This is a distance of about .35 miles. Here is the situation in detail. The road is on the north side of the river. There was a mudslide on the south side that dammed the river and caused it to flood the road. Eventually the river punched through the slide at the lowest point, which is where the road used to be. The edge of the river is now the base of rockslides that come down the north wall of the river canyon. These rocks range anywhere from softball sized to chair-sized. Fortunately, some trail angels have moved enough rocks around to make a sort of path through them.

It took me 45 minutes to push my bike through the closed area. It wasn't terribly difficult because I'm using a pretty light bikepacking setup (see photos) but it is slow going because the rocks shift around under your feet as you walk and you really can't afford to slip and fall -- every surface around you is a jagged rock. I suspect that if you have a single set of panniers, you might be able to push through in one go; with front and rear panniers, you are more likely to require two trips and with a trailer, you will definitely have to make two trips. In that case it is probably going to take about 2 hours to get through this section. Nonetheless, this is probably preferable to the detour that ACA has suggested.

Second, clearly, cyclists are making their way through this closed area and have yet to report it to us via these forums, email or phone. We rely on cyclists to be our ears and eyes in the field to alert us to situations such as this so again, I thank you for reporting in. You mention a detour that we suggested (bolded text). Where have you seen this information? I don't see it on the addenda or within the forums. Since I believe this is the first we've heard of it, I don't imagine we actually have a suggested reroute to offer at this point. Someone will contact the appropriate ranger station for more information and post it when available.


This looks like an interesting tool. Thanks for the tip!


We have received word that O'Neil Hwy./SR 370 is going to be chip sealed this summer. The process is slated to begin in early June. It will leave heavy gravel on the shoulders and on the roadway until it has been compacted by automobile traffic. It is advised that cyclists should avoid this road until that time.

To detour around it, use US 97 between Terrebonne and Redmond and SR 126 between Redmond and Prineville. SR 126 can be heavily trafficked so ride with caution. The detour is 5.6 mi. longer.


General Discussion / Re: Map Reading 101
« on: June 02, 2016, 09:00:36 am »
Hi frankg813,

Yes, there is a place on the website to learn more about that map in your hands!

On the page below you will find a description of the map features and at the bottom of the page an informative and fun video on how to read the map:

Let me know if you have further questions.

Have a great trip!


Routes / Re: Crossing the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge on a Bicycle
« on: May 31, 2016, 09:53:28 am »
This crossing has changed many times over the years. This looks to be pretty much in sync with what we describe on the Northern Tier Section 10, map 128 narratives. If you discover otherwise in your crossing, please send updated information to either cartographyATadventurecyclingDOTorg or via the online correction form at:


Thanks for the information. I will add this information to the next addenda update.


Beginning in March 2016, we started hearing from locals that this year's snowpack was heavy, perhaps the highest in 10 years. While some has begun melting, there is still a lot of snow up there.

As of 5/25 Dollarhide Summit, west of Ketchum on the Main Route, is still snowed in. It is predicted it won't be open until late June. It is advised that trips begin no earlier than the 3rd or 4th week in June and even then expect to encounter snow on the ground.

This is directly from the local source:

And to be clear I don't mean it would be difficult, I mean it would be a dangerous, wet, cold snow shoe hike for miles and miles. The danger part is from an unstable snow pack (snow that is moving and sliding as it melts) , isothermic snow pack that is bottomless (even with snow shoes you would sink to your waist).    As the snow continues to melt the creeks and rivers are running deep and they too are dangerous.  That also means that many of the hot springs are underwater and inaccessible.

While the online 'snotel' websites may be good for reporting overall conditions in the region, they may not be representative of what the road conditions are specifically.

If you have further information, please post it here.


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