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There is a bridge out between Bridgeton and Pollocksville on CR 1004. It is expected to be reopened by the end of the month.

In the meantime, you can us US 70 and US 17 between the two towns. These highways are busy but have pretty good shoulders for most of the distance.


There is a bridge out west of Gatesville on SR 137. It is not likely to be replaced until 2014.

A detour around the closure is as follows:

SB: From [D] in Gatesville continue north on SR 37. At "Y" in 1.6 mi., bear left onto US 158, then in 1.2 mi., turn left onto Harrells Church Rd., then in 2.1 mi., turn left onto Turner Rd., then in 0.7 mi., turn right onto SR 137 rejoining route. In 6 mi, continue narrative at [E].

NB: From [E], continue east on SR 137. In 6 mi, turn left onto Turner Rd., then in 0.7 mi., turn right onto Harrells Church Rd., then in 2.1 mi., turn acute right onto US 158, then in 1.2 mi. continue straight on US 158, SR 37 joins route. Rejoin route. In 1.6 mi., continue narrative at [D].


A bridge is being replaced on Stagecoach Trail north of Afton. Updates on the project and a map of the posted detour are available from Washington County on the following page:

This will be in effect until September.



KY 36 remains closed west of Carrollton, KY and no official date for reopening the road has been set.


Midwest / Re: Silo Park Campground - open anymore?
« on: June 28, 2013, 02:59:28 pm »
I know this information is too late for the original poster, but just in case someone else is looking to contact Silo Park Campground near Clarksville, MO, here is the correct phone number:

Army Corps of Engineers Rivers Project Office (COE) 636-899-2600


Alberta and British Columbia also have road conditions websites that may have some useful information for checking status through this time:


British Columbia:

And here's another site:


I heard from Monterey County and they estimate the work will be completed and bike path reopened by 3pm on Thursday, June 27.


I have received two other suggested reroutes around this closure.

1) Aguajito Rd.

Basic instructions:

Northbound: Exit SR 1 at #399A/SR 68, before entering SR 68, turn right onto Aguajito Rd. In approximately 4 miles, Aguajito Rd. ends at a signal. Turn left towards downtown on Fremont St. and rejoin route at Abrego St.

Southbound: From Abrego St., turn left onto Fremont St. Before it enters SR 1, turn right toward Fairgrounds onto unsigned Agujito St. In approximately 4 miles, Aguajito St. ends. Turn right, ride over SR 68. Turn left and enter SR 1 SB and rejoin route.

2) Follow the coastline.

Info from Monterey County: Cyclists could take a long, but flat and scenic route along the coastline of the Monterey Peninsula by riding the Monterey Bay Coastal trail along the coastline through Monterey and Pacific Grove to Ocean View Blvd, following Ocean View Blvd along the coastline through Pacific Grove, and using 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach to Carmel-by-the-Sea. The segment of 17 Mile Drive between the Lodge at Pebble Beach and the Carmel by-the-Sea city limits is narrow, with a good amount of vehicle traffic, so may or may not be advisable for some cyclists.

We've received reports that there is a bike path closure in Monterey that will last until July 10.

It has been suggested that if heading southbound, you should ride from Pearl St. onto Jefferson St., to Veteran's Park, to Skyline Dr. to SR 1.

If you have other suggestions for reroute, please post. I will update this discussion if I receive further information.


Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Connect PCH with SC
« on: June 20, 2013, 09:35:43 am »
Hi Workinman,

I think CA 299 is in CalTrans District 1. You might contact the Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator for that district to see what information they have about it's suitability.

Please report back on what you find out.


A good place to start is to take a look at our route network map available as a pdf here:

The route you are likely to be most interested in checking out are the Florida Connector ( or Atlantic Coast section 7 (, Southern Tier ( and Pacific Coast section 5 (

For any of it that doesn't suit you, contact the bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for the state in which you need routing. Contact info found here:

Once you've got some route ideas in mind (and time of year you want to ride), check in for feedback.

Best and have fun,

Routes / Re: San Juan Islands/ Seattle area
« on: June 19, 2013, 09:28:11 am »
I recently came across this resource for bicycling in the San Juans. If you use it, let me know how helpful you found it.



There is a fire in Silver City, New Mexico closing the route through the area. See this blog post for a suggested route around:

Also, follow the fire on the InciWeb site:


Routes / Re: Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway this summer
« on: June 10, 2013, 09:35:00 am »
Hello James,

It looks like most of the California State Parks have been funded one way or another and will remain open:

I hope this helps,

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