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GPS Discussion / Re: Cue Sheet for navigating Ride with GPS routes
« on: June 25, 2013, 08:11:36 pm »
I did not use it after that as there was no really great need for assisted navigation for me.
What did you use instead for navigation for turn by turn?

GPS Discussion / Re: Garmin on Tour - Single or Multiple FIT Files?
« on: June 24, 2013, 12:19:13 am »
I start a new activity every day for two reasons:
  • Daily log for the activity of that day. When needed to split the day, I record separate laps
  • Safer files. While rare, it does happen that a file gets corrupt. I would then lose only one day instead of the entire trip.

GPS Discussion / Re: Run Garmin Oregon 450 off external power?
« on: June 21, 2013, 11:11:45 pm »
What I want to know is if I apply a USB charging current to the Oregon 450, will it switch to running off the external source and save the internal AA batteries?
It seems like it should. The manual recommends using an external power when operating the unit extensively, with a reference to Vehicle Power Cable "to power your Garmin device and conserve battery life."

The USB source should not be any different.

Gear Talk / Re: Solar Panel - Yea or Nay?
« on: June 21, 2013, 08:17:46 pm »
I have tried the Solio and did not have much luck with it. I would much rather carry extra USB batteries and USB charger. Each of these USB batteries bring the iPhone or the Garmin Edge 810 to about 50%.

The solar charger had to be in direct most optimal sunlight. Anything else would not charge the iPhone: change of angle, clouds, shade, and direction.

GPS Discussion / Re: Android App to view GDMBR gpx
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:03:55 pm »
which works well offline and and allows for downloading maps.
What is your reference here to "downloading maps"? Can it actually download enough map tiles to work offline? Does it know to automatically do that for all tiles related to the charted route?

GPS Discussion / Re: Android App to view GDMBR gpx
« on: June 13, 2013, 10:16:20 pm »
This is good to know. I am now curious why you were able to see this track but not the one from ACA. I will look into it some more.

GPS Discussion / Re: Android App to view GDMBR gpx
« on: June 11, 2013, 01:13:10 am »
I found that if i choose Waypoints instead of Tracks, I am able to see the ACA gpx files in Maverick!
Indeed, Maverick does appear to support points of interest but not routes or tracks. Perhaps at a later release?

Please update this forum with your findings. There has been much interest in such apps. Your feedback will be appreciated.

New England / Re: Loop tour in Northern NH or Maine
« on: June 09, 2013, 11:19:56 pm »
Are you interested in mountains, coast, lakes, or a sampler of the area?

All three regions are worth the trip and can fit within your schedule. Start in Portland, ME and travel to Sebago Lake, Conway, Crawford Notch, Franconia Notch trail, loop back on the Kacamagus Highway, Ossipee Lake, Portsmouth, and then return to Portland along the cost. This should be just about 500km.

The White Mountains will have plenty of climbing. Plan accordingly or choose alternate routes.

Fly into Portland directly. Or walk your bike (with reservation) on Amtrak from Boston North Station to Portland.

GPS Discussion / Re: Android App to view GDMBR gpx
« on: June 09, 2013, 10:55:46 pm »
#1 priority would be to load the ACA gpx file on the phone and see it on a map with my current location to see if I'm on track. I'd be satisfied if I could only do this when I have an internet signal although it would be nice if I could do it with a GPS signal.
I read about the Maverick Pro app you reference. I also watched their instructions video. I do not find any options in it for loading custom GPX tracks.

I searched for other apps that can load GPX tracks. I found the following:

I have tried this on my iPhone with two apps. They both seem to work fine without data connection:
In both apps, I followed these steps:
  • Loaded multiple files into the app using a data connection
  • Turned off mobile data & WiFi
  • Navigated the route on the screen, even though in some sections the map was blank as the phone could not download the map data.

Can you try one of those apps? How does it work for you?

#2 priority would be to have the capability of storing some maps with gpx tracks offline.  I've got Maverick Pro and have imported the gpx files but can't see them when I go to the map.  :(
I am not sure how to do that, except trying to cache some maps in memory while using the apps listed for #1 above.

To view maps online, try map apps like TomTom, although this is designed for cars and does not overlay the GPX track.

GPS Discussion / Re: Android App to view GDMBR gpx
« on: June 05, 2013, 11:33:36 pm »
What is it about those apps that did not "fit the bill"?

Is it mainly the offline capability? Many apps require internet connection to display the map. Without a data connection, they display the GPX route and your location on a black background without the map (unless some portion of it is already cached in memory). At least this is the case when I tested on iPhone. Does that work for you?

What other features are you looking for?

GPS Discussion / Re: Garmin Edge 500 Battery Life
« on: May 28, 2013, 10:52:50 pm »
I plan on daily.

I turn my GPS on as soon as I start riding and keep it on all day, regardless of stops, rests, and side tours. I record them all.

Garmin states the battery life at 18 hours for the Edge 500. It may potentially last more than one day depending on your style of touring.

For me, since I use the unit for navigation, and I want to make sure to record all the trip data, I take it safe, charge it daily, and carry an extra USB backup battery.

Can you try simulation now? How does it work?
It ran for a few miles, went into infinite-loop-at-the-interchange mode, and then crashed the GPSR.  I had to pull the batteries out of the unit to reset it.  I wasn't brave enough to try the Ride With GPS file  :-\
Ouch. That is brave enough.

Good luck on your trip.

Gear Talk / Re: ACA & Smartphones
« on: April 24, 2013, 08:56:42 pm »
Currently, most of these discussions takes place on the GPS board, but we can see how things develop and create a new board if necessary.
I agree. Conversations in the GPS board will likely evolve and become more about Electronic Navigation or better yet eNavigation :)

Even GPS units are evolving. Already the Garmin Edge 810 has a bluetooth connection with the iPhone to exchange data, download routes, and send live tracking information.

At some point, a rename of the board may be in order.

I am unable to run a simulation of the Ride With GPS route, as BaseCamp recognizes it as a track and not a route.  It will load onto the etrex, but I cannot run a simulation.
I do not believe that you have to use BaseCamp at all to use the two routes that I just gave you. Try this please:
  • Quit BaseCamp. Leave it out of the picture completely for this experiment.
  • Download the two routes I mentioned earlier: bcdemo & rwgdemo.
  • Connect the eTrex to your computer. A new storage device should appear in Finder.
  • Open that storage device.
  • Open the Garmin folder.
  • There should be a GPX folder in there already. Otherwise, look at the various folder and see which one has the routes from previous load you have made.
  • Copy the two files from above to this directory, GPX or otherwise.

Can you try simulation now? How does it work?

I'm going to have to take their word that this won't be a major issue when I am on the road, do my best to make the routes as accurate and stable as possible in BaseCamp before transferring them to the etrex, and then hope for the best!
Really? Can you try charting a route in BaseCamp near your house, load it, and go out for a ride to verify that the eTrex will behave as expected?

Can I safely delete these, as well as all of the routes which appear at the bottom of the scroll?  We have made this information redundant, correct?
Exactly, you got it.

when I transfer the "Mod" file into the GPSR and run it in demo mode, it shows the straight-line, point-to-point route correctly.  When I recalculate the route and run the GPSR in simulation mode, it becomes confused at an interchange along the route and truncates the route.
This is strange. You mean that the route does not show following the road? Are you sure that you have loaded the City Navigator map onto your GPS? Remember that you need to transfer the maps from your computer to the GPS using Map Install.

Is it still giving you trouble?

Try using the files that I created just to be sure (all files will be there temporarily for 2–3 months after this post):

1.  What is the best, most simple way for me to save these modified routes to my Mac and then BaseCamp for transfer to the GPSR?
Once you have the routes on your Mac, drag & drop onto BaseCamp. In BaseCamp, create a new list and put all of them in it. That will make it easiest to export them.

2.  Once the route data has been massaged and loaded, how do I get the waypoint data (Point(s) of Interest only, with no routing data), loaded into the GPSR so that I can find campgrounds, etc.?  Will this be a process which parallels the route modification process?
Put all the waypoints that you want to use in a new list under My Collection. From there, export that list into a GPX file and copy it to the unit. Or transfer it directly from BaseCamp to the unit.

We can cover those two points in more detail once you have the routes mapped properly.

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