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I want to be able to scroll down from route to route in consecutively. In other words, how do I set the route up in my direction of travel?
Congratulations. You made it.

Order of routes is according to their names, alphabetically. Change the name. You can do that in the properties window. In the screen capture, you have a window open on the top right, labelled A02240. There is a field at the top of that window with the route name. Change it to 01 or whatever you like to indicate your order preference.


My question is if I click on a campground can I just set up a proximity alarm for it to notify my as I'm approaching. If so how would I enter that information.
See our earlier exchange about setting up proximity alarms in this topic.

Also I noticed that the route goes West to East. In inverting the route to go East to West I noticed that it would change course. is this normal, should I leave it or drag the routes waypoints the way I want them?
BaseCamp in this case is recalculating the route. You will then have to go through the exercise discussed earlier and shown on the videos.

Alternatively, you can set the map from the menu bar to "Global Map". This map does not have routing information. When you reverse the route, it will keep as is, only reversing direction. Note again that these straight lines will not give you turn prompts at intersections.

I tried again and it's not importing the waypoints. Here is the link I downloaded them from...
This page you reference is for Route GPS Waypoints only. It does not include services along the route.

The files that contain services are available on the page for Route and Services GPS Waypoints. Note this page is for members only.

Ok so I took the city navigator out the gps and and installed it to a 16gb card. I put that in my card reader and I have detailed map with streets on Basecamp.
This is perfect. Now you can follow the earlier steps to calculate the route. The GPS will give you turn prompts as you ride.

I still don't see the ACA campgrouds and other locations on the left at the waypoints.
Are you using the original file you downloaded from the Adventure Cycling web site? Which file is it? I can try to download it and take a look.

Please download it again, import it as is into BaseCamp. That should show a variety of Waypoints in addition to the routes.

Under maps I in Basecamp I habe Global Maps checked. I am using city navigator installed on my GPS.
Without City Navigator in your BaseCamp then you cannot create routes to get turn prompts.

You may be able to get your unit to calculate the route for you while you ride. However, that is a high risk to follow a route before you check it first. I would not recommend that.

As for the routes on the left, I don't see any campgrounds with a tent icon next to it nor do I see a bicycle.
I see a small bicycle symbol next to each route name in the screen capture your provided earlier, in the bottom left. Do you not see that?

Try to load the original file that you downloaded from Adventure Cycling. That should have the waypoints for campground with a tent symbol.

How do I get City Navigator to run in Basecamp? Do I connect my GPS for that to work?
I do not know of any way to get the maps from your device to BaseCamp.

Your best bet at this point, depending on when you bought the City Navigator SD card, is to return it and buy the same product only on a DVD or download it. That way, it will be installed on your computer. From there, you can transfer the files onto your device.

Their aren't detailed roads because I have it without detail on the slider bar to show more of the route.
The screen capture still only shows the base map of BaseCamp. It does not look like you are using the CityNavigator map. From the menu bar, under Maps, what map options do you have? I think it is "Global Map".

Regardless, with your current setup as it shows on the screen, where the route is a collection of straight lines, the GPS device will not prompt you at turns. You will need to use CityNavigator maps (or alternate routable maps) with BaseCamp as you follow the steps I outlined earlier.

I'm having trouble finding the waypoints for campgrounds on the map with relationship on the GPS route. How do I identify them?
In the bottom left of screen capture you sent, you see the list of routes with a bicycle symbol next to each. The campgrounds should be on that list with a tent symbol next to them. Do you not see that? They should be there in the original GPX file you downloaded from Adventure Cycling web site.

Canada / Re: Nova Scotia to Boston
« on: April 04, 2014, 09:37:14 pm »
Where are you starting your ride?

I think the ferry from Portland will take you to Yarmouth. Are you then crossing back to Bar Harbor, ME? You can pick up the Atlantic Coast route all the way back to Boston.

Test a route in your neighborhood in advance of your tour to make sure you have the GPS device set up the way you want it.

Here are two main things I'm looking for...

1. Turn by turn instructions
2. Campgrounds, etc to be displayed

You found the right post to help you with these two goals.

In the images 1 & 2 that you have, I do not see detailed roads. Are you using City Navigator with BaseCamp? In image 2, I see the route as a group of straight lines, which is not following the road. To get turn prompts, you need to have the route follow the road, as discussed in detail with sample videos.

For campgrounds, yes, the GPS can chime as you are approaching the camp site, and display it on the screen. You need to set a proximity alarm for it though. Follow these steps (using BaseCamp 4.2.4 on Mac OSX 10.9.2):
  • Make sure you have all the campgrounds created as Waypoints in BaseCamp
  • Select some or all the Waypoints for these campgrounds
  • From the menu, select Edit > Get Info
  • In the properties window, Select Advanced
  • Enter the alarm distance in the Proximity field
  • Copy or export the waypoints to your device

GPS Discussion / Help Us Improve Digital Map and Data Offerings
« on: March 13, 2014, 11:45:09 am »
The Routes & Mapping staff of Adventure Cycling have started a program to improve its offering of digital data and maps that will help with navigation using GPS and mobile devices using:
  • Higher resolution tracks that follow roads & trails. They will offer a clear representation of the routes to follow with little or no processing after downloading it from our library.
  • Digital copies of our popular paper maps that are tagged with their geographic location. On compatible GPS & mobile devices, you can see your location on the maps.
Would you like to help us test these new digital products along the Northern Tier Route? Learn more about the program & apply at Geopoints Bulletin announcement.

GPS Discussion / Re: City Navigator does not follow signed bike routes
« on: March 03, 2014, 07:22:10 am »
I think you are making the best of what you have.

Here are some options to consider:
  • Have the unit correct itself with Automatic Routing turned on. As you ride, take those roads that have bicycle signs on them. The unit will recalculate the route to make sure you are still going in the general direction of your destination. This will not be most optimal route, but will improve on earlier selection.
  • Supplement the first option with another map on smart phone or paper map. Use this other map to get a general idea of the best routes back home. Take these routes as you ride. The unit will recalculate to give you detailed routing & turn prompts, while making sure you ultimately reach your destination.
  • Change the map set. Download OpenFietsMap map sets for example. These are free. You can just experiment with them. I understand that Garmin is using them, or some version of them, on their Edge Touring unit.

GPS Discussion / Re: City Navigator does not follow signed bike routes
« on: February 24, 2014, 10:24:45 pm »
Are you trying to create routes while on a trip or in advance?

What are you using to create the routes? Is that on the GPS unit itself or BaseCamp?

General Discussion / Re: Vermont - Independent Support Companies
« on: February 15, 2014, 01:00:10 pm »
Take a look at Revelate Designs for various frame, seat, & handlebar bag options.

GPS Discussion / Re: Possible to carry all USA maps (GPS)
« on: January 29, 2014, 07:37:52 am »
Once you have downloaded the OSM, how long is the compile process (for garmin device) and is it fully automatic?
No compilation process. You download OSM in IMG file. You copy it to the unit. It just works. Magic! Review my earlier post and another from BikingBrian for download instructions.

You are making a good choice with the Edge Touring. Once you have it, play with it and come back to this forum to share your experience with this new unit.

GPS Discussion / Re: Possible to carry all USA maps (GPS)
« on: January 28, 2014, 08:54:21 pm »
I like to record all aspects of my trips including performance, temperatures, split times, etc.

I have the Edge 510—see my earlier comments about this powerful little thing. I use it with just about all my activities: hike, run, bicycle, paddle, & walk in the park.

GPS Discussion / Re: Possible to carry all USA maps (GPS)
« on: January 27, 2014, 10:02:23 am »
To confirm, once I have the Garmin device (hopefully edge touring) and copied the maps over
The Garmin Edge Touring device already come with "preloaded Garmin Cycle Map". These are based on Open Source Map.

It may only have maps of your regions, if you are outside the US. In that case, you will need to add the US maps.

(providing I can pick up signal)?
I cannot think of any place in the United States where you cannot pick up the signal, rain or shine, unless you are in a cave. It will take a few minutes when you first turn on the device to locate the satellites.

There are no subscriptions or any other associated costs?
Correct, GPS signal is courtesy of paid taxes ;)

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