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Gear Talk / Re: 26" tour tires -- available/future availability
« on: October 04, 2012, 10:03:37 am »
I can relate to having the same/similar equipment as your touring partners and this is the reason we have 2 Pangeas and not 1 Pangea and 1 Divide. :-) My wife fits much better on the Pangea than she does on her NorWester and would have on the Divide. We both have toe overlap on the NorWesters and none on the Pangeas, so this is nice. We each have well over 500 miles on the Pangeas and so far the Rohloff hubs are very nice. Going from 8 to 7 is sometimes a little tricky and gears 1-7 are a little loud, but I've been riding with Chris Kings and I9s for years and they're pretty loud too. If it were not for the fact that you want to have similar equipment, I'd suggest you take a look at the Americano or Cascadia for the type of riding you plan on doing. We've taken our NorWesters Tours on some pretty brutal terrain fully loaded and they handled nicely. The main reason for going with the Pangea is because we are looking at a round the world tour (fingers crossed) and we've discovered that once you leave the States and Western Europe, the roads (if you can call them that) are bad, so having larger/fatter tires should make the ride nicer. Anyway if you'd like to chat more please shoot me an email and I'll forward you my phone number.



Gear Talk / Re: 26" tour tires -- available/future availability
« on: October 03, 2012, 09:10:39 pm »
I don't think there is a shortage of 26" tires. There may not be a large selection of "Touring" type 26" tires, but there are plenty of 26" tires out there that would work. When you say single track, what kind of single track? The Pangea is a great bike; however, it's not a MTB, so it's not going to carve up single track like a XC MTB.

Why the Pangea? What type of touring are you planning? I'm not trying to be nosey, but maybe I can help you decide.

Disclaimer: We own 2 Pangea Rohloff and 2 Nor'Wester Tours (now called Cascadia) bikes. The Pangeas are fairly new (since June), so we haven't had a chance to go fully loaded yet; however, we have done several overnighters with them. The Nor'Wester Tours have seen 3 European trips (Germany, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Romania, Hungary, & Austria), many overnighters here in Florida, and thousands of commuting miles.

Have you looked at the Divide?

General Discussion / Re: Winter touring in Canada
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:29:42 am »
Shane I thought you were taking some time off to recharge your batteries.  :D

General Discussion / Re: Swiss Alpine Bike Tour 2012 - Photo Gallery
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:28:44 am »
I have a GORE ALP-X jacket - Very lightweight, highly breathable and waterproof. Also have GORE gloves and socks for very cold/wet days.

I was hoping you were going to say this. How do you like the jacket, socks, and gloves? Are they worth the cost?

Nope, go ahead!


Thank you! I've added the link. 

General Discussion / Re: Swiss Alpine Bike Tour 2012 - Photo Gallery
« on: September 28, 2012, 06:58:28 pm »
Looks like you two had an awesome adventure!! Absolutely beautiful photos and thank you for sharing. What were you wearing for rain gear and how do you like it?

Would you mind if I shared your link on FB?

Hey dbbcpa,

She left Monday morning from Holiday and should be near Perry by now and headed towards Tallahassee where she hopes to find another WarmShowers host. Since she has limited internet I figured I let you know. :-)

Gear Talk / Re: 700, aka 29er, aka *-622
« on: March 22, 2012, 10:49:25 pm »
I was holding out and hoping I could get some good insight here first. Sadly for me though, everyone must be out touring and they don't have time to respond.  ;)

Gear Talk / Re: 700, aka 29er, aka *-622
« on: March 22, 2012, 10:10:18 am »
nearly 48 hours and no reply?  :o

Gear Talk / 700, aka 29er, aka *-622
« on: March 20, 2012, 11:34:50 am »
Would like to hear from recent (past year or so) world travelers. Have you noticed an increase in availability of tires in the *-622 range during your travels? The reason I am asking to hear from recent travelers is because most comments found on blogs, forums, etc... that are anti-622 wheels are a couple years old or older. I have come across a couple of more recent comments that are pro-622 and say they're becoming more popular in the Asia region and can be found in South America. I know over the last couple years this size range has become very popular here in the US and are now being sold on bikes from the big box stores. Traveling and living in Europe I know it's easy to find this tire size too. Anyway... I'd really like to hear from actual travelers and/or from someone that can post up some recent stuff either pro or anti 622 that I may have missed.

thanks everyone

Gear Talk / Re: Rain Gear (yet again...)
« on: January 26, 2012, 08:56:45 pm »
I just got (yesterday) a Waterproof Breathable jacket from J&G. Initial impression out of the box is, "Wow! Very nice looking jacket!" and the label reads, "Made In Oregon" How cool is that? We'll see how well it works when I'm commuting or touring with it the next time it rains. Stay tuned!

Sounds good! Looking forward to hearing from you.  8)

Hello DBBCPA and welcome to the world of bike touring. There really isn't much you can do here (Florida) that will prepare you for the mountains; however, you can put 40-50lbs on your bike and go ride the San An loop and/or head over to Clermont and ride all the hills there. This is what we do starting a couple months before heading off on our next adventure. Sure the roadies getting ready to roll out from parking lot will look at you strange, but what do they know? ;-)

Not sure if you are interested, but we try and get out fairly often for an "overnighter" and others are always welcome to travel along. Shoot us an email if you'd like to go sometime.


We used the SPOT once and it's cool, but it will drain those batteries if you leave it on for continuous tracking and those batteries are not cheap. It would be cool it they added a mini USB port and a rechargeable battery pack option.

Gear Talk / Re: Cassette Life
« on: January 12, 2012, 04:59:39 am »
We have close to 10,000 each on our current cassettes.

Gear Talk / Re: Folding tires
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:45:35 pm »

... I would rather be safe than sorry.

Exactly! It's never to much weight when you need it. We tend to only use foldable tires because of the weight and space savings, but everyone has their favorites. We picked up, just before our last big tour (Aug/Sep 2011), the Randonneur Cross Pro 700X35C from Vittoria and have been very pleased with them. We put these tires to the test while crossing Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria riding over some very, very rough terrain and roads (mostly Romania) and never once got a flat. We still use them during our daily commutes and overnighters here in Florida and still have not got one flat. For the price you can't beat them in my opinion.

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