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Hello !
Now I'm pleased to present the 2nd part of the best of video about our bicycle tour in Andalusia (2012). The video shows this route:
Granada - Pico Veleta (3394 m) - Granada - Guadix - Quéntar - La Calahorra - Puerto Ragua (2000 m) - Fondon - Abla - Puerto Padilla / Escúllar (2036 m) - Fondon - Tabernas semi-desert - Tabernas - Velefique - Tetica de Bacares (2080 m) - Almeria (and from here cycling the Costal de Sol ) - Castell de Ferro - Nerja - Malaga

This part is not only about mountains, but desert, sea and mountain lake can be seen too :)
Have pleasure with the video !


Best regards,
( adventures, bicycle tours, videos, photos based on experiences of cycling 271 times above 2000 m )

Hello !

I edited a compilation video about my bicycle tour In Andalucia (year 2012).
This is the 1st part with english subtitles 

The route - this part shows - was: Malaga - Puerto del Leon (view) - Almunecar - Mirador Cabra Montes (view) - Motril - Haza del Lino (Veleta panorama) - Motril - Granada - Pico Veleta - Granada
Have pleasure with the video !

Similar videos, articles, photos of my experiences of 30.000 kms + 650.000 m heightdiff in the Alps, Pyrenees, Andalucia, Canary islands, here , on my facebook site:

Hello ! :)

In the winter holiday I edited the last 2 remaining videos I missed to have cycling videos about all of the asphalted climbs - ending above 200 0m - in the French Alps.

La Bergerie du Bois Noir (2010 m).
This is a hardly known ascent in France.
The ascent's light section started at Guillestre. I started to cycle the same road that goes to Col d'Izoard, but after the canyon I had to turn right to Ceillac and the ascent's last section was a very calm valley with a stream and with a strange part when ca 30 m long the water came out of the ground and fell down to the stream ....
The paved road finished at 2010 m. I loved this climb ! It's worth visiting !

Video :

The last one was a very beautiful one = one of my favourite climbs, col du Granon (2413 m):
Col du Granon is a steep (9,2% for 1053 m heightdiff. --> so it's harder than the ascent of Alpe d'Huez) and wonderful climb; one of my favourite ascents. 80% of the ascent is a panoramic road and there is almost no traffic: I met ca. 2-3 vehicles during the climb.
Up to now I visited twice and both occasions I rode it in sunny weather.
Have pleasure with the - I think : great - video !

My site with experiences, adventures, photos, videos, compilations in the mountains by bike (50.000 kms abroad & 271 times cycled above 2000 m) :

Best regards,

Hello !

I edited a best of video about my bicycletour that I had this summer in the Alps (1828 kms + 39441 m ) . This video contains not all of the climbs that I cycled but the most beautiful ones or most memorable ones. The following clmbs can be seen for few dozen seconds or for a minute:
Passo Mortirlo, Gavia, Umbrail, Passo dello Stelvio , Forcola di Livigno , Passo dello Spluga , Juf , Oberalppass , Sustenpass (in rain + 3 degrees Celsius) , Triftalp ( 2090 m) , Moosalp (Stalden side along the vertical rockwall ) , Simplonpass , Colle Fauniera (partly above clouds) , Usseglio - Alpe Bessanetto climb (with chamois !!! ) , Col des Gondrans, La Bergerie du Bois Noir (2009 m), Col du Granon, Sestriere

In the following weeks I will edit new videos about each day (1st: Granon, then La Bergerie du Bois Noir) to have videos (in my collection) about all of the paved climbs finishing above 2000 m in the French Alps.

Have pleasure with the video !
(In few months time I plan to write a travelogue too)

/I started a facebook page ( - with posts in Hungarian & in English ) where I will post infos, photos, videos about my tours, experiences (more than 30.000 kms in the Alps, Pyrenées, canary islands & Andalucia) ... about cycling high .. and plan an article or list / collection about the most wonderful paved climbs (finishing above 2000 m) of the Alps, Pyrenées, Canary islands & Andalucia (I haven't visited there Calar Alto 2 years ago I had not enough time for that)

Best regards,

Hello !

After the legendary and very hard cycling challenge ( Monte Grappa challenge ) , / my video:

Best regards,
Gábor Györgyi (Hungary)

All of the climb I ascended can be found here with video url-s:

I added another video about an austrian climb going above 2000 m :
Now I show one of the hardest ascent of Austria. It is situated in Tirol: Zillertaler höhenstrasse (2015 m) which is a panoramic road.
It has 5 sides: each of them is 10-12% steep.
I climbed it from Aschau. First I asceended not only to the junction
at ca. 1488 m, but to the viewpoint, Zirmstadel (1800 m) and Kaltenbacher ski-house. That wass ca 10-11 kms long with 11,4 % steepness. Wonderful view along the road.
Then after rolling down to the junction, I went on cycling up to the highest point: Melchboden (2015 m): view to snowy mountains.
The video can be seen here:

Have pleasure with it !
List of my climbs with video links:

Hello !

Last year, in August I cyled few in Tirol, Austria, Europe.
I visited the highest paved ascent (top: 2829 m) of the Alps (Ötztaler glacierroad to the Tiefenbachglacier ) and remembered my memories that I got 8 years ago.
We had wonderful weather, so the video is wonderful and shows well how steep and hard it was.
The ascent is - except 0.5 km - 10-12% for ca. 12-13 km long.

You can find the video here:

My collection with videos about more than 135 ascents finishing above 2000m is here:

Have pleasure with it !
Best regards

Hello !
I finished editing the next video: 1st part shows the Tabernas desert, than the Puerto Escúllar ascent (2036 m) from Abla. ON the ridge of it I saw deers after sunset.

Best regards,

Hello !
Last year I had a 12 days long bicycle tour in Andalucia, Spain. My ai was to cycle up to Pico Veleta (3394 m) and anther high climbs above 2000m + few another panoramic roads.
I cycled Pico Veleta twice: 1st I was cycling from the beach of Motril carrying 25-28kg weighted panniers on it and at midnight I turned back after reaching the end of the pavement.
2 days ater I cycled back to Veleta from Granada without panniers but in ideal lights and strong wind. The view was superb: the sea, GIbraltar could be seen and Africa too (a little bit). UP to now I cycled all of the paved ascents of the Alps, Pyrenées and Canary islands finishing above 2000m, and after them I can say, this climb is between the 3 most wonderful ascents.
The list of my climbs with the links of videos about cycling them:

I have the compilation / best of video about these two days of cycling up to Pico Veleta:

In the last few weeks I uploaded 2 videos about 2 another paved climbs going above 2000 m in Andalucia.
The 1st, Puerto de la Ragua (2000 m) can be found in Sierra Nevada, the same mountain range, where Pico Veleta can be found: it isa panoramic road!
The 2nd climb is not too known: Tetica de Bacares (2080 m, with 360 degrees panorama) is situated ca. 80 kms North from Almeria.
There is a saddle not far from the peak: Puerto de Velefique (1860 m): it was visited by Vuelta a'Espagna I think minimum twice. I saw Indurain sign on a rock along the mountain road The ascent to that saddle is very scenic because of the lot of hairpin-bends.
Puerto de la Ragua (2000 m) northern ascent:

Tetica de Bacares from South:
In the video the climb starts at the ca. 14th minute

Best regards,

Hello !

In Europe there are bicycle marathon series and Ötz valley bicyclemarathon (228 km + 5300 m) is (one of ) the most prestigious bicyclemarathon among them. It is the peak of the season for several cyclists. The start is in Austria (Sölden) but the route visits Italy too. The cyclists have to climb 4 climbs: Kühtai (2020 m) - 17,5 km with 7,5% (Max 18%), Brennerpass (1374 m), Passo MOnte Giovo (2094 m) (15 km + 1124 m - avg steepness: 7,5%) and the last is the hardest: Passo Rombo (2509 m) (29 km + 1796 m; with 6,2% but few kms with 10-12%.).
Its slogan is "I have a dream" - and it was my dream for years: cycle it riding my touringbike and record it for video.
The video (from start to the finish) shows its feeling very well

Have a good time and enjoy it !

Best regards,
Gábor Györgyi

Hello !
In the year of 2012 I finished collecting all of the known paved ascents going above 2000 m in the Alps, Pyrenées & Canary islands (cycled 240 times above 2000 m). After visiting anc cycling them I made a collection about the most beautiful climbs and I wrote introductions about them, added videos and photos and maps of these great ascents.
You will find well known ascents (like Pico Veleta, Passo dello Stelvio or Col du Galibier) and hardly known ascents (like Plan du Lac (2362 m), Männlichen (2229 m), Taunernmoss See (2088 m)) among them.
I know that the adventure the experience depends on the weather that I had when I cycled there, and there can be another roads, that I haven’t visited yet, so there could be few onother ones which may be wonderful too. I’m curious if You show me that climbs!
The 1st half of my collection can be found here:

( the best three are:
La Palma:
Teide / Tenerife:

Pico Veleta:

The 1st half of my collection contains the following ascents:
Roque de los Muchachos (2426 m) – La Palma, Teide plateau (2200-2300 m) – Tenerife, Pico Veleta (3394 m) – Spain, Grossglockner heigh alpine road – Austria, Passo dello Stelvio (Italy), Colle Nivolet (Italy) , Presa de l’Lauset (Pyrenées) , Col de l’Iseran – France, Cime de la Bonette (France), Mangart road (SLovenia), Männlichen (Switzerland) , Oberläger (Switzerland) , Diga Finstertal (Austria)

Have a good time with them !
PS: The 2nd half of the collection will / should be finished in 3-4 weeks time.

Best regards,
Gabor Györgyi

Hello !
There is a challenge about Mont Ventoux for cyclists. You can be member of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux ( ) if you cycle this legendary climb 3 times in a day from 3 different directions (starts: Bedoin, Malaucene, Sault ) - it is 4443 m heightdifference. THis is the Cinglés level.
If you cycle 4 different ascents of the Ventoux (4th one goes up from Bedoin but using a dirt forestry road) you can get the Galérien level. I did it in the year of 2010 and finished the day (starting and finishing the camp) after 191 kms + 6126 m heightdifference.
I recorded video and edited music to the background and I think it's a good video about the beauty and the feeling about cycling Mont Ventoux.
I think this is the mountain which is the most visited by cyclists.
There are good sections about the descent (with music) at 11. minutes, then at 24:15 or from 32. minutes.
The video can be found here:

Have a good time and enjoy it ! :)

Best regards,
(List of the climbs I cycled above 2000m - with video / youtube links:

from Bassano you can chhose 3:
the direct one from ROmano Ezzelino - skip this: boring !
the 2 other: from Borso del Grappa (2nd climb in my video: great, not so brutal !)
and the 3rd from Paderno del Grappa - starts few kms East from the previous: calm road, but sometimes brutal ! 16-20% steep! But its 2nd section is romantic :)
Have a great ride !
Best regads,

We will be flying to Venice in late May for a week+ of riding at the Italian Cycling Center, which is located in Bassano del Grappo. Have every intention of climbing Monte Grappa, just not sure from which direction. But it will certainly be a much shorter ride than yours.

In the year of 2012 I participated in a great cycling event, brevet that was organised on Monte Grappa (1775 m), a legendary mountain of Italy, where I recorded video. By this event the cyclists can climb the mountain 2-3-4-5 times in a day. An ascent means ca. 1500-1600 m heightdifference and 2-3 of them has 13-15-20% steep sections. The landscape is a mixture of rocks mountainsides, friendly meadows and there are great views to the plain.
This event day was one of my most memorable cycling day and I finished the day after 261 kms + 7241 m heightdifference.

The video can be reached here:

In my youtube channel you can find cycletouring videos about more than 130 paved ascents of the Alps, Pyrenées and Canary islands going above 2000 m :

Routes / highest ascent of Europe: Pico veleta (3394 m) - full HD video !
« on: January 18, 2013, 05:30:13 pm »
Hello !

Last summer I had a 12 days long bicycletour in Andalucia. I focussed on the mountains, I cycled up 5 times above 2000 m:
- from the sea to the end of the paved road of Pico Veleta (3300 m) carrying panniers.
- from Granada to Veleta (3394 m) in strong wind
About these ones I made a compilation video (Full HD); this is it:

IN the following weeks I will upload another videos that I recorded in Andalucia.
Other high climbs that I visited:
- Puerto Ragua (200 0m)
- Puerto Escúlar (2036 m)
- Tetica de Bacares (2080 m)

Best regards c enjoy the video - it's very-very beautiful !!!!

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