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General Discussion / Re: Touring bike wheel
« on: September 21, 2016, 07:30:41 pm »
I had a similar problem.  I had a hand built wheel made with 36 spokes and 3 cross.  Haven't had a problem since. 

Gear Talk / Re: Getting bike and gear to start of tour
« on: September 12, 2016, 11:07:02 am »
I like to travel by Amtrak.  As was previously mentioned they sell a bike box ($15 + $10 for shipping) that is easy to use and they will give you the tape to seal it up.  The first time I traveled on Amtrak with a BOB I nested two boxes with some gear and put it on the train as baggage (free) (It was smaller than their max dimensions for luggage).    When I got to my destination I just put the boxes in the trash so I didn't have to lug the extra weight and they were inexpensive.  Ortlieb has a bag called the Big Zip that will hold a BOB and some gear.  It can also be shipped as baggage on Amtrak or the airlines as long as you keep the weight below 50 lbs.  You can ship it home when you get to your destination or fold it it and put it on the bottom of the BOB.  If you take Amtrak and get a sleeper it does include the meals plus it's easier to sleep.  The small room is called a roomette.  The earlier you make your reservation the cheaper the price.  It will be more expensive than airfare but depending on the cost of taking your bike it may not be that much more than flying and it is much more relaxing. 

Routes / Re: Western express to transAm
« on: August 07, 2016, 11:40:04 am »
There are a number of posts about the western express.  Just do a search and you will have a wealth of information.

General Discussion / Re: Bike touring in the desert?
« on: August 06, 2016, 02:17:09 pm »
When are you planning to do the trip and what is your route.  If you are taking hwy 89 south to connect to hwy 60 over to Blythe and hwy 78 you will be going through a number of small towns where you can get water.  The long stretch is between Blythe and and Brawley which you should be able to make with the water you are carrying.  Time of day and heat will make a big difference in the amount of water you will need.  Riding early and late when it is cooler will make it easier.

Gear Talk / Re: Davidson Titanium Road Bike
« on: August 05, 2016, 10:59:16 am »
I have a ti bike and it is extremely comfortable on a tour.  It has the eyelets to mount a rear rack.  I tow a trailer and prefer it to panniers. 

There is a large fire in the Big Sur area and according to the news they have closed the campgrounds in the state parks in Big Sur. 

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Re: Best GPS device for cycling
« on: July 17, 2016, 08:14:16 pm »
I just bought a Garmin Explore 1000 to replace my Garmin 800 and love it.  I didn't need all the racing stuff and this one has tracking built in (through your smartphone).   You can go to and compare the features of their various models.

California / Re: Planning my first trip to California
« on: July 09, 2016, 03:41:18 pm »
I would advise starting in San Francisco.  Wind tends to come from the northwest so traveling south tends to be more enjoyable.  Besides the road tends to have a better shoulder in the south bound direction.  Depending on whether you intend to camp or stay in hotels you will have plenty of options.  Once you get to Santa Barbara you can take the train to LA and thena bus to the airport.  You could continue to ride from Santa Barbara along the coast all the way to LAX. 

Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Rt 66 Section 6 Maps 91 - 95 Needles to Amboy
« on: July 03, 2016, 12:34:13 pm »
I just drove that section of I40.  There are numerous signs on the freeway for Share the Road and signs that tell cyclists when to exit the freeway.  I have to assume that the Route 66 roadway hasn't been repaired if the signs are still up.

According to the KY DOT website there is no construction on KY 152 at this time.

General Discussion / Re: Routes North from San Diego in Feb
« on: February 01, 2016, 07:17:08 pm »
The winds along the coast tend to be a problem for north bound cyclists all year round.  You can parallel the Cascades route by traveling up hwy 395.  Unless there is a storm the road is open year round.  Some of the passes in the Sierras have been closed for a while and they continue to get lots of snow so it will be late spring before they open up.  You should be able to map out a route from San Diego that parallels I-15 up to Hesperia where you can get on hwy 395.  Early in the year it can be pretty cold.

Jennifer's note was for the temporary closure of the bike lane on the ocean side of the I-5 where the amphibious exercises take place.  That closure ended on Friday 1/29. 

My note relates to the use of the roads on the main part of the base.  The PC route calls for using roads on the main part of the base between Las Pulgas road and Harbor Drive.  Formerly as a cyclist you could enter the base with only an ID.  Now you need to be pre-screened and put on a list to enter the base.  If you don't get prior approval (unless you have a military ID) you will have to ride on the freeway for about 8 miles. 

The transportation corridor is now the I-5 and there is still a railroad line. 

You have no legal right to access any military facility without permission.  You will be arrested and charged with trespassing.  That is the law and it includes Camp Pendelton. 

You can still travel on the shoulder of the I-5. 

There is no "right" to unfettered access to military facilities. Most of the military facilities in California have been closed and the property either given to the local community or sold for redevelopment.  Camp Pendelton is the only facility on the west coast where amphibious operations can be rehearsed.  As such they have periodically closed cyclist access to the facility during those exercises. 

Under a new access policy, all visitors who don’t have regular government or military clearance, such as military personnel, their families and reservists, must be sponsored by an authorized individual or unit on the base. They also must have a valid reason to enter and be pre-approved after a background check that can take up to seven days.  This policy begins Monday February 1, 2016.

Cyclists riding on the base will be required to register as well. Once cleared and on the registry, their access to ride on the base is valid for a year. The online registry goes up Monday.

The point of contact for the Sponsored Visitor Program and Base Access is:

 Base Access Control
 Bldg. 41501T
 (760) 763-7604/7605
 Business Hours: 0600-1600 Mon-Thur. (closed Fridays)

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