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Routes / Re: Credit Card Touring the Western Express
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:19:02 pm »
There is an option if you don't mind traveling for several miles on a dirt road through Capital Reef.  I driven the road but haven't ridden it on my bicycle.

In Boulder, UT take the Burr Trail Rd (1668).  The road is paved until you enter Capital Reef National Park.  Then is is hard packed and graded dirt.  You'll come to a tee and you'll want to go right or south towards Glenn Canyon National Rec Area.  In Bullfrog there is a hotel with a restaurant.  Then take the ferry across the lake and follow the paved road to Hwy 95 (near National Bridges National Monument).  Then go east (right) on 95 to Blanding.  The road after the ferry is good and has virtually no traffic.  (I've ridden it on my bike.)

 I forgot to mention that you could also stay on paved roads by taking the 95 south from Hanksville and then taking 276 to Bullfrog.  I've ridden this route and it was a pretty good road (276) with minimal traffic.  Most of the traffic consisted of pickups pulling boat trailers.  I stayed in Torrey and then rode to Bullfrog.  Easily doable in one day.  Just have a good water supply since there isn't much between Hanksville and Bullfrog.

The website for the park says there are trailers for rent in Hite.  The NPS site says there is a store at Hite that is open except for the winter season.   

Routes / Re: Tent and Southern Tier
« on: May 01, 2012, 10:21:37 pm »
Two things really slowed me down going into Langtry.  The first is most of the roads are chipseal and in places it looked like half inch size gravel.  The other was a strong head wind.  The two made for a long day.

Routes / Re: Tent and Southern Tier
« on: May 01, 2012, 08:02:19 pm »
There are a couple of spots where the distance between towns and lodging is more than your estimated mileage.  These are Sanford, AZ to Silver city, NM and Sanderson to Comstock/Del Rio, TX.  I had to stop in Langry (between Sanderson and Comstock) and use my tent.  Make sure you take something to eat with you on this stretch.  If you stop in Langtry don't expect to find any food. (Carried a couple of MREs for just this occasion.)

Routes / Re: Astoria to Portland non-ACA Route
« on: April 27, 2012, 05:56:57 pm »
If you haven't already, check out this website

Routes / Re: Route from Globe, Az
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:28:59 pm »
There aren't many services on the route you want to take.  Although you may have to backtrack a little bit I think you might want to consider heading north from Tempe and hooking up with the Grand Canyon Connector the will take you to the Western Express (WE).  The WE will connect you to the Trans Am.

You could take the 87 up to Payson then the 260 over to Cottonwood.  There you could get the 89A through Sedona and on to Flagstaff.  The route might be longer but you'll have more services available. Besides you may want to visit the Grand Canyon.   I haven't ridden it but I have driven it and it is pretty and the roads are pretty good.

You could even take the 160 through the Navajo Reservation and go by Four Corners.  This will take you in the direction of Pueblo, CO.  Not sure about services available on the reservation though.

Routes / Re: Mexican Border to San Diego AMTRAK
« on: April 14, 2012, 10:02:26 pm »
Check with Amtrak to see if they have any used bike boxes.  That way it's only $5 to ship.  Otherwise they charge $15 for the box and $5 to ship.  The box is big so you only have to take off the pedals and turn or remove the handlebars(depending on type). 

Routes / Re: Mexican Border to San Diego AMTRAK
« on: April 14, 2012, 04:10:31 pm »
Another possibility is to take the Trolley.  It goes right by the Amtrak station.  Check their internet site for times and stations (I know that one is next to the border crossing).

Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Southern Tier Big Bend N.P. Option?
« on: January 28, 2012, 05:35:09 pm »
I haven't ridden that route but I've driven it.  As a recall there wasn't much traffic on the road so it should be ok.  It is a long way between food/water stops going to and from Big Bend.  The one thing I remember from riding in TX is most of the roads are chip seal and the section between Sanderson and Langtry was particularly rough. 

There is a section near Bastrop, TX (Bastrop State Park) that may still be closed due to a devastating fire last year. 

Routes / Re: LA (or San Fran) to New York - From March 2012
« on: January 08, 2012, 06:31:45 pm »
The route that would seem to make the most sense would have you start in SF and skip LA.  This would be the most direct route considering what you want to see.  This is also a good time to see Death Valley as it won't be too hot.  There may be snow in the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada mountains so you may not be able to travel some of the roads (passes).

Gear Talk / Re: Folding tires
« on: January 08, 2012, 11:36:37 am »
Are you asking the question because you plan on carrying spare tires?  I remember that I carried a spare tire during my first tour and found I just wound up carrying something that added extra weight and took up space.  I think you'll find you're never going to be very far from a bike shop so that even if you blow out the sidewall you will be able to get a replacement at the next town with a bike shop.  (You can make a temporary patch of the tire with a dollar bill.) 

Or are you asking the question because you're not sure what type of tire to buy?

Routes / Re: Western Express - NV - early June
« on: December 29, 2011, 12:03:16 pm »
The shoulder east of Fallon varies in width.  In some places you have a good shoulder but it other places not so much.  Nevada DOT has put rumble strips on the shoulder is some areas that make riding on the shoulder impossible.  However there isn't a great deal of traffic east of Fallon.  The traffic is sparse enough and the road visibility good enough that nearly everyone will give you plenty of space.  I've found the truckers to be very considerate about passing in the opposite lane.  I don't use a mirror.  You'll see a few RV's but not too many.   

Routes / Re: Western Express - NV - early June
« on: December 28, 2011, 09:39:37 pm »
I've stayed at the Border Inn and a place in Baker.  The rooms at the Border Inn are nothing special but they are comfortable and inexpensive.  The Border Inn has a restaurant/bar/casino so you have at least a couple of options.  It's been awhile since I stayed in Baker.  You may want to check the web site for Baker, NV to see what motel options are available.  There is one place in Baker I won't do business with again.  Not sure of the name but it's something like TD (it has a limited grocery).  The owner doesn't like cyclists and isn't afraid to let you know. 

Some parts of Bastrop State Park have opened.  However, road 1C is still closed.  Here is the website that lists what is open and closed:

Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Has anyone ridden any parts of route 66?
« on: October 29, 2011, 11:40:26 am »
You can avoid I-15 from Barstow by getting on West Main Street in Barstow.  It turns into National Trails Highway.  I've ridden it on my bike and is doesn't have much traffic as most will use I-15.  It's a little rough in some places but overall it is ok.  Once you get to Victorville (cross under I-15) you can ride surface streets until you get to the Cajon Pass.

Routes / Re: Southern Tier favorite section? Advice needed!
« on: October 20, 2011, 08:37:35 pm »
I'm not sure what the section number is but I enjoyed the ride from El Paso, TX to San Antonio.  San Antonio isn't exactly on the trail but it was close.  As I recall is was around 600 miles.  If I had the time I'd do it again.

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