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It'll be around the time this comes to completion. Let me know. (Link found in profile to my website.)
General Discussion / Re: Choosing a Bike
« Last post by John Nelson on October 30, 2014, 10:02:24 pm »
I'm trying to to stay as inexpensive as possible.
When trying to use a non-touring bike for touring, it's usually best to consider using a trailer rather than panniers. You won't need the extra fittings, the short chainstays won't be a problem, the wheels don't need to be quite a strong, and you can carry extra water in the trailer. Be sure to take some test trips before your big one. Go for a few days with all the gear you need to go cross-country. Unfortunately, riding in Florida is not going to tell you if your gearing is low enough. Good luck.
General Discussion / Re: Philly to FL...anyone interested?
« Last post by LegsBPedaling on October 30, 2014, 09:55:41 pm »
I'll ride with you when you get down to Florida!
General Discussion / Re: Choosing a Bike
« Last post by Pat Lamb on October 30, 2014, 09:00:29 pm »
You can probably install another water bottle holder (something like hose clamps).  You may be able to use some p-clamps to hold a rack on, although you'll need to be careful the rack doesn't slide down.

I think John was trying to gently insinuate that while people have ridden across the country on all kinds of bicycles, some are just better suited to it than others.  Do look over the resources he referenced here on the AC site, they'll give you a good idea of things to look for.
General Discussion / Re: Choosing a Bike
« Last post by seanyboy on October 30, 2014, 06:35:02 pm »
I do not think it has any attachment points. Do you think I can install them myself? Same with the extra bottle cage? Can I install that too? I'm trying to to stay as inexpensive as possible.
General Discussion / Re: northern tier - how to start in bar harbor
« Last post by PeteJack on October 30, 2014, 06:15:37 pm »
Don't know if this has been suggested yet. I flew into Bangor and rented a car at the airport, took my bike and panniers to a motel in Bar Harbor where I was staying the night, left them there, drove the car back to the airport to return it and caught the airport shuttle to BH. Quite simple really. I booked car, plane and motel with Expedia and saved a fortune. Make sure you rent a hatch back car that you can shove your bikes into.

Living in Switzerland you are presumably familiar with hills which makes the flat bit in the middle of the NT a different experience. Coming from the North of England and having lived in Seattle for many years I find the prairies are quite a nice change. To ride down a road that disappears to a point on the horizon especially if you ave a tail wind is never to be forgotten. I love it.

AND there is no right way to go, EW or WE. 2 years ago I was told by people in e.g. Ohio I was going the wrong way for the prevailing winds. I wasn't, eventually getting pushed across ND and MT. As best I can make out the NT is a coin toss with the winds unlike the TA where south westerlies prevail on the prairie (I think)
General Discussion / Re: Choosing a Bike
« Last post by John Nelson on October 30, 2014, 05:57:59 pm »
Start here:

The bike you cited is probably okay, but just okay. The specs don't tell you the number of teeth in the rear cog, so I can't tell if the gearing is low enough--probably not. The 700x32 tires are probably about right for loaded touring on paved roads. I don't know if you could mount panniers on this or not. Does it have attachment points? I only see room for one water bottle cage--hope you don't drink much. The chainstays look pretty short. The wheels look like they have enough spokes. I would worry if the brakes are strong enough to stop a loaded bike, and if the frame is stiff enough to support the load. If you plan to use a handlebar bag, the cables may get in the way. It does have Shimano deraileurs, but fairly low-end ones. Most touring bikes are steel. This one is aluminum, but that's probably okay.
General Discussion / Choosing a Bike
« Last post by seanyboy on October 30, 2014, 04:17:35 pm »
A friend and I are planning on traveling from Tampa to the Grand Canyon and back. We are new to touring and were unsure of the type of bike that can do this work. Are there certain frames we should consider? steel? alumin? spokes? What specifics on a bike should we be concerned about? I recently bought this bike( from walmart and plan on installing racks later. I weigh 130 and assume that it wont do much damage to the bike. What do you guys think?
Routes / Re: Best Recommended Routes
« Last post by indyfabz on October 30, 2014, 04:08:57 pm »
If we do an average of approximately 60 miles per day how much time do you predict it can take? (Considering all the stops you suggested! :D)

Thank again!

If you go to the maps section of ACA's web site you can get a rough idea of some of the mileages between certain points on the different ACA routes. For example, you can get the mileage of the TransAm from Yorktown to Missoula from the summaries of Sections 4-12:

Sections 1-2 of the Northern Tier route gets you from Cut Bank, MT to Anacortes, WA, although the mileage from Glacier will be less since it's west of Cut Bank.

Don't forget to factor in rest days and potential short days and/or days off due to bad weather.
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