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Gear Talk / Re: Surly LHT and fatties fit fine
« Last post by Ride4fun on Today at 08:44:43 pm »
Well if you take the cable off you should be able to get a much wider tire on.  I can fit 42's on my SOMA Double Cross and I think the the LHT will take 45 mm.   Rim width does make a difference in regards to tire profile especially at low pressures.
Thanks for so much info. That's great.

Anyone have an opinion of Columbus to Cape Cod?
Hi Corey,
A good travellers site for information is here, although it appears primarily aimed at motorcycle travellers there is a small cycling section but the information on roads, safety, visas and equipment is very good and up to date.

I would suggest you ask in a local bike shop if they can show you some basic repairs, you can repay them by buying some of your equipment or a bike there.

If you want to read something from inspirational women riders I recommend Josie Dew or the late Anne Mustoe both show that it can be done.
Routes / Re: Columbus OH to Yorktown VA or Cape Cod help with routes.
« Last post by indyfabz on Today at 04:05:41 pm »
One option is to go from Columbus to Pittsburgh, PA and ride the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail to Cumberland, MD, the C&O Tow Path from Cumberland to D.C. and then pick up ACA's Atlantic Coast and then TransAm routes to Yorktown.

The GAP is a nice ride. It's popular and well supported by the communities is passes through. Plenty of places to find food and lodging/camping. Surface is primarily crushed limestone. It's mostly on former railroad rights of way, so the grading is easy. Mileage is about 150 to Cumberland. Very gradual net elevation to the eastern continental divide at around mile 125 and then an easy 25 miles down hill to Cumberland. I did it in under three full days of riding with a full load on 32c tires with little tread.

While I have never ridden it, it's my understanding that the C&O is more rustic. Most of it is dirt, and it can be very muddy after a period of heavy rain.

There is a good amount of information, including maps and services lists, for both trails here:

There is also an official National Park Service web site for the C&O Tow Path:

Pennsylvania Bike Route S uses part of the GAP:

If you don't want to ride into Pittsburgh, you could ride from Columbus to West Alexander, PA, pick up PA Route S, which joins the GAP in West Newton, PA and then stay on the GAP when Route S leaves it in Rockwood, PA. Google Maps bike directions gives a route from Columbus to West Alexander that's 178 miles with 3,888' of climbing, which is not bad.
Gear Talk / Re: Surly LHT and fatties fit fine
« Last post by RussSeaton on Today at 02:59:28 pm »
Not a direct answer since I do not own a Surly LHT.  But I'm guessing my touring bike is comparable for tire size.  38mm is the widest you can fit.  I am currently using 35mm tires and there is plenty of room at the chainstays and the fork.  I could probably fit 45mm tires between the chainstays and fork.  But there is another problem to consider with wide tires on a road bike.  I have 38mm tires on my cyclocross bike.  It uses cantilever brakes like my touring bike.  The brakes do not open wide enough to allow the 38mm tires through cleanly.  You can still push them through the brake blocks, but they rub.  Anything wider would not fit through at all, even with a lot of pushing.  35mm tires barely clear with no or minimal rubbing.  Anything wider and you get some rubbing with cantilever brakes, with the quick release open.  35mm or 38mm is the widest tire you can use with cantilever brakes on a road bike.  Rim width is irrelevant.
Gear Talk / Surly LHT and fatties fit fine
« Last post by tonythomson on Today at 02:39:41 pm »
This I should know but don't.  I have 700x32 tyres on at present what are the widest tyres I can fit on on this size rim
Routes / Columbus OH to Yorktown VA or Cape Cod help with routes.
« Last post by Stringcat on Today at 01:59:49 pm »
Hi. I live in the UK and am cycling USA coast to coast this summer. I have friends in Columbus OH. Does anyone out there have any tips or advice about riding from there to Yorktown VA or a similar area? Good cycling roads, terrain, accommodation? Really just whether it's a sensible journey.

Another option if I have time is Columbus to Cape Cod. Any similar tips etc would be great.

Thanks guys.
How much for a prototype like the one you show?
Routes / Re: roads in south carolina
« Last post by litespeed on Today at 01:39:43 pm »
The roads in South Carolina are pretty tough for cyclists. The main problems are US17 and Alt17 southeast of Charleston and Summerville. Really, really bad with no shoulders and heavy, high speed traffic. This area has to be skirted to the northeast. After numerous trips up the east coast I finally worked out a fairly safe route through SC. Here it is going northward:

I cross the Savannah River from Georgia on the old GA25 bridge near Wentworth and continue to US17 and about 8 miles north to Hardeeville. This stretch of 17 is a shoulderless parkway but not too bad off-rush-hour. From Hardeeville (good, cheap motels) continue north on 17. There is little traffic as it parallels I95. After Ridgeland 17 becomes one with the interstate but the frontage road is off to the left just before the interchange. Follow this about 10 miles to the interchange where 17 goes east. Continue on 17 to Alt 17. Take this north to Walterboro. KOA at Yemassee. From Walterboro go a few miles east to Sidneys Road just past the airport. Go north on Sidneys Rd. to SC61.

Take 61 east to 17 near Charleston. It is often congested but cycleable. Then east on 17. Pick your way through the city (mostly poor residential but not dangerous) to the Arthur Ravenal Bridge with its superb bike/hiker trail. At the end of the bridge turn right on 703/Alt17 to avoid the bad stretch of 17 through Mount Pleasant and go to Rifle Range Road on your left. Go NE on Rifle Range Rd. to Porcher's Bluff Road, turn left and go on to Morgan's Point Road. This goes right by a KOA and on a few miles, paralleling 17. Eventually you have to go left and onto 17 but by then there is cycleable shoulder. Just continue on 17 to Myrtle Beach and North Carolina.
This looks like a winner!  Keep us informed on this site.
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