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Gear Talk / Re: Continental Touring Plus
« Last post by Biketouringhobo on Today at 09:45:03 am »
To indyfabz,

I am looking at Continental Contact 2 26x1.75 but I am using Continental Touring plus 26x1.75 on my Surly LHT 26in and every time I ask on Facebook bike touring (What do you Recommend as a Bike Touring Tires) they say Schwalbe marathon plus 26x1.75 and I am not a fan of Schwalbe tires!
Classifieds / Treadmill decision
« Last post by SpongeCola on Today at 03:58:36 am »
I am looking to get a new treadmill so I have something else to do aside from biking when the weather is not good out there. But I'm having a hard time deciding on which one to go with.

I had a Schwinn 840 treadmill and have really loved it, but it was a hand me down and am in need of an upgrade!
I thought I wanted to stick with Schwinn because it's done good the past couple years but have heard really good things about LifeSpan TR 1200i as well...

I'm currently deciding between the Schwinn or the LifeSpan TR 1200i (here:

They both seem to have good reviews and are right within my price range, but I want to make sure I make the right decision!

Does anyone have either one of these and can give me some feedback?! Or have a better model you'd suggest?
Thanks for any help everyone!
Routes / Great Sand Dunes CO
« Last post by rjwilson on June 28, 2016, 11:40:22 pm »
anyone ever ride on Route 17 between Salida CO and Alamosa CO near Great Sand Dunes? what is the road like, shoulder, road condition etc.  Thanks
Between Williamsville and Elkhart Frontage road is closed. We were able to walk around construction on grass.  If there was rain, it would not be possible to get past. Also, a less understanding foreman might not be as accommodating.  The eastbound route through Williamsville takes riders around the road closed signs, so it is not obvious that you are riding on a closed road.
Local reports are that the "Only active construction now is on East side of Burrton, KS; with due care, a cyclist can navigate that zone without being or encountering a hazard.  New lanes finished but still closed in West of Burrton and in East Reno County." Continue to exercise caution in construction zones.

Travis Switzer
GIS Specialist/Cartographer
Routes & Mapping Dept.
Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Salt Lake City to Kansas City
« Last post by Bclayden on June 28, 2016, 02:29:10 pm »
There is a 5-10 mile stretch on I-80 leaving Evanston..not too bad...otherwise all good backcountry and mostly quiet highways.
The route I mapped out (day 1) left SLC up Emigrant Canyon Rd. Joined Rte 65, Echo Dam Rd, Chalk Creek Rd (several miles packed dirt) into Evanston, WY. The next 2 days: Rtes 189/28 to Lander where you can meet the TransAm.

Midway Between Kemmerer and Lander is the very small community of Farson, WY which offers 1 rough motel and a diner next door.  That's the only overnight option for 150-200 miles as I recall.
Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Salt Lake City to Kansas City
« Last post by brad on June 28, 2016, 01:21:52 pm »
I am thinking to retrace part of your route - at least into Wyoming until I can pick up the TransAmerica. What route did you take out of SLC? Did you have to ride on I80 or I84?
Rocky Mountain / Dubois, WY
« Last post by DBcooper on June 28, 2016, 12:29:20 pm »
Stop in to the St Thomas Episcopal Church - Dubois, WY
a phone # is on the door
We offer up our community room - for free,
you've got to fill out a form w/name/phone/mail addy (insurance reasons)

no proselytizing, no preaching, no animals, no 'Johnny Crack-head'
Just a warm, dry and safe place to stay
Showers available in town, food store nearby.

Many nice people - probably the lowest crime rate in the country, if not the world.

Be Safe! - Ride Carefully! - get to your destination!
-Bicycle Ministry of St Thomas Episcopal
Connecting ACA Routes / Re: Salt Lake City to Kansas City
« Last post by Bclayden on June 28, 2016, 10:48:26 am »
An alternate...Not sure if this is much help but I covered your route entirely without riding along any ACA routes and it was excellent. From SLC on the Emigrant Trail my route went up into Wyoming and picked up the Platte Rivver to cross Nebraska, met the Missouri River at St Joseph and then down to KC. Nice riding conditions, no major climbs once past the Wasatch Range but most riding in WY above is 7000' msl...crossing Continental Divide would have been unnoticeable if not for the sign marking it. 

Each riding day at 90-120 miles with motel overnights in Evanston, Farson, Lander, Alcova and Douglas, WY... Scottsbluff, North Platte, Kearny, Nelson, NE...and Marysville, KS. 

My goal was to follow, from Sacramento, CA-St Joseph, MO, the historic 1860s Pony Express horseback mail route hence its roundabout nature. The route also follows several emigrant trails, Oregon Trail, Morman Trail, etc., which typically followed the easiest path across the vast American West.  Not direct but without major obstacles.

Some of the towns in WY are quite far apart but this route offers solid and safe riding conditions if you enjoy solitude and long days in the saddle.
Gear Talk / Re: Continental Touring Plus
« Last post by indyfabz on June 28, 2016, 09:57:06 am »
I bought a new LHT fitted with Continental Sport Contact tires.

Got a puncture first ride, and another the second ride - both from stone chips which penetrated the tire. Coincidence maybe - but this really shook my confidence in Continental touring tires.

All Conti tires are not created equal. The Top Contact/Contact II is what you need for great puncture resistance. Just got back from MT where I rode at least 75 miles of unpaved surfaces, much of which were very rough and rock-strewn.
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