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Routes / Re: The Great Divide - question
« Last post by mathieu on Today at 03:34:18 pm »
Depends on how fast you go. Have a look at the chart in . If you can do the route in 1 month (i.e. about 100 mi/day), you may get to the US-Mex border, but if you need 2 months probably not. But this is not rocket science; every year is different.
General Discussion / Re: brooks saddle break-in how long
« Last post by John Nelson on Today at 02:58:18 pm »
I guess it depends on what exactly is meant by "broken in". I found it pretty comfortable right out of the box, but then it seems to get more comfortable as time goes by. When does the breaking in stop and the breaking down start? Hard to say, but I would say that my saddle got progressively more comfortable throughout the first 4000 miles.
Hey Randy, thanks for the headsup on the alternate path! Anyways I really want to attempt the great divide but won't have time to get out there until early September. Do you think it will still be doable, weather-wise if I started September 1st? Anything you could relay would be greatly appreciated, thanks again!
General Discussion / Re: Fighting off boredom?
« Last post by sanuk on Today at 04:00:09 am »
Some quotes from 'The Tao of Travel' by Paul Theroux:

Go alone.  Travel light.  Bring a map. Keep a journal.  Read a novel that has no relation to the place you're in.  If you must bring a cell phone, avoid using it - same I would add goes for a GPS or any other electronic gear.  Make a friend.
Do you think the great divide will be do-able if I attempt it starting early September? Thanks and good luck!
Routes / The Great Divide - question
« Last post by RadioFlyer on Today at 01:31:04 am »
Hey guys looking for some information on riding the Great Divide. Basically I am wondering if I will still be able to get through the whole thing (weather wise) if I don't start until early September. I am wondering if I will get snowed out by the time I reach the southern states. Anything you guys could relay would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Gear Talk / Re: Best foot wear for touring?
« Last post by DaveB on July 28, 2014, 08:31:35 pm »
For all those eager advocates of SPD clips, or any other mechanical method of attaching your feet to the pedals, here's something few of the clip using fraturnity rarely tell you.  Unless you aquaint yourself at an early stage in your cycling life and feel very comfortable getting in and out of clips at split-second notice without having time to think you might end up as I did a few years back, running out of momentum on a steep hill and quite suddenly face down on the black-top.
Your experience was unfortunate but was the result of unfamiliarity, and not an inherent problem with clipless pedals, and your generalized warning is completely wrong  The learning curve is fast and easy and it doesn't take long to get familiar to the point that the release motion is instinctive.    A few rides and some practice will make you competent and a few weeks will make fast release a complete non-issue.  Clipless pedals are much more secure and faster to get out of in an emergency than any clip and strap system.

Connecting ACA Routes / Re: UGRR to TransAm
« Last post by Norsman on July 28, 2014, 08:00:15 pm »
Thanks for the update.  I have been following your blog, you seem to be doing really well.  I noticed that you used Hwy 60 for a good portion of your ride through Missouri.  I will be doing the same but maybe going north from Dexter through Lake Wappapello State Park before joining Hwy 60 southeast of Van Buren.  After that I will check it on a daily basis depending on traffic and wind.  I may head up to the TransAm route a little earlier than you did just to get to a less busy road.
GPS Discussion / Re: Oregon 650 With City Nav Maps
« Last post by granville on July 28, 2014, 07:37:50 pm »
I have used the Oregon 450 for five tours, by trial and error I have ended up with a system of route planning that works for me. Mostly I do my planning on Google maps (in the UK there is a cycle option), save and converting to gpx tracks. Then I fine tune in Basecamp. Making routes rather than tracks  just seems more difficult and like mdxix I find it easy to follow the line. I have made a few routes on the Oregon whilst on tour but it was a pain in the neck to do the planning on such a small screen and the warning to turn when following a route are just annoying.

How did the visibility of the screens on these devices compare in the daylight? They are different generations and the Oregon should have been easier to view than the 800.
General Discussion / Re: brooks saddle break-in how long
« Last post by spininin on July 28, 2014, 05:49:41 pm »
I have a Swift and a couple of B-17's.  The B-17 is BY FAR a more comfortable saddle.  Google it and read comments before buying.
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