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Routes / Great Divide Route Solo
« Last post by rdchristensen on Today at 02:58:50 pm »
Anyone who has ridden the Great Divide Route solo, or knows firsthand of someone who has, I would like to get some information. I'm planning on riding North to South, from Whitefish, MT to Silverthorn, CO, the summer of 2016, leaving in late June. ACA recommends against a solo ride, but I know it has been done frequently. If you're willing to get into some Q and A over the next two years, I'd appreciate the time.

Royce Christensen
General Discussion / Re: Sour clothing - after washing!
« Last post by indyfabz on Today at 02:46:23 pm »
Some fabrics hold onto these chemicals and gases  at a molecular level and nothing you can do will break those bonds.

Funny. Just last evening I pulled a junky old tee from a drawer because I had to do some dirty work around the house. Many years ago, I worked out in the shirt, got it really sweaty, put it in a plastic bag I got from the gym and forgot about it for a while. Despite being washed numerous times since then, it still has a funky odor. It's destined to become my next bike cleaning rag.
I haven't cycled the Grasslands National Park, but a quick look at Google Maps Street View reveals that at least the one main road near and through the park is not paved. It also reveals that roads connecting to the road that is shown on Street View are also unpaved. Don't know if that makes a difference to you. Some people are steadfastly opposed to dirt riding and/or may not have the equipment to handle it. Also, services in that area seem like they may be somewhat limited.

I once rode the route Carla mentions, but in the opposite direction. It's nice. Camped at a state park in Big Fork and then Lake Inez or Lake Alva U.S.F.S. campground (Can't remember which. The one that has water) before heading to Missoula.

If you do go into Canada after Glacier N/P., I highly recommend going to Waterton Village for a rest day if desired. The towne campsite is in a dramatic setting along the shore of the lake. Plenty of services in town, and there is a combination boat ride/hike you can do. Just don't underestimate the difficulty of Chief Mountain Highway, especially if you do that leg the day after Logan Pass. And both times I rode the spur off of PR 5 into Waterton I had a pretty stiff headwind. On the flip side, the tailwind from on PR 5 through Cardston to Magrath was awesome.
Instead of going around Flathead Lake our Great Parks North map takes cyclists up Hwy. 83 through the Swan Valley, and uses mostly smaller county roads to reach Glacier NP. If you do want to cycle around the lake US 93 has shoulders and more traffic, as compared to Hwy. 35 which is narrower and in many places has no shoulder.

If you are visiting the office you can view this map.

After you leave the Grasslands National Park you should head farther north and not stay along the border. In eastern MT and western ND the Bakken oil field is booming and this field extends north into Canada. There will be high amounts of large truck traffic and gravel roads, the same as there is in the U.S. Google "Bakken oil field map" and you can see its range.

Here is the site for online cycling journals. You could search for Saskatchewan and Manitoba to see if anyone has cycled through those provinces with suggestions of routing.

Hi everybody,

so, we are looking to cycle to Glacier National PArk and was wondering whether you guys would recommend going on the east or west side of Flathead Lake? We are leaving in a few days and will of course be stopping by the Missoula AC office!!


We are going to cross the border in Canada and wanted to cycle to the Grassland National Park and across until we get to the Minnesota border. Does anyone have any experience with cycling along the border? Are there any roads we should avoid, are they with shoulder, or, does anyone have any information about this area that may help?

Thank you for any feedback!

General Discussion / Re: Sour clothing - after washing!
« Last post by imstillhere on Today at 07:19:58 am »
I have tried regular detergent, sport wash and a mix of detergent and hydrogen peroxide and none of these really worked in getting the stink out.  The sport wash is just expensive detergent and hydrogen peroxide.  I ran out of detergent and used Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (peppermint) with hot water out of desperation and that worked the best.  My cycling clothes are clean and smell nice. 

No, I don't work for the company.  I just wish some of the guys in the pace line would use something.  I swear some don't use anything at all. 
Rocky Mountain / Lolo Trail from Kamiah to Lolo Hot Springs
« Last post by kidflash on Today at 12:58:30 am »
I'm planning on riding from Walla Walla to Missoula in September 2014, I'm wondering about water availability on the Lolo Trail section from Kamiah to Lolo Hot Springs. I have a filter and purifier, but they are no good without water.
General Discussion / Re: Sour clothing - after washing!
« Last post by bogiesan on August 20, 2014, 11:57:06 pm »
To treat the smell you must identify the source. The list of recommended treatments presents means to attack several different causes or sources. Some odors are gases released by living organisms. Some are from the biproducts of dead and decaying organisms. Some fabrics hold onto these chemicals and gases  at a molecular level and nothing you can do will break those bonds. Some organisms will survive by going dormant and come back to life when presented with heat and sweat and create a new crop of odors. Sometimes you simply throw the garments away.

You can search sites like Martha Stewart for tested and approved odor treatments for a wide range of fabrics and possible odor sources. Many of these treatments are simple but multi-step and involve commonly available chemicals like borax, vinegar, bleach, soaps, detergents and sunshine. Just follow the directions carefully. For instance, more detergent does not do a better job than a wee bit of detergent. In heavy concentration, detergent cannot be rinsed away so it causes rashes or, since it resembles food to some bugs, creates a Petri dish for growing things that smell.

"Sour" is usually associated with mildew but you need to decide if it's mildew or mold or a yeast. 
Routes / Re: before I'm 70
« Last post by Highland27 on August 20, 2014, 07:45:00 pm »
Hi PeteJack, yes you are very right about shredded tires, we had a lot of those crossing the Nullarbor one even exploded off a very large truck in front of us, what a noise and only by luck all the big pieces missed us. Thank you for your help and advice, believe me I'm taking it all in.
Classifieds / FOR SALE: New and Very Good Items, Cheap
« Last post by dkoloko on August 20, 2014, 07:38:41 pm »
All items in very good condition, unless otherwise noted. All plus shipping. Photos for all.

Tires, New Pair Kenda 24x1.75 in. Blackwall, $18. 4 out of 5 reviewers gave 5-star rating. 55 sold with rim strips and tubes for $53.43 plus $13.75 shipping.

Tire, New with tag, Specialized Turbo Sport, 700x26c, Highly Rated! $10. This tire sells for $30.

Front Derailleur, New take-off Shimano Tiagra Double, Clamp-on, Bottom Pull, Multi clamp:28.6, 31.8mm (28.6mm: 31.8 w/adapter) $17.50. This derailleur sells for $47.99.

Front Hub, New Ritchey type 32 hole polished aluminum, $6. Have two. No skewer.

Messenger Bag, New Sunlite; 20x14x5 in. Felt lined laptop compartment. $15. Smaller Sunlite Messenger Bag sells for $86.48.

Rear Wheel, Velocity Arrowhead Shimano LX 9-Speed, 32 hole, 700c, 135mm wide, with skewer, in excellent condition, $102.50. This wheel with Tiagra hub (no better than LX) sells for $210.00.

Hub Set, 6-7 Speed Freewheel, with skewers; inspected, cleaned, repacked, and adjusted, $29.

Chainwheel, 32 Tooth Silver Ramped & Pinned 104mm Steel; black insert has shifting ramps and protects chainring, $9.

Headset Wrench, Axis 36, $3. Made in USA.

Headset Wrench, New 595897 WF04 Pro, $6. This tool sells for $20. Made in USA.

Cassette, New Shimano 8-Speed 11-30, $24.50;  Cassettes of this series with common sprocket selections sell for $41.99.

Shorts, Hincape Women's Tri Bicycling, Medium, padded seat, small hidden pockets for keys, money, etc. $24.50.

Freewheel, Sun-Race Shimano Remover Compatible 6-Speed, 14-28 tooth cogs; ramped for better shifting, $9.

Cassette Hub, Shimano LX, 32 hole, 130mm, Fits 7 speed mountain bike, or 8, or 9, or 10 speed road bike. Professionally checked and adjusted. No skewer, $15.
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