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General Discussion / Re: Cycling Around the World, but.........
« Last post by klikdisumber on Today at 04:47:56 am »
I love this forum, sharing all informai for the bike enthusiast.
Hopefully, some will respond.  But, in any case you will meet up with several (my guess 3-5) other tourers on the same route at the same time.  If you need to change companions, then take an early rest day or double up your mileage to meet with others.  My plan is to start August 24 from Vancouver (my 5th and final?) trek down the coast.
Routes / Re: Touring From Seattle Beginning Early In May
« Last post by adventurepdx on April 20, 2015, 12:09:18 pm »
I am assuming that it will be decently dry east of the Cascades. Is this a bad assumption to be making?

It's a good assumption, but not always true. I did two different tours in Eastern Washington and Oregon, both late May/early June, and encountered more rain than I wished for. Though this year it looks like a better chance of dry.

Is it feasible to bike comfortably in the vicinity of the I-90 corridor from Ellensburg to Seattle if I were to shorten the eastern loop?

Yep! Have you looked into the Iron Horse State Park? It's a rail trail along the old Milwaukee Road that parallels I-90 from outside North Bend to about Ellensburg. And there are several camping opportunities along the way.
Please note that it is gravel, though doable on road bikes (so long as those tires aren't too narrow), and there are a few tunnels they close in the winter.
Routes / Re: TA Route from Astoria to Guilford, CT
« Last post by indyfabz on April 20, 2015, 09:35:51 am »
Sure, assuming I am not our touring. Hoping to cross the northern part of PA in September.

There are a few places on Route V with traffic. It's unavoidable. Clearfield and Du Bois are two places that come to mind. But it's generally not bad most of the way, and the stretches with heavier traffic are not long. It also depends on the day and time of day. For example, Clearfield is the county seat of Clearfield County, so the courthouse and other country offices are there. It's the main driver of the downtown economy. Outside of business hours and on the weekends, traffic drops considerably. Same for Bellefonte, which is the seat of Centre County. Route V goes right past the majestic courthouse where former PSU assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was tried.

From the photo after the trail to the pig shots are on Route V from Emlenton to just west of Catawissa:

I turned south from Catawissa to get home to Philly.
Routes / Re: Touring From Seattle Beginning Early In May
« Last post by indyfabz on April 20, 2015, 09:26:21 am »
You can find opening and closing dates on official web sites. While things may have changed, Colonial Creek Campground on the North Cascades Highway was open both times I stayed there in '99 and '00. Going W-E, it's a great jumping off point for the climb. IIRC, the U.S.F.S. campground in the Newhalem area was also open before Memorial Day. Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport, which has Adirondack Shelters, was, too.
Routes / Touring From Seattle Beginning Early In May
« Last post by rjstolzberg on April 20, 2015, 02:15:37 am »
Pacific Northwesters,

I will begin by noting that I am a hopeless optimist, and I figure great weather will continue forever. I did this around spring solstice this year, and my son and I had a great 3-day backpack in the Olympics, with only 2 hours of snow/rain. I am taking the same attitude with me for a 3 week unsupported tour out of Seattle beginning the first week of May, a month that does not have a perfect history of warm sunny weather in the Seattle coastal area. I have my airplane tickets from Fairbanks, my two Washington State Parks Bicycle Route (WSBR) maps, and information that the North Cascade Highway was opened to traffic earlier this month. With an eye on the long range weather forecasts, I'd like to solicit suggestions about early season touring on both loops in the WSBR. Right now four specific questions come to mind, but I'd be interested to hear about any 'not to be missed' side trips or any particularly dreadful stretches of road or anything that someone without webbed feet should know (but it does get rainy and cold in Interior Alaska on  occasion in the summer).

Am I apt to find that State Park and Forest Service campgrounds are closed prior to Memorial Day?

I am assuming that it will be decently dry east of the Cascades. Is this a bad assumption to be making?

What are the relative merits of clockwise versus counter clockwise on both loops?

Is it feasible to bike comfortably in the vicinity of the I-90 corridor from Ellensburg to Seattle if I were to shorten the eastern loop?

Thanks for your suggestions.


I did it last August/September, Bellingham to south of San Diego. It's easy to ride directly out of the Bellingham airport (I've done that twice). It's a great ride. Lots of hiker/biker camp sites, so it's a great route to camp. You can read more about my trip in my journal. I averaged 60 miles a day. Big Sur is the best, but the whole route is fantastic (although it gets quite different south of Santa Barbara). I suspect, however, that due to the severe California drought, you may find that many of the California state park campgrounds have closed the showers--bummer! Wash yourself off at the water spigot or jump in the ocean.

Have a great time.
Routes / Re: Cross-US Trail-Based Route - Feedback Please!
« Last post by whitebirch on April 19, 2015, 09:55:37 pm »
Thanks for all the feedback and ideas, folks!

In no particular order:

Yes, we'll be picking up the Iron Horse Trail in Ellensburg, where it's supposed to be in better condition.

I like the idea of a side trip on the Hiawatha, and didn't know about the shuttle!  Too good to miss, indeed!

Hill after hill in northwest Missouri.  Hmmm.... Might have to rethink that.  The Wabash Trace Trail sounds great, but maybe it's not worth it if it means hitting tons of hills first.

I think I ruled out the Columbia River Gorge because of the headwinds and also because it sounds pretty busy.  Beautiful, but busy. 

I go back and forth about Yellowstone.  I've read all the pros and cons.  Ultimately I think it's too hard to pass it right by, especially with our daughter seeing it for the first time.  But we might do some hitchhiking to see the geysers, and not try to bike to everything.  And hopefully we can ride early and late to avoid the heaviest traffic.

I originally considered the Oregon Trail route, but the lure of the mountains and beauty in Montana and Idaho are proving too strong.  I also have family in Seattle, so that's a more natural endpoint for us. 

Thanks again to everyone who's posted so far.  I'd love to hear any other thoughts!

General Discussion / Re: Green-lighted to go cross-country! (questions)
« Last post by swimdean on April 19, 2015, 09:36:27 pm »
I'm doing a tour from New Orleans to San Francisco right now. I have aerobars on my Trek Domain Two Series and I'm happy for them. Gives the hands a break and obvious advantage in head winds. I'm also pulling a BOB trailer which I think helps with the wind also.

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General Discussion / Re: Green-lighted to go cross-country! (questions)
« Last post by bbarrettx on April 19, 2015, 09:12:38 pm »
I rode the TransAm way back in 87 as my first tour. Started in Astoria and finished in Sea Bright, NJ, next to my home town Rumson. If you haven't settled on a route from Central NJ to connect with the TransAm through PA let me know. The route I chose worked quite well. Sounds like you're set on on going East to West but I will say that finishing up at home was a pretty cool experience. Happy to give suggestions on the route if you're still kicking it around.
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