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I don't know about a headlight, but it sounds like you need one of these $5 brackets for your tail light.

I don't recommend this bracket. Have one, minus the taillight; fell out several times. Last time couldn't find the light. While the light could be popped in and out of the bracket without tools, it required a screwdriver to change batteries. What thinking!
Routes / Re: Cycling in Nova Scotia
« Last post by neil on Today at 02:49:26 pm »
Check out
Nova Scotia & The Maritimes by Bike
The Mountaineers
ISBN 0-89886-442-9
The cape Breton route took 14 days 9 years ago (extended) It's pleasant, not spectacular and worth the trip having done it 9 years ago
  Good luck
General Discussion / Re: Riding distance questions (noob)
« Last post by bobbys beard on Today at 04:47:10 am »
When my partner toured with me for the 1st time, she had been lazy about training and hadn't ever ridden more than 30 miles in one go. By the end of 2 weeks on the road, she completed 115 miles in a day (not without a lot of complaining!)

To echo John Nelson, the fitness part will be easy for you, but you never stop gaining experience on the road, so ride often, be safe and take the time to learn how to fix things by the side of the road :)
Gear Talk / Re: Touring without fenders - big mistake?
« Last post by PeteJack on August 01, 2015, 11:17:19 pm »
Jand my pump ended up getting filled with water and some grit.
- Tim
I have fenders but water still gets into my Topeak Road Morph pump on the down tube. I've thought of putting something over the top of the pump to prevent this. There are latex devices sold in drug stores and supermarkets that would do the job but...
General Discussion / Re: Riding distance questions (noob)
« Last post by John Nelson on August 01, 2015, 09:54:35 pm »
You're 21. You could do it tomorrow.

Just ride as much as you can comfortably do without overdoing it and getting injured. Your butt, back and neck are more important to train than your legs. The main progress you need to make is not physical. Learn to ride safely in a wide variety of situations. Learn about bike fit, cyclotouring gear, and how to manage on the road. Read a bunch of journals over at to see how others have done it. Learn bike maintenance and repair. Assemble your gear. Plan a safe route.
To add a bit more to dperkheezy's post as I rode this section today.

The construction zone extends from the intersection of 302/113 (on the west) to the state border. My wife drove the construction zone and described it as "nasty." The project is not scheduled to be completed until early October (

I used East Conway Road as a bypass. From the traffic in a non-commercial zone, I think the locals are also using this as a vehicle bypass.  The east two miles of the East Conway Road bypass section are without a shoulder and heavily damaged. Use caution.

My eastbound directions:
(a) 0.0 mi Turn left onto US-302 from main route.
(b) 0.9 mi Turn right onto East Conway Road (police station on your right)
(c) 6.5 mi Turn right onto 113
(d) 7.7 mi Turn left onto Main Street to rejoin route.

Safe travels.
General Discussion / Re: Riding distance questions (noob)
« Last post by DaveB on August 01, 2015, 06:11:24 pm »
You have 8 to 9 months to get into shape for the trip and it sounds like you are in decent shape now.  The main thing is to get used to the saddle and to being on the bike 5 or more hours at a time.  If you increase you daily riding gradually until next spring you should do fine.
General Discussion / Riding distance questions (noob)
« Last post by Itslevipagel on August 01, 2015, 05:59:09 pm »
I am completely new to cycling. Only about 2 weeks into it. I have been riding 10 miles every other day with two 20 miles rides under my belt so far. I have started cycling in a preparation to make a ride from fortwalton beach Florida, 1000-1100 miles to my home town in Indiana. I plan to leave in April or May for this trip(8-9months away) I am 21 years old. 220 pounds, 12% body fat(in shape) I was just wondering if this is do able? Will I be able to prepare in that amount of time? The plan is to ride 50-75 miles a day, more or less? Any advise?

Thanks, Levi

Feel free to email me also
General Discussion / Re: Any tips for retrieving a snapped screw from my frame?
« Last post by DarrenBnYYC on August 01, 2015, 01:50:22 pm »
I have broken a couple M5 bolts by over-tightening them. What worked for me is to drill out a small hole (start with the smallest drill bit you can find and then slowly go bigger to expand the hole). Then I used a 'poor-man's EZ-Out: I just gently tapped in a small Torx head with hammer to get the leverage to back out the broken bolt.
General Discussion / Re: Any tips for retrieving a snapped screw from my frame?
« Last post by bobbys beard on August 01, 2015, 12:25:46 pm »
Thanks. Yeah, I think drilling a hole would need the tiniest bit and a hand steadier than mine, but maybe a drill could turn it...  I live a long way from anywhere that might sell something like that, so if I can't get it out, I'll ask a car mechanic :)
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