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General Discussion / Re: What to do with a bike box?
« Last post by PeteJack on Today at 06:46:03 pm »
Send me a PM when you are near Seattle. I live near SeaTac airport. If I'm not touring I may be able to help.
Classifieds / Great Divide maps 1-6 (no Canada) $50
« Last post by stevec on Today at 04:37:33 pm »
New condition Great Divide maps 1-6 (no Canada), maps 1-5 are 2014 edition, map 6 is 2016.
Compare at $68.30 msrp
Sold as set only.
$50 includes priority shipping in US.
Routes / Re: Northern Tier in Minnesota: which loop?
« Last post by CMajernik on Today at 04:08:38 pm »
Here is a blog post that we did after changing the routing to use more of the rail trails in Minnesota. This might help you.
Routes / Northern Tier in Minnesota: which loop?
« Last post by KF8MO on Today at 03:52:20 pm »
We're looking at a Northern Tier trip and wondering about the route east of Fargo. There seem to be 2 1/2 choices: either north (with an option all the way up to Bemidji) and come back down through Brainerd, or south through Fergus Falls etc. What are the pluses and minuses of each?
General Discussion / Re: bike racks for car (trunk style)
« Last post by RussSeaton on Today at 01:17:02 pm »
I like the Saris Bones 3 bike rack.  Not the 2 bike rack.  It accommodates bikes with a top tube.  Men's diamond frame bikes.  Might not work for mixte and full suspended mountain bikes.
General Discussion / bike racks for car (trunk style)
« Last post by Pearson100 on Today at 12:45:00 pm »
I have a Thule bike rack that is about 4 years old which works fine for my road bike. But the cradle won't accomodate the larger top tube of my Trek 920. Do you have suggestions for car bike racks that will accept the larger top tubes that I'm seeing in newer bikes (adventure, mountain, etc)?

Thank you!
Routes / Re: Adirondack Park Loop
« Last post by canalligators on Today at 12:22:18 pm »
I'm hoping to do an Adirondack trip too, not necessarily on the official routes...

You can ride just about everywhere in the 'Daks, and you'll be on a good road with shoulders or low traffic, and have lovely scenery.  I'd especially recommend NY 3, NY 28N, NY 30, NY 73 through Keene Valley (five stars for this one), NY 86  and NY 8.  River Rd. along Franklin Falls Pond is beautiful.  Route 9 can be a bit trafficy but is still a nice ride.  NY 28 has narrowish shoulders in places and traffic around Old Forge, but it's all still a decent ride.

We rode a beautiful loop around all three Saranac Lakes using Forest Home Rd., NY 30 and NY 3.  I've toured the AC route and highly recommend it - many of my recommended roads above are on this route.   Some of those recommended roads are also on the Northern Tier.  I would like to check off riding all the state and county roads in the park.

We're going to Lake Placid in a couple of weeks, with the express objective of cycling up Whiteface Mountain.  (My wife likes climbing.)  You can ride from Wilmington (8 miles) or from the toll booth (5 miles), it averages 8% grade.  The lower half has some steeper sections so we're going to ride from the toll booth.  Talk about "earning the view", it's stunning.

You can also plan stops with short hikes off to see waterfalls, and some of the high peaks can be hiked as day hikes.
I found this on the Pioneer Fire Facebook page on 8/22/16

Question: "Is FS 579 between Bear Valley CG and Deer Flats CG open? If so I assume those campgrounds are open too? That road looks like the current dividing line. Thanks!"
Like · Reply · 1 · 23 hrs
Pioneer Fire reply:
"The closure area for the #Pioneer Fire hasn't changed, however, that area is closed due to another fire. Sorry."
General Discussion / Re: Trans am route, map or gpx Garmin.
« Last post by Soulboy#1 on Today at 11:21:01 am »
Thanks mate
Classifieds / Re: TransAmerica Maps 4-11. Unused.
« Last post by Soulboy#1 on Today at 11:19:47 am »
Do these maps cover the entire trans an trail?

Thanks in advance
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