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From the Pacific Coast Section 4 addenda (2/27/17):

It is unknown when the bridge will be replaced. Due to a lack of nearby roads, an extensive reroute is required. The reroute is 145.7 mi. and can be found at this RideWithGPS link: It is about 30 miles longer than the Pacific Coast route. It begins on map 46 in Marina and ends on map 51 south of Cayucos. Services are limited for the 60 miles between King City and Paso Robles. Also, because this route travels inland, the weather will be significantly different than that on the coast. It will typically be drier and up to 20 degrees hotter.


Just a suggestion - just past mile 136 on your route is the intersection for Santa Rosa Creek Rd / Old Creek Rd.. Take the left at Old Creek and enjoy a quiet descent and short cut to Cayucos. Part of the SLO bike club's Lighthouse Century. YMMV.

Routes / Rumble Strips on Western Express?
« Last post by cgarch on Today at 07:53:16 pm »
This arrived in the local chat list. CA 88 is the concern. Hopefully they'll take comments after 23 March [apologies for the late post].

From: Sos, Austin@DOT<>
Date: Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 4:04 PM
Subject: EA 10-1C430 Rumble Strip project in Amador and Alpine Counties

Hi all,
Attached is a project with proposed centerline,edgeline, and shoulder rumble strip locations on SR 16, 49, 88, and 104 in Amador and Alpine Counties. . Any location specific feedback on this project you can provide may assist Caltrans in the design phase of the project. You can see the project locations by looking at the attached document and a google map - link->.
Here is the legend for the map:
Green--Centerline rumble strips
Red--Edgeline rumble strips
Yellow--Centerline and Shoulder rumble strips
Blue--Centerline and Edgeline rumble strips
If you have any comments on the project, please email them to me by March 23.
Austin Sos
Native American Liason • Office of Rural Planning
Caltrans District 10
1976 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.,
Stockton, CA, 95205-7015
711 TTY
Routes / Re: Pfeiffer Bridge at Big Sur work around
« Last post by cgarch on Today at 07:28:47 pm »
You can always check this for the latest CA road conditions and pan to the coast area. It doesn't show local road closures.

As for the route proposed by Bclayden, it's a wonderful route. N-F through Hunter-Liggett is pretty sweet. I'd check with Monterey County though as to road conditions. It also drops you right into Kirk Creek Campground.

Santa Rosa, CA
Gear Talk / Re: Advice on Lower Gearing
« Last post by RussSeaton on Today at 04:43:56 pm »
two feet on the ground pushing the bike up the hill.  Make sure you've got cleat covers if you're using road pedals.

Eeeek!!!!  I HOPE every bicyclist tourer with clipless pedals is using SPD or Frog or Bebop pedals/cleats.  NOT road pedals.  A concealed, small cleat on the bottom of shoes that is unobtrusive and easy to walk in.  I can walk miles and miles on almost any terrain with my SPD shoes and sandals.  I could easily survive and thrive with no other shoes except maybe flip flops on any tour of any length from one week to one year.
Classifieds / Re: Many maps for sale
« Last post by Ty Dawley on Today at 02:56:45 pm »
Yup. Can do that. I've sold stuff on here and done the same.

818 SW 3rd Ave #118
Portland, Oregon 97204

Just my mailing address and not physical so don't mind posting it here.
Classifieds / Re: Many maps for sale
« Last post by dstromberg on Today at 02:52:54 pm »
I have sold several maps on here over the past few years and have had good luck trusting the individual on the other end to send a check. I'll send the map to you now if you promise to send a check (plus, how about 1$ more to help with postage).
General Discussion / Re: Eating the Transam Trail
« Last post by YogaO on Today at 02:38:48 pm »
As others have said, it depends on what your definitions of "good nutrition" and "affordable" are. It also depends on how many miles you do in a day, what the weather is, did you fight headwinds, cold, hot temps and how much climbing, plus a bunch of other stuff, like a bike mechanical?

Also, it depends on your budget. We met a couple of guys from the Netherlands who only rode with a rain jacket as additional gear. They rode hotel-to-hotel 60 - 120+ miles a day and ate in restaurants. They were fast!

On our W-E trip last summer, we found that many small towns had lost their grocery store because there's a Wal-Mart 25 or so miles down the road, easily accessed by car. Some significant number of small towns have had their grocery "replaced" with a Dollar General. We found them to be a good source for peanut butter and trail mix. I ate more trail mix last summer than in all of my prior life combined, LOL.

We also carried lightweight cooking gear and bought a few days worth of relatively nutritional items that we could make into a one pot meal. This included cooked chicken breast in pouches and pre-cooked Uncle Ben's rice in a variety of flavors (also found in pouches). We also carried flour tortillas and peanut butter. A great lunch is a flour (whole wheat) tortilla, peanut butter and roadside wild blackberries.

You can make a very lightweight alcohol stove and carry pretty minimal gear to cook with. Consult the ACA TransAm maps to see where there might be "holes" along your planned daily rides and plan accordingly.

ACA Mobile Route Apps / Adventure Cycling Association Mobile Route Apps
« Last post by jsieber on Today at 01:24:40 pm »
This board is for questions about or support for the Adventure Cycling Association Mobile Route Apps available on iTunes and Google Play. More information about these apps can be found here:
Classifieds / Re: Many maps for sale
« Last post by Ty Dawley on Today at 12:57:23 pm »
I would take the Allegheny Mountain Loop. I live in Oregon. How can we do this?

Oddly enough I rode from Pittsburgh to Erie last year the opposite way on my XC ride. Through Beaver Falls, Washington Township. Edinboro etc. I'll pass on that one.
Gear Talk / Re: Advice on Lower Gearing
« Last post by Pat Lamb on Today at 11:32:44 am »
Try it and see how it goes.  All gearing has the really low combination available -- two feet on the ground pushing the bike up the hill.  Make sure you've got cleat covers if you're using road pedals.
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