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Connecting ACA Routes / Northern Tier to Erie Connector across Wisconsin
« Last post by nimby on Today at 12:35:29 am »
What's a good route from either Stillwater, MN or Osceola, WI to Manitowoc WI to catch the ferry across Lake Michigan and hook up with the Erie Connector at Wolf Lake, MI?
General Discussion / Re: My dog wants to go with me
« Last post by msullivan on March 29, 2015, 06:20:59 pm »
I have no advice for you about how to bicycle with your dog but I wonder what happens when another dog gives chase? I have heard that in Florida there are many loose dogs and I have had many encounters of dogs pursuing ( trying to bite me!) while riding. I wonder if it would help or hurt to have a dog in a trailer when a dog attacks. No exactly on topic but I worry about loose dogs going after bicycles. Anybody have any thoughts?
Routes / Re: USGS maps for touring anybody?
« Last post by jamawani on March 29, 2015, 11:17:45 am »
Actually, there is an online site - -

Although it says "USGS Store" you can view almost any map that the USGS has published in the past 100 years.
The drawback is that these files (scanned maps) are huge and might be problematic downloading on the road.
Also, they might be tough to read on a smartphone - less so on a note pad.

Some of the 1:250 and 15 minute maps are terribly outdated. Even the 1:100 are often old, now.
Most 7 1/2 minute maps have been updated, but the level of detail may be more than you need.
ACA maps are great if you don't plan to wander off route - but of little use if you do.

I have found that National Forest maps are ideal for cycling - the scale is 1inch = 2 miles.
Many have topo contours now and most are now available in plastic.
Crossing the Cascades might entail two or three maps - same for the Rockies.
They have campground, backroad, trail and facilities information.
Plus, land ownership status for those who wish to do dispersed camping.
Routes / Re: USGS maps for touring anybody?
« Last post by John Nettles on March 29, 2015, 11:02:37 am »
Your assumptions are correct.  The USGS maps are very detailed thus you would need to have a lot of maps.  A better, less expensive, choice is to buy used ACA maps.  The maps, while a tad pricey, are very good if you plan to stay on the ACA route as they are cyclotourist specific, i.e. lists campgrounds, groceries, motels, bike shops, etc..  eBay (at least in the US) frequently has used maps as does CrazyGuyOnABike's classifieds.

Another alternative is to buy new maps and then sell them.  Your net cost would be about 1/2 after you sell them.

Finally, you could always just use state maps and determine your own route but that may not be the best solution if you friend has never cycled in the US before.

EDIT:  I just realized you are fairly knowledgeable about ACA (based on your posts) so sorry about the basic info on the maps. At least the info is good for beginners.
Routes / USGS maps for touring anybody?
« Last post by PeteJack on March 29, 2015, 10:48:46 am »
Has anyone used USGS maps for touring? I've searched this site and find no reference to USGS. My only experience of USGS maps was many years ago when I used their paper maps for hiking. It seems to me the scal was way too big and you would need a trailer to carry them for a tour of any distance but maybe things have changed. Is there a USGS tool for selecting maps that is any use?

I'm trying to help someone in the UK who things ACA maps are expensive. I've searched this site and find no reference to USGS. Not very promising
Routes / Re: West coast of Ireland tour?
« Last post by climbingsidrat on March 29, 2015, 04:54:58 am »
The troubles are still ongoing there but no where near as bad as the 80s.   As a general safety rule don't argue politics or religion at all.  Even the kids know more about it than you.
There's a reason it's the emerald Isle. ..It rains all the time. I lived there for years and started to develop gills so wet weather gear is essential.
Classifieds / FS Montbell sleeping bag; Big Agnes pad
« Last post by twalls on March 27, 2015, 10:26:55 pm »
Montbell UltraLight Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 Long Right Zipper. Used maybe 25 or 30 nights, laundered in front-loading machine with Nikwax following Western Mountaineering instructions.  $125 + shipping.

Big Agnes Insulated AirCore sleeping pad.  20x78x2.5, mummy.  Used only briefly.  $40 + shipping

Payment by money order, cashiers or certified check

Contact Tim Walls, for more details, and a picture, if you'd like.  Thanks
General Discussion / Re: Charging iphone for maps while touring
« Last post by chippedtooth on March 27, 2015, 05:22:33 pm »
Then you just switch off the lights (we don't intend to do much night riding) and it goes down to 5mph!

I just quite like the idea of using power that I have generated myself as I pedal along.
General Discussion / Re: Charging iphone for maps while touring
« Last post by RonK on March 27, 2015, 04:23:13 pm »

You have to be doing about 7mph in order to have both the lights on and be charging... Not hard at all.
Hmmmm, lights and charging a voltage sensing device at the same time. Good luck with that, it didn't work for me.
And when you reach the hills, 7mph can be very hard.
GPS Discussion / Re: Best GPS for touring
« Last post by cheesehawk on March 27, 2015, 04:01:04 pm »
I have not real experience with it, obviously. FWIW I found the cycling layer to be a little confusing to follow for stretches of northern Nebraska that I plan to cycle this spring. I think the problem (and a problem that is shared by google maps in bicycle mode) is that US highway numbers often are not present.
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