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No matter how much fit adjustment you do, you are still supporting a fair percentage of your body's weight with your hands/wrists/elbows. On a recumbent, you are simply resting your hands on the bars (same as your hands on the steering wheel of a car). One's neck and rear end are also positioned as comfortably as in a car, as well, on a recumbent.
General Discussion / Donate to ACA through Amazon (no cost to you)
« Last post by John Nettles on Today at 10:49:59 am »
Normally, I hate fundraisers but I enjoy both Amazon and ACA so I thought I would let you know about this.

Today, I had the option to use "AmazonSmile" so I could donate to ACA.

From what I gather, if ACA decides to signup, they will get 0.5% of my purchases as a donation.  No additional cost is added to my bill, no special codes to enter every time*, etc.

If ACA chooses not to accept the donations or you prefer a different charity you can change at anytime.  There are a surprising number of local small charities also.

This is what AmazonSmile is:
"AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. You can choose from nearly one million organizations to support."

*=The big caveat is that you have to begin the Amazon purchase (after you have signed up with AmazonSmile) with the website (as opposed to the regular website).  I just changed my bookmark so it is no big deal.

Also, be sure to search for "adventure cycling" on the link as there are a few "primary" organizations so you have to search for ACA and select it instead.

Please note, I am not affiliated with Amazon or ACA other than a heavy user of Amazon and an avid touring cyclist who has been with Bikecentennial/ACA since the magazine was printed on newspaper-type paper (way back in the 70s which would be a really cool way to celebrate the 50th year by printing that issue in newspaper stock but I digress).

I hope ACA signs up (ACA, please let us know if you decide NOT to and why) and that you consider ACA if you use Amazon.
Routes / Re: Flint Hills Nature Trail
« Last post by John Nettles on Today at 10:12:06 am »
A couple of years ago, a few of us were considering it as part of a tour from Tulsa to the Katy Trail in Missouri.  After speaking with someone connected to the FHNT it sounded like it was, then at least, still fairly rough, i.e. original ballast, etc.  so we decided against it.  You might consider calling them for an update as it did seem like a potentially good trail.

Routes / Re: Jacksonville FL to New Orleans...
« Last post by etsisk on Today at 10:11:44 am »
I'm hoping it will be nice in April/May...
Routes / Re: Jacksonville FL to New Orleans...
« Last post by John Nettles on Today at 10:07:56 am »
It may be bad in summer but we had an enjoyable trip through Pecan Island and along the coast in October.  Biggest problem there is not too much services, especially camping with a shower.
[quote author=corey1989 link=topic=13053.msg67441#msg67441 date=1425185084I am a 25-yo woman of very small size. I am 147 cm tall and I weigh 80 lbs. I am now riding a 24" wheel road bike (Giant R2400). I ride it not very often, only on weekends. Btw I suck at directions and map reading.

Things I'm going to do for preparation:
- Ride more and longer (so far my longest was only 63 km but that's not my limit yet)
- Join classes on bike repair
- Try some guided bike tours in Southern China
- Try solo bike round-tour in Taiwan
- Learn to drive, to get myself more familiar with road rules (yes I come from a very small place where driving is not necessary)

My questions include but are not limited to:
- Is there a travelling bike for my size?
- Any way to cut down the baggage so that even a 80lb-body can carry it?
- Any good book or good website for a newbie like me?
- Do you recommend a woman doing solo biking and camping?
- Can I rely on GPS as I suck at map reading?
- Any specific advice?

Thank you a lot!

First, yes, by all means ride a lot more and learn at least the basics of bike repair and maintenance.  A few guided tours will give you insight into how you like touring but won't give you any experience riding solo, carrying a touring load or having to find your own way.

You are indeed small (~4' 10" in real measurements ;) ) but there are suitable bikes available.  I would consider a true touring bike and one that uses a more standard wheel size.  Finding 24" tires (of whatever ISO size they are) in remote areas is going to be difficult to impossible.  The Surly Long Haul Trucker (or Disc Trucker if you want disc brakes) is available as small as a 42 cm frame and comes with 26" (ISO 559) wheels which is the same wheel size as most mountain bikes.  Tires and tubes in this size are widely available.

Your touring load can be as light as you wish.   Riders have traveled long distances with loads lighter than 15 pounds but that's pretty Spartan and requires some fairly expensive and specialized gear.   A realistic load is 25 to 30 pounds if you don't insist on taking every comfort known to man (or woman) with you.  Also, are you going to cook all of your meals or eat in restaurants, etc. as that will have a significant effect on the weight and bulk of your load?

Web sites include this one, crazyguyonabike and many others.  A Google search should turn up a lot.

As to relying strictly on a GPS, I'd be leery of having nothing else.  Keeping it charged and away from harm will be problems (a generator front hub would be a good idea) but there a places like cities and mountainous areas where the signal is not good enough.

You've got time to do a lot of homework and I hope you enjoy doing it.
General Discussion / Re: Shipping bike to Astoria/ Logistics
« Last post by DaveB on Today at 09:15:28 am »
If Bikes and Beyond is that busy and you are going to use them for work, I think it would be wise to get on their schedule way in advance. Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish, MT is a busy shop that, among other things, receives a lot of bikes. We were advised to be on their schedule more than a month in advance.
Excellent advice, particularly if you need to have the shop unpack, assemble and adjust your bike.  If you can do the reassembly yourself, a lot less notice is needed other than to be sure they have room to store the box for the few days until you arrive.  Of course if you can do the setup yourself you aren't limited to shipping it to a bike shop.
General Discussion / Re: Shipping bike to Astoria/ Logistics
« Last post by indyfabz on Today at 08:23:29 am »
If Bikes and Beyond is that busy and you are going to use them for work, I think it would be wise to get on their schedule way in advance. Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish, MT is a busy shop that, among other things, receives a lot of bikes. We were advised to be on their schedule more than a month in advance.
My planned route thus far, but there are places I would like to include and will see how it goes. I have never given Bangladesh a thought, and after your message, I have been researching it a little and feel it would be great way to go. I did fancy Myanmar too but couldn't figure out a way to work it in and the same with India, I have been to India a few times and love it, but again couldn't work a route out of India.

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This underlined part of my trip, could very much look something like this, Laos - Myanmar, India. But from there I would be unsure, as I don't like the idea of cycling through Pakistan. So how to get around Pakistan and Iran, is a problem from India maybe?

I don't know how the forum feels about adding links to personal pages, but here is my own with regard to my planned cycle for you to view. I will remove it no problem if it is not OK.
Routes / Re: TransAmerica then Pacific Coast Summer 2015 (First Tour)
« Last post by CotyH on March 01, 2015, 11:02:34 pm »
I'll be starting out early May - maybe we'll meet on the ride!
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