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Routes / Re: Newbie, Summer 2016 - where?
« Last post by planeguy5 on Today at 02:32:39 pm »
I would recommend the Pacific Northwest like the previous comment. The San Juan Islands and Western Washington are beautiful in the summer, and there's a great network of cycling routes available all over the internet. You could go from Portland to Vancouver, B.C. and take a detour to go to the San Juan Islands, Olympic Peninsula, or North Cascades for a bit. While I haven't ridden this route, I have spent a considerable amount of time backpacking and camping in the North Cascades, Olympic Coast, San Juan Islands, and Vancouver Island. They're hard to beat in the summer.
Routes / Re: Newbie, Summer 2016 - where?
« Last post by indyfabz on Today at 12:45:56 pm »
What do you consider not a lot of ground in a day, and do you want to avoid mountains?

Any transportation constraints/issues?

Will you be cooking?

If you don't want high heat and humidity that eliminates a lot of obvious places. (E.g., deep south, Midwestern places like Iowa).

Maybe the Oregon coast. Plenty of other cyclists there. It's the Oregon DOT I believe that has a nice on line guide for the route, which includes camping locations.
Hello-I'm doing the TramsAm route starting June 20 from Astoria.  I'm doing my own personal fundraiser with proceeds going to the Alzheimers Association.  I am not part of an organized group just doing this on my own with my Sister and her husband as my SAG team.  Not sure if this is what you are looking for but just giving you the information.

Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that interests me.  Do you have a web page or blog explaining your connection to Alzheimer's?  I know that MS will actually host a page for you to help you fund-raise.  Is Alzheimer's the same way?
I'm on an 11,000 mile, 2 year ride to raise awareness for MDA. (Ride between the Stars)

What's up?


TJ Forrester
I'm interested in the story behind what drives a person to do this kind of ride.  I see that you're a lifelong adventurer, and your substantial blog answers my questions.
I might be indirectly in this category.  Plan is a 2017 transam with efforts to raise funds to endow a scholarship in memory of my mother who had MS.  Honestly I'm not very good nor comfortable asking for donations so I'm still working through my thoughts/plans on this.

Good luck with your search... mark
Unfortunately, I don't have experience with the logistics of setting this kind of thing up.  Maybe someone at your bank could advise you on how to set up a proper 501c(3), so you could be a verified, tax-deductible charity.  It always looks better to me on places like GoFundMe when someone has that verified status.  I'm certain that you're sincere, of course.  Your reluctance to solicit donations is proof enough.  I think you'll find that people are astoundingly generous if you're the type that generally doesn't ask.
Routes / Newbie, Summer 2016 - where?
« Last post by Patricia49 on Today at 11:08:21 am »
Hi! I'm new to the forum and planning my first ride in about 25 years, this summer. I'll be starting around the beginning of June and hope to have all summer free - with one major hiccup I'll mention below.

My general criteria are probably predictable: not too strenuous, pretty scenery, good camping options, not too hot/humid, not too much traffic. I'll be solo so would like a route with other cyclists around. I think I want to ride pretty slow, not try to cover a lot of ground but really soak up the places I ride through.

I'm open to going pretty much anywhere in the lower 48. Now the hiccup: I have an obligation in eastern Arizona (Globe) from July 1 to 15. Maybe two different routes, one in June and one for the second part of the summer?

Thank you!

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General Discussion / Re: What type of grades to expect on Northern Tier?
« Last post by DaveB on May 05, 2016, 08:13:14 pm »
I have a Surly Disk Trucker with 48-36-26 chainring and 11-36 cassette. 

Comment on crankset.  Your crank will almost certainly take a 24 tooth inner chainring.  74 mm bolt circle diameter.  So you could change the 26 ring for a 24 tooth ring easily.  $15 and 15 minutes.  Little bit lower low gear.  Probably won't make much if any difference.  But it will be the lowest you can get with your current equipment.
His crank may be one of Shimano's "Trekking" cranks and, if so, would have 104/64 BCDs and take a 22T granny chainring.   22x36 with 700c wheels is 16.5 gear inches and you can't reasonably get any lower.
General Discussion / Hello All, Happy to be cycling again
« Last post by Prairieboy43 on May 05, 2016, 07:54:29 pm »
Hello, all New to this forum. Canadian reborn cyclist. Just happy to be riding again. Been off for a few decades. Last long tour 87 Europe/ North Africa. Enjoyed riding bike around Europe, but disliked long uphills. However the hills build character. Buddy I ride are back to cycling again in Edmonton, Alberta. Feels good to rack up 50 miles a day. We plan on a 100 miler this summer. One thing I am looking at is the purchase of a new touring bike for wife/myself. I am looking for a fast Chro/Mo bike, not Mtn bike too slow. Also anyone have experience with Rohloff hubs?
Thank You
PB43 8)
Canada / Canada EH??
« Last post by Prairieboy43 on May 05, 2016, 07:43:45 pm »
Where are all the Canadian Cyclists?? My buddy and I are cycling Edmonton trail systems. They are great along the river? Cycled Fort Saskatchewan. Good lite ride.
Anyone?? 8)
Classifieds / FS Bilenky Midland touring
« Last post by pmarkos on May 05, 2016, 03:32:16 pm »
For Sale Bilenky Midland touring bike. Frame was made in 2009, I purchased it locally in 2013 new; most of the parts were also purchased new.  Specs and geometry are bellow.  I'd like to keep the lights(might not be able to remove rear), pedals.  I can send more pics/geometry sheet if interested. 
Bike is located in Olympia Wa

Bike is very stable and comfortable.  I ride it sparingly and mostly for commuting and grocery shopping.  I've done a few mixed road rides with it, but no touring.   Paint is dark green with a gold metal flake, cream color panels, gold lined lugs and gold decals.  It looks nice, gets a lot of compliments!  Paint is in good condition, there is a chip at the bottom bracket and a few marks here and there.  Bike takes 26 wheels, it fit a 27.5*38 wheel tire combination and road nicely. 
$1,600 complete, with a Tubus Nova stainless front rack. buyer pays shipping and PayPal.
$800 Frame/Fork/Headset buyer pays shipping and PayPal.

-Frame: Bilenky 55cm frame, 1" threaded fork
-Quill stem adapter with VO 80mm stem and Highway one compact 44cm bars, Dura ace fluted seatpost
-Drive train: Dura ace 10spd downtube shifters, xt rear derailleur, Sram front, Race Face carbon 10spd cranks (170m 22,32,42), 11-36 xt cassette.
-Wheels: SON dynamo hub, WI rear, 36 spokes, laced to Velocity Aeroheat rims, Panaracer Pasela 26*1.75 wheels
-Brakes: Avid single digit, Tektro levers 
-VO fenders, stainless water bottle cages
-Tubus Cosmo stainless rear rack

TT and ST:55cm
HT: 17.7 cm
BB: 262mm

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