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Routes / Re: Circuit Tour starting in Indiana
« Last post by Pat Lamb on Today at 03:26:42 pm »
  The ST being mostly flatter and emptier, I'd think many folks manage more like 80 miles per day there.  As a 60 something non athlete I averaged about 80 miles per day there.


I'll also mention that The ST's biggest advantage is that you can do it in winter.  The scenery was kind of dismal much of the way in my opinion.  The food and people were interesting though.

Pete, do you think your dislike of the Southern Tier has anything to do with your mileage on it?  If I'm not mistaken, you averaged more daily miles on that tour than on your other rides.  You found food and people (experienced off the bike) interesting, but scenery (most of which you presumably saw on the bike) dismal.  MIght you have enjoyed your trip more if you'd taken more time?
Gear Talk / Re: Rohloff Hubs
« Last post by BikeFreak on Today at 02:05:58 pm »
12 years ago I did the great divide on a regular mtb frame with my rohloff hub. I had no problems whatsoever.

People often rightfully claim that they dont want such a complicated gear system, because you cannot fix it on the road like a derailleur system. That is very true and I understand the problem. However, the hub is so robust that it will not fail at all ... mine did not ... and I would do it again. I have never opened and serviced the hub, and would not do so if I had to do the trip again.

Try reading this post about a guy who used both the rohloff and the belt drive.

Based on his interview alone, I transformed one of my bikes into a belt driven bike and I would like to turn my Rohloff bike into the same.

When discussing negative issues:

1. There is a bit more drag in the hub, you will probably never notice it offroad, but I am sensitive and would never do a trans am on paved roads with a rohloff, because it drags a bit more.
2. In particular gears it makes a clicking noise, so it is def not silent.

Hi folks!

Anyone doing the Southern Tier from Florida to California this winter/spring? I'm looking for short term and/or long term riding companions.

I'm kind of keen to go it alone, but my poor mother claims I'm going to give her a heart attack, and I don't mind company.

Feel free to respond here or in a private message, and I'll be happy to share more information about myself and my plans.


Thanks for your quick response.  I drove up the coast in college but have not been this way since, so my knowledge of the area is very minimal.  We will be ordering the route maps from ACA and I have used them in the past with good success.  From my initial review of the California map in my atlas, there appears to be an out route via the coast and back via inland route.  By then we will have contacts in the area for local transport, so I am assuming we can start on the coast just outside of SF and head north, then come back via an inland route.  We like to wander and speed or distance is not the goal.  Camping is our preferred lodging type.  What is your take on traffic with these routes?  As this will likely be in early to mid July, do you anticipate the need for advanced reservations for camping locations?


Routes / Re: Circuit Tour starting in Indiana
« Last post by Hartman on Today at 10:35:44 am »
This information is all very helpful.  I really like not having to plot out a specific course and benefiting from the experiences of those before me.

I had two other questions that I would appreciate opinions on. 
One: where are the best places to set up camp?  A book mentioned church yards, public parks, and even cemetaries.  Can you set up where ever suits you or is there etiquette to abide by?

Two: I am interested in the pros and cons of a trailer versus panniers.  I will either be riding a '84 Fuji or '02 Bianchi, both road bike not tour bike specifically.  My thought is that a trailer would eliminate the problem of not having the rear panniers centered of the axle.  Thoughts?
General Discussion / Re: Best Time to Leave
« Last post by indyfabz on Today at 10:27:28 am »
Gear Talk / Re: Tubus Duo Front Rack on Spec. AWOL
« Last post by AKJeff on Today at 02:24:33 am »
You are correct the AWOL has only been in production since 2014.  So in 2 years (I have a 2015) of sales the number of owners is likely to be very small.  I have received evidence that a Tubus Tara will fit on my AWOL and this rack has the same weight carrying capability of the Duo.  The Tara is also lighter and has an 18 year track record of production.  I think I am going to end my pain and suffering and order a Tubus Tara for my AWOL.  BTW I will definitely make a final post to all the good folks who have replied and let them know how my build turned out.  The real proof will come from the road on test tours before I set off riding Transamerica. 
AKJeff Riding his AWOL
Gear Talk / Re: Tubus Duo Front Rack on Spec. AWOL
« Last post by Pat Lamb on December 18, 2014, 08:15:03 pm »
I had been hoping that someone who had actually mounted a Duo to an AWOL fork would respond to my queries.  I posted this question to several different forums and everyone who has kindly responded, responded with conjecture and well meaning opinion.  Somewhere out there someone has hands on experience. And if I really want the Duo I may just have to buy one and see if it will fit.

Maybe, maybe not.  I believe this was the first year of AWOL production.  You have a small population of bike owners to deal with; how many of those installed a front rack?  and of those, how many wanted a Duo?  and of those, how many frequent these online forums?

I'd guess that Wayne at the Touring Store is as likely as anyone to know if a particular Tubus rack works with a particular frame, and even he won't hear from all his customers.  (For instance, a Tara works well with my Randonee, but I expected it to, and didn't call him to tell him it was working well after I installed it.)  Hope you'll post with your experience after you've tried it.
California / Re: Local insights on loop trip from San Francisco summer 2015
« Last post by cgarch on December 18, 2014, 07:56:50 pm »
OK, I'll byte. Let's have a little more info first. Are you thinking that you will simply head up CA 1 for a few days then turn around and come back? That's one option and since you say 'coast' I presume that's exactly what you mean. If that's what you're thinking then the ACA route and stops should satisfy your needs. How far north do you want to go? Bodega Bay? Ft. Ross? What you could do is take in some side trips while headed north - Pt. Reyes comes to mind - it's a great out and back.

Or are you thinking you would like to head north, say inland first (like maybe the Napa Valley), head out to the coast, and then back to SF?

How familiar are you with the area?

I'll offer what I can based on your reply.

Santa Rosa, CA
California / Local insights on loop trip from San Francisco summer 2015
« Last post by spyle on December 18, 2014, 04:37:12 pm »

My wife and I are celebrating our 25 anniversary this summer.  I am looking for local insights on planning a 5-7 day self supported trip from San Francisco up the coast and back.  We traveled cross-country on bicycles many years ago and are looking at this trip to get us back into touring.  Your insight as to start location, common camping areas, summer traffic conditions, must see sights, etc. would be helpful.


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