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Thank you guys! I just bought that book that you recommended, and I am checking out that map. Much love from Monterey, California!!!
Perhaps this map will give you some ideas:
Routes / Re: Wild camping along US Highway 50 in Nevada
« Last post by aggie on Today at 01:51:38 pm »
In the passes where you find trees there will be areas where you can wild camp as you can get far enough off road to be unseen.  There are a few areas where you can camp free.  Middlegate station is one such place.  Just check in at the restaurant.  They are very accommodating to touring cyclists.  They also have a limited selection of food items.  There are also a couple of BLM campgrounds available but not sure if there is a charge. 
In John W. Triggs' book "America at 10 Miles Per Hour: A 17,300 Mile Bicycle Journey" (1996) he hits all 48 states in about 13 1/2 months. Not a bad read.

I have bicycled 44 states in my various tours. Someday I might hit the 4 remaining widely scattered states - Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota and Nevada.
Hey Westinghouse,
thanks for your encouragement!  I've ridden the ST twice on an upright, east to west both times - the headwinds in West Texas and NM were really bad - I hope that in that respect the trike will be an improvement.
Cheers!  Susan
General Discussion / Re: Flying with a bike . Help!
« Last post by Westinghouse on Today at 11:27:29 am »
Bicycles must be contained, box or hardshell.
On highway 20 going west in northern Florida I met a man about my age, 65, on a recumbent trike. He was going west. He was able to pass me easily with me on an upright bicycle. Trikes seem to have some advantage in reduced wind resistance. All that may be so, and I made it out to San Diego. Good ride.
General Discussion / Anouncment our NorthernTier - 06.Jun.2016 -
« Last post by intoTHEwind on Today at 11:21:36 am »

we are two cyclists (from Germany) and we bike the northern tier in 2016 (on road) . We start our tour at 06.Jun.2016 from Anacortes to Bar Harbor.  We are a couple  older than 60 years (m, f). 
Our plan is, daily 80 - 140 km to cycle .  We want comfortably cycle through the NT. Our tour is inspired by ACA "self contained". We think that we have finished our tour - start or middle of September.
If anybody want biking with us - nur zu!  ( be our guest). If any question - please contact us by mail/forum.

Best regards
Rudolf & Ursula
General Discussion / Re: Surly LHT/Disc Trucker
« Last post by CanvasAndSteel on Today at 10:07:11 am »
An addendum to my recent post. This goes into good detail on why square taper and ISIS bottom brackets, that use larger bearings, are more durable than Hollowtech, etc that use smaller bearings.

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Routes / Re: West from Pittsburgh to Ohio
« Last post by indyfabz on Today at 09:11:17 am »
March? If that's correct, be advised that the Big Savage Tunnel on the GAP has variable opening dates. It might not be open until as late as the second week in April. There is no easy work around.
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