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Gear Talk / Re: Rohloff Speedhub
« Last post by BikeFreak on Today at 07:49:05 am »
I used a Rohloff for a few years. In my opinion, it is too complex (internally), too expensive, and over rated. If anything goes wrong, it is virtually non-repairable. Recommended oil changes kits add to the cost. Using a Rohloff on an existing bike requires some undesirable compromises. Initially, the rear cable mount was on my rear brake calipers. This proved to be unreliable because water got into it, causing the rear brakes to work poorly. Also, there was too long a lever-arm that caused the mounting to get weak. Not to mention, a Rohloff on an existing bike requires a custom wheel build.

I did the continental divide trail with my rohloff speedhub. While others were cleaning their chains and adjusting their derailleurs I could relax. It did the entire trip without any problems at all. I read about people who circled the world (30000 mi) and turned the hub in for a service check up at the factory in Kassel, Germany: The hub came back with the note that no service was necessary. I have never ever heard about damaged Rohloff hub. All parts a manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and not somewhere in Taiwan or China. I admit that the hub is complex and you will never be able to fix anything if it breaks .... but it will never happen - unless you abuse it. I would have no worries whatsoever biking 10000 mi across USA with that hub. What I dont like about the hub is, that it has a slightly higher resistance - it annoys me when road biking but not a problem if going off road where the avg speed is lower.
General Discussion / Re: Transamerica trail temperatures
« Last post by walks.in2.trees on Today at 07:33:05 am » from a WEB BROWSER (not in the App) on any device
Click on the history tab... From there, you can select locations and specific calendar dates to see the stats for each (or maybe you have to choose the location before you start... It's been a while since I used it) but that's how I decided what level of cold weather gear I should buy

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Routes / Re: Getting Across South Dakota
« Last post by jamawani on Today at 01:01:32 am »
I'm guessing that you are staying at a condo in Sun Valley and another at Spring Ranch in Jackson.

But there are lot of little off-route squiggles and other routings onto nonexistent roads.
The most ridiculous - the service road to the toe of Buffalo Bill Dam - totally off limits.
Others, too. I would avoid bicycle mode in the West on RidewithGPS.
Also, make sure you are detailed enough to click on the road itself.
Yeah man, there's really not a lot of choices with the roads, especially as you get closer to Panguitch area. I'm plotting and planning, and it's coming together, but I have to say I'm nervous about getting caught at elevation if the weather gets crappy - some of the climbs take me over 7k' and if a storm rolls in, that could easily see snow and pretty serious wind. The other thing I'm worried about is being early in the season, most of the campgrounds and many of the stores / motels might be closed... But I don't want to go much later than April 1 as the Southern Tier will be a humid sordid ordeal once June rolls around... I'm hoping to get past the Florida panhandle before June and start climbing up into the Smokeys and then start grinding out to hook up with the Northern Tier during the heat of the Summer. By that time I should be able to handle the heat and whatnot anyway I'm hoping... if I get that far my physical conditioning should be starting to be pretty good. It's amazing to think just how tough of a thing it is just to get out of Utah!
Routes / Re: Getting Across South Dakota
« Last post by jamawani on February 25, 2017, 09:49:51 pm »
I hasten to remind you that GoogleMaps is not necessarily your friend - esp. in the West.
Routes / Re: Route advice - Oregon to Maine
« Last post by Howard Levitt on February 25, 2017, 08:57:28 pm »
Brian, I like your route from Sun Valley to Minneapolis.  What exactly is your route from Newport, OR to Sun Valley?  And from Minneapolis, I believe you said you will be heading southeast to Pennsylvania - is that right?  I haven't ruled out following the mapped Northern Tier route, but I'm not keen on dropping so far south (south of Chicago) just to head north again to reach Maine.

Jama, if you're still following this, based on your deep experience as a X-Ctry cyclist, what would be your dream route from Oregon or Washington to Maine, if you were starting in early June?  All the usual caveats apply - weather could affect any route, construction could exist anywhere, etc.


Routes / Re: Getting Across South Dakota
« Last post by bbarrettx on February 25, 2017, 06:56:24 pm »
This depicts much more than South Dakota but here's what I came up with based on advice from those on this thread and traffic count maps.

Will be using AC maps from Minneapolis to Buffalo.
Routes / Re: Route advice - Oregon to Maine
« Last post by bbarrettx on February 25, 2017, 06:52:26 pm »
Our starting point is being driven by rental car return locations so we decided on Newport but we'll drive down the coast from Astoria to Newport the day before we start. I hadn't realized that Santiem Pass was pretty far north so we're going to pass on Eugene and just go through Corvallis and east from there.

We're going to stop for a few days of R&R in Sun Valley. I mapped our route from there to Minneapolis. Here it is if you want to have a look.
General Discussion / Re: Transamerica trail temperatures
« Last post by jamawani on February 25, 2017, 04:49:42 pm »
Prism has monthly maps of temp hi/lo/mean & precip.
General Discussion / Transamerica trail temperatures
« Last post by Stevekeating on February 25, 2017, 04:27:08 pm »
Leaving Virginia in early may and finishing in Seattle  beginning of july  what kind of low temperatures  should I be expecting.

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