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Routes / Re: English gentleman doing San Fransisco to New York City ride - June/July 2017
« Last post by Snowy on December 04, 2016, 01:32:49 am »
Thank you once again Jamawani. Your advice and help is really appreciated.

I'm very lucky to have been to the States several times. I've walked the John Muir Trail (Yosemite to Mt Whitney) as well as had mountain bike holidays in Colorado, Utah (Moab) and California as well as family holidays there.

Your advice on routes has given me real breakthrough, so a huge, huge thank you. I spent most of yesterday plotting on maps and feel I now have the basic outline of a route that I can add detail to and develop further.

I will post soon with my plan to see if it passes quality control.......  :)

Routes / Re: Southern Tier 2017 Thread
« Last post by ZiZohn on December 03, 2016, 07:51:16 pm »
I'll be heading out from San Diego with 2 others on February 24th.

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Rocky Mountain / Vehicle parking in Jackson, WY
« Last post by BrianW on December 03, 2016, 03:53:05 pm »
Or call the National Park Service at Grand Teton NP and see if they offer long-term parking in their lots for an extended adventure. Most parks do if you ask in advance.
Rocky Mountain / Re: Vehicle parking in Jackson, WY
« Last post by Pat Lamb on December 03, 2016, 01:11:41 pm »
Economy parking at the airport?  You should be able to get a motel shuttle into town.
Rocky Mountain / Vehicle parking in Jackson, WY
« Last post by story_rtw on December 03, 2016, 01:00:17 pm »
Hi.  I plan to do a cycling tour through the Tetons and Yellowstone next year starting in Jackson, WY.  I need to leave my vehicle in Jackson for a week while I'm touring.  Can anyone recommend a place to park my vehicle for a week?  Thanks.
Thanks Snowy -

Hey, what is it that you want out of this trip?
Have you been to the States before? Do you want to hit some of the spectacular parks?
There are plenty of lodging options near the great parks - but they also tend to be sold out.
Also, the couple who run the Westwinds Motel in a small town will be glad to see you -
While the summer employee at a resort lodge will just yawn and tell you they are full.
Still, biking Going to the Sun Road - for ex. - is truly unforgettable.

For the purpose of discussion, let's say you will have from June 10th to July 20th.
June can be tricky in the American West. I've skied on fresh snow even in late June in Wyoming.
Plus, if it's been a snowy winter, there's a winter's worth of snow to melt out.

As far as the central part of the U.S. - the Great Plains - Nebraska sure beats Kansas.
On the TransAm in eastern Colorado and western Kansas you have 300+ miles of oppressive flat.
The Nebraska Sandhills are gently rolling and have much of their grass cover rather than square wheat fields.

One possibility is to fly into Seattle and take the morning ferry to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.
You can spend the afternoon tooling around the island and overnight in Friday Harbor.
(This will allow you ferry rides at the beginning and end of your trip.)
Another ferry the next a.m. will take you to Anacortes and the start of the Northern Tier.

I would suggest the Northern Tier from Anacortes to Glacier National Park.
Then US 89 makes a fine ride along the Front Range all the way down to Yellowstone. - read backwards

From Yellowstone, you could either head due east over the Bighorn Mountains to the Black Hills -
Or you could cut southeast thru Wind River Canyon to Casper and via US 20 into Nebraska. (More direct)
US 20 really is a pleasant way to cross the Great Plains - and I have ridden the Plains many times.

It's about 2150 miles from Anacortes in Washington State to Sioux City on the Missouri River.
(About 200 miles longer that the route I did this past summer)
Which would mean about 3563 miles, total, if you then did a straight short to the east coast.

ZZZZ is right about the distance between lodging in the West.
But there are some excellent place to stay 20-30-40 miles outside of the major national parks.
One way to do Yellowstone would be to stay in Gardiner - then ride to Pahaska Tepee.
Leave early when traffic is light - then spend the middle of the day hiking along Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone -
Then ride late afternoon and early evening to Pahaska - it's a wild downhill from Sylvan Pass that will peel your ears back.
(Of course, you always have to be attuned to the weather, too.)


I've ridden Nevada many times and love it - but it is extremely remote and challenging from the get go.
The Northern Tier is moderately remote, too, but with more services.
The route I took last summer misses the national parks but has plenty of services.

Just some ideas - there are many ways to slice the pie.

PS - Whether you fly into Seattle or San Fran, you will need a little time to acclimate.
Gaining 8 hours in a 10 hour flight plays tricks on your body.
So if you stay up until 9 p.m. and get up at 5 a.m. you can be raring to go.
A ferry ride and low-key day make sense on day 1.

General Discussion / What is the best to repair Ortlieb Bags???
« Last post by Biketouringhobo on December 02, 2016, 06:13:49 pm »
What is the best to repair Ortlieb Bags???

I am using Ortlieb Back Roller rear Panniers and
Ortlieb Rack Top Bag Large and the Ortlieb Rack Top
Bag is cracking at roll ends and I was thinking of using
Gear Aid Seam Grip to patch up my Ortleib Rack Top Bag
Routes / Re: English gentleman doing San Fransisco to New York City ride - June/July 2017
« Last post by zzzz on December 02, 2016, 02:48:18 pm »
Paris-Brest-Paris is a pretty stout ride, you should be fine.

I will give you a heads up about one more thing. "not camping" (aka credit card touring) in rural America, and particularly out west, can be rough on your schedule. That's the way I tour and there has been many days I had to stop at 60-70 miles when I still had plenty of gas in the tank because the next hotel was another 60-70 miles down the road. If you're not taking one of the ACA routes do lots of research before you leave of whats available in hotels or B&Bs or Warm Showers along the way. And as insurance an emergency bivvy does not take up a lot of room or weigh much and you may come to be very glad you have it.

Routes / Re: English gentleman doing San Fransisco to New York City ride - June/July 2017
« Last post by Snowy on December 02, 2016, 01:02:54 pm »
Indyfabz, that information is really, really useful and definitely gives me food for thought about my options and where/how to finish. Thank you very much.

Jamawani, WOW. What a star you are! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with me. I've had a look at your most recent trip and it looks really awesome. I love the route you took and it may even change my plan of beginning at San Fransisco. I hope you haven't 'patented' it......

I'm not planning on camping to enable me to carry less. I am used to doing long distances and back-to-back 100 mile days and have completed Paris-Brest-Paris but I haven't experienced cycling in 40C temperatures. I can understand why that would need to be avoided or at least allowances made for it. I can easily take more days to make the trip so all the information from this thread is hugely useful.

Once again, thank you.
Gear Talk / Re: (not so) Low gear on Bikepacking bikes
« Last post by zzzz on December 02, 2016, 12:43:42 pm »

I'm doing the GDMBR next year and needed an appropriate bike and I was looking for a bike w/ specs pretty similar to what you are. I've decided I'm going to have something built for me by my local frame builder but before I took that step the closest I got to finding it was the Co-Motion "Siskiyou". It's got the 650B wheels and a 20" low gear. Biggest tires it fits is 2" which is less than you wanted.

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