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General Discussion / Re: Deviation on Transam (Tenn & NC)
« Last post by Pat Lamb on January 31, 2015, 03:29:10 pm »
I'd start by looking at some of the brevets around Nashville, Asheville, and High Point (the randonneurs usually do a pretty good job scouting long distance routes), and then going to the NC bike maps to patch together a route.

For instance, combining the following can get you from Brentwood (Nashville area) to NC:

This is one route from Morrisville (Raleigh area) towards the coast at Wilmington:

North Carolina has two advantages for planning bike routes.  The Blue Ridge Parkway, though it involves a lot of climbing, is a decent route from SW to NE.  (There may be more climbing, but it's not as steep as SW Virginia and E Kentucky, maxing out at only 7%.)  And the state publishes bike maps at
General Discussion / Re: Traveling the Transam Supported by RV
« Last post by Pat Lamb on January 31, 2015, 03:07:58 pm »
Don and Suzanne Stack ended up doing about half their trip with her cycling and him driving the RV after he had an unfortunate accident.  They (mostly Suzanne) blogged it at
It may have helped that Don had experienced the western half of the trip on a bike before his accident.  Also note that they left the TransAm shortly after that, and cut south.  Nevertheless, theirs is one of the better journals I've read.
When I'm planning a tour in an area that may not be a typical bike-touring destination, I'll use Google Maps to see what legal camping options are available. Basically find a town near/on the route and search "Camping near x town". If you have a smartphone or tablet device, an app like Allstays is handy. While you have to pay a small fee for the Allstays app, the one big benefit is that it saves the information for an area you searched. This is really useful when you don't have WiFi or data coverage.
General Discussion / Re: Traveling the Transam Supported by RV
« Last post by staehpj1 on January 31, 2015, 12:55:17 pm »
Having met a few folks doing that I will comment on a couple things.

First expect to stop lots of places with no RV park.  I think you will find there will very often be no official RV sites.  In most small rural towns just parking it somewhere will work fine.  A couple that befriended us on the TA did that a lot.

Second, be aware of the disadvantages which can be significant.  You may be less welcome to stop in a lot of places hiker biker sites will be off limits.  You will meet fewer cyclists.  As soon as a motor vehicle is involved the trip changes pretty significantly.  The wives driving support that I have met were often pretty miserable and wound up harboring a fair amount of resentment.  She needs to expect a lot more boredom that you might normally think.  There will be a lot of days spent in the middle of nowhere in tiny towns where she will likely be all day with not much human contact and way too much time on her hands.

My observations of folks with a wife driving support made me WAY less likely to ever consider it myself for a long tour.
Routes / Re: Rt. 2 across North Dakota
« Last post by fredlonas on January 31, 2015, 12:03:51 am »
I really appreciate all of the feed back and I think I will forgo rt.2  After getting responses from others I think I will get the ACA map 4 running from Fargo to Dickerson, I'm going east to west, but first try rt 200 after leaving Itasca state Park, Mn. and use map 4 as a backup if 200 is to bad.
I plan on continuing on rt.200 into Missoula, Mt. then head up to Sand Point, Id.
I would appreciate any comments as this route is a work in progress.

Thank you, Fred

General Discussion / Re: Deviation on Transam (Tenn & NC)
« Last post by John Nelson on January 30, 2015, 09:47:56 pm »
How much worse will the hills be than if I stayed on the transam?
Worse? You can throw a dart at the map and find a flatter route than the TransAm.
General Discussion / Re: Traveling the Transam Supported by RV
« Last post by John Nelson on January 30, 2015, 09:46:14 pm »
Where you stop cycling for the day and where you and your wife settle into the RV for the night do not have to be the same place. Also, I assume you don't need an RV park every night. If you're sleeping in your RV, you can probably find a parking lot somewhere to park for the night.

I'd recommend that your wife research the route and find places to see on her own while you are out cycling. Driving ahead ten miles at a time is going to get really old. She can also travel ahead and find a place to spend the night. If that's too short or far for you, she can pick you up wherever you quit for the day and drop you off in that same spot the next morning. If you want to take side trips during the day together, or have lunch together, you can prearrange that and she can meet you or pick you up.

Be aware that you won't have cell coverage everywhere, so always have a default plan of where and when to meet. And be sure you carry or have access to enough food and water to get there, and carry rain gear if there's any chance of rain.

Your biggest challenge will probably be if you want to camp in Yellowstone or Grand Teton. Plan well enough so that you can reserve a camping spot ahead of time. Or just plan to spend the night outside those parks. You'll probably end up spending a night in Jeffrey City, Wyoming (or maybe Sweetwater Junction). That will likely be your most remote location. You can probably park the RV just about anywhere in Jeffrey City.
GPS Discussion / How to download the Transam route to Garmin 810
« Last post by Roger on January 30, 2015, 09:10:43 pm »
I purchased the ACA maps for the transam route and I've purchased a Garmin Edge 810.  Is there a way to download the transam route to the Garmin 810? Perhaps using both is overkill, but that's the way I thought I would go.  I cant see to find how to download the transam route. Thanks for any help you can provide.
General Discussion / Deviation on Transam (Tenn & NC)
« Last post by Roger on January 30, 2015, 09:02:40 pm »
I plan to ride the transam this summer going west to east.  I plan to following the transam for most of the trip but when I get to Kentucky I was thinking about going down through Tenn and from there straight across NC to the NC coast instead of ending in Jamestown.  I have family in both Tenn (Nashville area) and in NC (Chapel Hill area), so that's the "why".  Any suggestions on the safest route to take if I do decide to drop down to Tenn and then across NC?  How much worse will the hills be than if I stayed on the transam?  Any other advice on this is appreciated!
General Discussion / Traveling the Transam Supported by RV
« Last post by Roger on January 30, 2015, 08:57:01 pm »
I plan to ride the transam route this summer going west to east. My wife will provide my support by driving our small RV.  Have any of you tried this or know someone who has? I'm curious if anyone knows of helpful hints for our planning. There are obvious benefits (e.g. lighter load), but I know there will be challenges as I will have to make it to the next base camp. Are there going to be long sections of the transam where RV parks simply don't exist for several hundred miles? Any helpful hints are appreciated. 
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