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General Discussion / How to eradicate tribulus terrestris.
« Last post by zerodish on Today at 08:13:00 am »
Government agencies have joined forces to deal with the problem of invasive species. I have been photographing the plant on government property where wheelchairs have no choice to go. Allowing the plant to grow is an ADA violation since it is able to flatten a wheelchair tire. Since they have been nice enough to tell us the government agencies involved I will be looking for the plant on their property. Proving these agencies are unable to keep invasive species off their porperty will embarass them enough to start to deal with the problem. 
Gear Talk / Re: Parrafin heads only
« Last post by dkoloko on Today at 07:59:38 am »
I use paraffin riding locally and touring; have done so for decades. Weight of my can of paraffin is 10 oz; could reduce amount of paraffin. Application touring lasts me about 500 miles. This means for a 1000  mile tour I wax once on tour. I do not add anything to the wax. None of the previous respondents mentioned the prime advantage of wax; it came in first in what Berto called the most definitive test for chain lubricants for least drivetrain wear.
General Discussion / Re: TransAm season
« Last post by DaveB on Today at 07:45:14 am »
A caution.  Even if riding East to West and staring in mid-May, take clothes for cold (say mid-30's) conditions.  The Appalachian /Blue Ridge mountains can produce cold days and nights and even in summer and the Rockies are always unpredictable.  Don't let the Great Plains in mid-summer fool you into sending the tights, jackets, etc. home.   

The "conventional wisdom" is that the prevailing wind is from the West so many riders go West to East to take advantage of expected tailwinds.  Apparently that is a myth and the headwinds going West to East can be just as pervasive as the other way.
Gear Talk / Re: Touring-oriented bike shop in Missoula?
« Last post by Pat Lamb on Today at 06:12:20 am »
Not clear to me what you'll need done, but Hellgate Cyclery was about a block away from ACA headquarters.  They did a fine job re-truing a wheel and charged me $8, or maybe less.  Not much stock if you want anything new, but great mechanics.
General Discussion / Re: TransAm season
« Last post by Pat Lamb on Today at 06:06:34 am »
Most people riding east to west seem to start in May.  Most of the worst spring rains are usually finished by then, and then you're just trying to beat the heat in Kansas (at which we failed).  Western passes will be open when you get there.
Routes / Re: Geronimo Trail
« Last post by John Nettles on Today at 05:26:33 am »
I too am considering it for a future ride.  So far, I know it is 79 miles.  From Animas (not much there other than a cafe and CS), (BTW, nothing between Lordsburg and Animas either), the first 20 miles are paved.  At mile 28.7 is a stock pond.  At Mile 48 is a ranch or Border Patrol station (not sure which).  At mile 74 another 5 miles of pavement start.   Water may not be an issue if you can ask for some from the ever-present border patrol trucks going by.  Sorry I can't help more.
General Discussion / Re: newbie planning Belgium tour
« Last post by Galloper on Today at 05:23:43 am »
As an alternative, if you decide to buy locally have a look at:

Their bikes are inexpensive and well equipped.   
Gear Talk / Re: Parrafin heads only
« Last post by Old Guy New Hobby on Today at 04:58:26 am »
I used parafin mixed with graphite for a season. It worked well, but I gave up for reasons others have stated. In addition, I applied it by melting the parafin  / graphite on the chain in a foil pan. This required removing the chain at each lube. I did this with a removeable link. After a while, the link got loose. I lost two links on the road. Totally not worth it, IMO.
Can anyone fill me in on likely weather conditions in Mid-May on the Florence Alternate portion of the TransAm?  (This is in western Oregon). We don't want to cycle that far south along the coast before heading east if weather/road conditions aren't conducive to cycling.  Thanks...
I think it would be open and fine for the alternate portion.  It might be wetter than later though.  After you rejoin the main TA you may find McKenzie Pass still closed at that time some years.  It opened May 16 last year, but is sometimes closed into July.  It does open for bikes a bit ahead of when it opens for cars.  If it is closed Santiam pass is generally open, but it would be a shame to miss McKenzie.
Routes / Re: Sierra cascade route question
« Last post by staehpj1 on Today at 03:27:44 am »
It has a ton of climbing.  Almost certainly more than any other AC route.  It is on small remote roads a lot but not all of the way.  You will have to deal with traffic at times.  The scenery is spectacular.
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