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He might want to read this, and not just because that handsome devil next to the dog is me :):

Are you sure?  He'd probably read it on his cell phone while driving on a two lane road with no shoulders.
He might want to read this, and not just because that handsome devil next to the dog is me :):
Thank you for the info John. I was tempted to rip him as well and he certainly deserved it but I have sat on some local boards and know when I shut down down from listening to what folks had to say so I took a different approach. Hopefully he is dismissed as a "newb" by his fellow pols and this goes nowhere.

FWIW; my email below-

Dear Sir:

I have ridden my bicycle through your state many times. I live in Pennsylvania and one of the things I always notice when riding out west is the minimal road network. If you’re going to go anywhere, you’re going to be on a two lane highway. Fortunately you don’t miss the little country lanes back east because traffic is so light the vast majority of the time. As I think back on my time riding in Montana passing drivers typically have no one coming the other way when they’ve passed me or at most have to wait for one car to clear. Add that to the fact that most often there are 1/4 to 1/2 mile sight lines available, anyone who is in the least bit competent as a driver should be able to safely pass any cyclist on the road with either no or a very minimal delay.

I see you own a Harley dealership. Many thousands of motorcyclists are killed or injured every year because car and truck drivers can’t extend  an extra second or two of courtesy towards their fellow citizens who are just out enjoying what they love. Now your bill is looking to extend this intolerance. Bad move. Remember ; Two wheels forever!

Pete Meltzer
Zionsville, Pa.
Rep. Barry Usher, MT-40, is one of the sponsors of this bill.
Here is a letter I sent him:

Dear Rep. Usher - T

The anti-cycling bill (LC-2196) you are sponsoring in one of your first acts as a legislator indicates how little you know of the law as it pertains to state and federal highways. Your bill violates numerous aspects of federal highway legislation in place since at least the early 1990s. I suggest you look up multimodality and bills such as ISTEA, SAFETEA, and MAP-21. You will discover that states must include multimodal transportation options to receive federal highway funds. Failure to do so - let alone banning bicycles from a large portion of the Federal Primary and Federal Secondary systems - would result in immediate violation and a restriction or outright embargo of funds.

I have bicycled nearly every paved road in Montana from Libby to Sidney and in between - not to mention quite a few dirt roads. I know eastern Montana well, having taught at Miles Community College. The Adventure Cycling Association, one of the leading bicycling advocacy organizations, is headquartered in Missoula. I am stunned, You talk about self-reliance, but the reality is that Montana could not begin to cover the costs of its highway system without massive federal subsidies. If this bill were to pass, despite all odds, I would argue that the first funds cuts be applied to US 87 and US 12 in eastern Montana. And I would laugh as the roads crumbled.

Sincerely, John Egan Buffalo, WY


Here is his legislative email address:

I believe that in today's environment, you have to call "stupid" by its proper name - loud and clear.
"Nice" just ain't gonna cut it any more.

Various national parks restrict bicycles as RVs grow bigger every year - and ARE accommodated.
The Whittier Tunnel in Alaska used federal funds and still has no bicycle accommodations - 15 years later.

You may also wish to encourage Mr. Usher to get on a bicycle, himself.
And include this image with your encouragement.

Classifieds / Surly Disc Trucker 60cm XL
« Last post by balm426 on Today at 11:18:53 am »
2013 Surly Disc Trucker

This Disc Trucker is a 60cm frame on 700c wheels. The complete bike was built up last winter with all new parts. The only thing left stock is the front wheel and brake calipers. Everything else has been upgraded and changed in some way. It has a complete Shimano XT drivetrain, Velocity Dyad rear wheel with XT hub, Surly rear rack, fenders, Nitto handlebars, Shimano R77? bar end shifters, Schwalbe Marathon tires, etc. It is in great condition and works perfect.

The frame, fork and rear rack have all been powder coated a custom charcoal color. You won't see another one like this. The frame does have a few nicks and marks but nothing crazy. All parts are in good condition. It comes with a cheap WTB seat but I can add a Brooks B17 if needed.

$1500 obo

Located in Western North Carolina but willing to ship with bikeflights.

When the ACA offices open up in the morning maybe someone there can post how serious the chance of this being passed is and who we could write to express our feelings.

It sounds like (if it were to pass) it would make the TransAm, the L & C, GPN, and even the GDMBR unridable. I've probably ridden  a thousand miles as a tourist in Montana, bisecting it North to South and East to West, each time on ACA routes. It seams to me 90% of those miles would be described as "2 lane highway" although I can't remember which ones had a paved shoulder.

Although there are people in Montana government who have been supporting cycling, there are still many who oppose all bicycle travel. It is very unfortunate, but not at all surprising. I hope this bill doesn't pass. I live in Montana and my bike is my only transportation.

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On there is an associated bill

LC2196   Not Assigned   Requester   (C) Draft Back for Redo   01/19/2017   Restrict bicycle, pedestrian travel on certain rural highways

The detailed bil information is here:

and the current draft is here:

New language in the above draft includes
     (5) (a) A bicyclist may not ride on a two-lane highway outside the boundaries of a municipality when there is no paved shoulder on which to ride.
     (b) For the purposes of this subsection (5), "bicyclist" includes a person riding a moped."
Routes / Re: Southern Tier 2017 Thread
« Last post by MrBent on January 19, 2017, 11:49:33 pm »
I did a Google street view of some sections of this Hwy 60 workaround, and it looks pretty good, especially the Bee Line Highway--divided road and good looking shoulders.
Routes / Re: Southern Tier 2017 Thread
« Last post by Ty Dawley on January 19, 2017, 10:02:18 pm »
Just drove the section between Apache Junct. and the summit of 60 to the east.  That's some nasty riding in there.  It wouldn't be so bad going east-west because you'd be headed downhill and get through it quickly.  I saw one guy pushing his loaded bike uphill headed east.  Did not envy him.  Watch out for that bit for sure--high traffic, trucks, many places with no shoulder.  Ugh.  Might want to check into riding around the north side of the Superstitions, but that will have it's own challenges for sure.

Best of luck!  I'm feeling the need for another long tour.  Haven't been on one since 2012.


This section of US 60 is part of why we did a major reroute on the Southern Tier in late 2015: Major Route Change: Southern Tier in AZ and NM.


Hey Jennifer. I purchased my maps back in October. Is that change on the newest version of the maps or noted clearly in the printed notes that came along with them? They're already in San Diego so can't take a look. Or should I print off what you linked? Thanks!
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