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Connecting ACA Routes / Re: UGRR to TransAm
« Last post by spininin on July 28, 2014, 05:44:44 pm »
One last update on my Hwy 60 experience thru Missouri.  That shoulder is nice riding but I've had 2 flats from running over wires from truck tread belts!  This wasn't from running over the big chunks of tread you see on shoulders.  These were small pieces of wire I didn't see.  I stopped 4 times after hearing a wap-wap-wap from my tires and found small pieces of wire.  When I fixed the flats, I found small, needle-sized pieces of wire in my tire that made pin-hole punctures in my tubes.  I'm using Schwalbe Marathon Supremes (folding).
Classic hot foot--it's very common. There are dozens of possible solutions, and all are expounded on various web sites. You may have to try them one at a time to see which one works for you. For me, the solution was metatarsal buttons.

Here's one web site to start with:
Update 07/28/14 - I spoke with folks in McCall, and the Twentymile Trail has been fully cleared in the past few day by moto riders and volunteers. Trail crews are working on Bear Pete right now.

This does not mean there will not be more trees that fall in the future. Even during this riding season.

As stated on the maps, I cannot emphasize enough that all of the Singletrack Options are true backcountry epics. They are extremely difficult, and riders need to plan for encountering obstacles such as downed trees, rutted out trails, long hike-a-bikes, and moving water crossings. If those situations are in any way unappealing, I recommend not attempting any of the Singletrack Options.

The reality is, none of the Singletrack Options will ever be 100% rideable.
General Discussion / importance of componentry
« Last post by JDFlood on July 28, 2014, 03:52:58 pm »
Neil, you express a view commonly  held by value oriented people. That people with money are stupid and easily duped, as evidenced by buying top of the line stuff. But that is false, and actually probably quite the opposite. I have 6 bikes with2004 vintage triples. Two Ultegra and 4 Dura Ace STI groups with a mountain front derailure on a couple to allow smaller chain wheels. Categorically the Performance of the Dura Ace is very significantly better than the Ultegra. Period. Faster shifts, cleaner, and profoundly less pressure to shift. I have 40,000 miles on these bikes and could tell the difference with big mittens on. Generally you get what you pay for... Except maybe watches.
General Discussion / Re: importance of componentry
« Last post by ...neil... on July 28, 2014, 03:37:21 pm »
Something that has not been mentioned is the 'trickle down' effect through Shimano's product lines. Significant improvements start at the top (Dura Ace, XTR), and trickle down to the 'lower' product lines over time. This year's 105 is last year's Dura Ace, etc. Seeing as how Shimano has been doing this awhile, even the Deore/Tiagra level stuff is pretty damn good.

I've always been suspicious of those who attribute huge perfomance increases to Dura Ace/XTR over the more modest component sets. I wonder if it is a function of knowing how much they paid for those components and expecting a big return in performance. I use a mix of low- to mid-level Shimano componentry on my bikes (mostly Deore/Lx/XT/Tiagra), and never have any complaints about function. More $ gets you lighter and blingier components, but the Shimano component performance is good across the line.

Final thought: I just installed $20 Microshift deraillers with ancient Suntour friction shifters on my LHT, and the shifting is crisp and precise. Knowhing how to install, set up, and maintain shifting systems will get you more happy miles than simply buying the bling.
General Discussion / Re: suggestions for ball of feet pain from lock in pedals
« Last post by Pat Lamb on July 28, 2014, 01:20:19 pm »
Not going to email back -- you post here, I post here.

You probably need new shoes.  Either your shoes are not wide enough for your feet, such that after a few hours your feet have swollen and are being constricted by your shoes; or the soles are not stiff enough, so that the soles of your feet have to flex around the pressure point of the small pedals and cause problems.

Larger pedals might also distribute the pressure.  Shimano A530 or Crank Brothers Mallet pedals have a platform surrounding the clip that might help.
General Discussion / Re: brooks saddle break-in how long
« Last post by JDFlood on July 28, 2014, 12:53:17 pm »
The Swift is intended to be a lighter saddle for racing. Mine has titanium rails. It is not as comfortable as a B17. But much more comfortable than the Italian racing saddles.
General Discussion / suggestions for ball of feet pain from lock in pedals
« Last post by deanandeileen on July 28, 2014, 12:42:04 pm »
 My husband & I ride tandem recumbents.
One is made by Longbikes - the other - a TRIKE was made by ICE.
 My feet are on FIRE a majority of pedaling 50+ miles!
ALL health issues have been ruled out.
 We have tried to move the cleats BACK - it doesn't help! Ditto with pro orthodics & cycling sandals!
ANY suggestions please???
 Please e-mail
1,000,000 thanks!
Routes / Re: Lewis and Clark route: Traffic concerns?
« Last post by Tandem Tom on July 28, 2014, 12:23:40 am »
Yes , I know we missed going there due to the rerouting.
Ochoco Complex Fire Update - July 24, 2014
Highway 26 east of Prineville is now open to the public, with a reduced speed limit, headlights on, and no stopping in burned areas.
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