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Gear Talk / Re: I hope my new invention helps make your cycling easier!
« Last post by DaveB on March 04, 2015, 09:07:05 am »
Assuming a) you make your kickstarter goal, b) the pump head works the way it's supposed to and c) the selling price is about $25 you should be successful.  Right now by far the best pump head I know of is the Hirame but it's Presta-only and sells for $60 to $75. 
Pacific Northwest / Re: Anyone ridden the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in WA?
« Last post by Wirelizard on March 03, 2015, 11:59:24 pm »
Thanks for the detail, Julie, much appreciated, especially the location of good brewpubs!

I've just tripped over this really detailed PDF guide to biking the Columbia Gorge, with information on both the Washington & Oregon sides of the river: Not sure of the date of publication (can't find a date on the thing anywhere) but it's nice to have stuff from both sides of the river and detail like shoulder width and such.
Pacific Northwest / Re: Parking in Vancouver
« Last post by Wirelizard on March 03, 2015, 11:54:11 pm »
There's various long term parking options out near Vancouver International Airport (YVR) that you could investigate. No idea of the cost, it's not something I've ever investigated.
Routes / Re: New Rt 66 tour anyone ?
« Last post by wbst31 on March 03, 2015, 08:14:15 pm »
Yes, I am seriously looking at a fall westbound on this new route. Just ordered the map set today.

Bill Becker
Routes / Re: Hwy. 49 from St. Mary, Mt.
« Last post by indyfabz on March 03, 2015, 04:22:10 pm »
+1 on Sprague Creek or Avalanche over Apgar. Sprague Creek has tent pads in the hiker/biker area (Avalanche may, too. Never stayed there.) and is within walking distance of the lodge, where you can grab a beer and drink it by the lake while gazing at the mountains. There is also a shuttle service between Avalanche and the lodge. Not sure how late it runs. Check the official park site.

Start the climb very early to beat as much traffic as you can. I think we started from Sprague Creek at around 5:30 a.m. in 2009. Make sure you get enough food for breakfast and snacks the day before as nothing will be open so early.

The first photo I linked to was taken near the top of the climb out of St. Mary. It will get your juices flowing.
Routes / Re: Hwy. 49 from St. Mary, Mt.
« Last post by jamawani on March 03, 2015, 03:32:10 pm »
I agree with Indy about US 2 west of the park.
There is a short stretch with zero shoulders and heavy traffic.
It would be nice if Blankenship were paved all the way or shoulders were available on US 2 -
But such is not the real world in which we live.

About camping in Glacier - -
Apgar and St. Mary are like zoos with a zillion RVs.
I think one or both also tack on a "reservation" fee for hiker biker camping.
On the west side, either Sprague Creek - close to MacDonald Lodge or Avalanche - close to the Avalanche Lake rail are nice.
On the east side, Rising Sun is super - with showers available and trails and the lake just across the road.

You are not planning to go to Many Glacier - the finest road access in the park?
Lord have mercy, child! I do not know what's gotten into you.
Again, hiker/biker campsites - camp store and pizza café nearby - plus Many Glacier Lodge.

Highway 49 is steep and pretty narrow - plus US 89 has a big climb out of St. Mary but with two lanes uphill.
After that US 89 is also narrow with a good deal of summer traffic.
Still, Two Medicine is certainly worth visiting - great hikes, camp store.
Gear Talk / I hope my new invention helps make your cycling easier!
« Last post by Rapido on March 03, 2015, 03:22:29 pm »
Hello Everyone,
 I invented the Rapido Pro Pump Head in an effort to simplify the use of the common floor pump head with schrader and presta valves. I wanted to develop something with one hand functionality and I think I have achieved it. I would very much appreciate your input. I have put together a Kickstarter campaign and should have these in production by July if all goes well.
General Discussion / Re: Numbness, Tingling and Loss of strength in hand
« Last post by william101 on March 03, 2015, 01:47:57 pm »
And the bad thing is most people think recumbents are slow some are but not all. Most people think they cant climb some can some cant. Most people seem to think you got to be old or have a physical disability to ride these .Most of us don't have no disability we ride them cause more comfortable and we can actually ride more miles on them cause we don't tire as easy plus they are seen more easily by motorist . Some clubs don't want us riding with them cause we are faster in the long run than they are. Yeah maybe able to sprint fast climb faster in the short term but we rule the long term that is why they use recumbents in the race across America instead of all df yeah sore riders ride df but not many most use low racers or swb rans rockets or similar . Don't rule out something if you have never tried it I used to be a die hard diamond framer but I started thinking and exploring different options. And yes I still ride my diamond frame but my bike of choice is my recumbent for touring longer distances but if I am going off road then I will use it.
General Discussion / Re: Numbness, Tingling and Loss of strength in hand
« Last post by william101 on March 03, 2015, 01:21:43 pm »
Yes exactly that why I ride recumbents more than any bicycle :P ;)
General Discussion / Re: Cycling Around the World, but.........
« Last post by Stephen Peel on March 03, 2015, 11:25:13 am »
I did think about the Canada side first, but then wondered about visa's going into Canada, back out of Canada, and in and out 2 more times. I will have to look into that. I will look at those routes too. I have driven the Pacific Coast, and would love to go through Yellowstone. So many options at this stage, pretty exciting stuff, thanks.
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