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Routes / Re: Sierra Cascades road surfaces?
« Last post by rbeharrell on May 26, 2016, 06:13:02 pm »
That is good to hear. Thanks!
Routes / Re: Sierra Cascades road surfaces?
« Last post by JMilyko on May 26, 2016, 06:11:02 pm »
The only unpaved sections I am aware of on the Sierra Cascades route would be on options or alternates. There is no gravel required for completing the entire route.

Routes / Sierra Cascades road surfaces?
« Last post by rbeharrell on May 26, 2016, 05:56:33 pm »
Hi there

What are the road surfaces along this route? Is it all paved or are there some gravel or dirt roads?

I am planning to do it on a folding bike with small wheels so anything rougher than smooth, hardpacked dirt with a bit of fine gravel would be problematic.
Food Talk / Re: Eating well on tour.
« Last post by Storming on May 26, 2016, 10:00:08 am »
Corny helps out quite well!
Routes / Durango to Grand Canyon, Utah, California
« Last post by extrackie on May 26, 2016, 01:52:02 am »
Hello! I'm soon to head out on the GDMBR (touring, not racing!) and I have 3 months before I need to fly out of America. When the Great Divide crosses over with the Colorado trail, I'm tempted to stay on it down to Durango then ride across to the South rim of the Grand Canyon, ride around S rim to N rim, up to Utah to see some of the National Parks people have been telling me so much about and ultimately back down through California. Does anyone know what the roads are like from Durango across to the Grand Canyon? And is it safe to ride around the rim- what are food supplies like? Also, any suggested routes to take. I'm on a mtb but pretty happy to do a fair few miles a day (but not so many that I can't enjoy all the scenery and fun little side trips/activities along the way!). I'm flying out of LA at the end of August so really can catch a link flight from wherever I end up- so many options!!

Thanks! Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Classifieds / Velo Orange Piolet Bikepacker
« Last post by Dad2TnR on May 25, 2016, 10:19:11 pm »
Posting up my Velo Orange Piolet bikepacking rig to see if there's interest.  It's a really cool frameset capable of fitting 29, 27.5+ and 29+ wheels comfortably in the front and back.

I currently have it setup as follows:

- Medium frame and fork
- Salsa Semi 29er rims laced to Chin Hauer hibs (same manufacturer as WTB Laserdisc hubs)
- XT 2x10 crankset with 170 mm arms and 38T/28T rings
- New XT rear derailleur (non-clutch)
- SLX front derailler
- Dura Ace barend shifters mated to Paul Thumbies
- Jones Loop H-bar (660mm)
- Velo Orange stem (80mm)
- BB7 disc brakes
- Ergon GC1 BioKork grips for sweptback bars
- Ahern bottle opener/headset spacer
- Cane Creek 40 headset
- Thomson setback seatpost
- Salsa Minimalist front rack
- XT cassette (can't remember if it is 11-34T or 11-36T)

Saddle and pedals are not included.  Picture shows Schwalbe Big Apple tires, but the bike will come with a newish set of WTB Nanos.

All in all, the bike is in fantastic to new condition and has seen few miles - bought to use as a townie bike, but my neck of the woods isn't great for road riding.  I prefer to stay on the trails. All components/accessories are silver which makes for a sweet and classy look.

Asking $1,150 OBO.
General Discussion / Re: Aggressive Drivers During Transamerica?
« Last post by zzzz on May 25, 2016, 08:33:07 pm »
You have my empathy. I frequently wonder if my practiced indiffirence to traffic could survive after getting tagged by a car. That said, going for a ride, whether it's near home or on a tour is always an act of faith. Today is not the day I will be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I will warn you about one place though, and it's really a shame, Yellowstone. The fact that one of the most iconic of the national parks is such an awful place to ride should be considered a scandal. The roads are narrow, not much shoulder, frequently 3-4' drop offs right where the pavement ends, and RV after RV after RV. I'm not telling you to skip it but you may want to make a point of getting your riding done early in the day before traffic builds.

General Discussion / Re: Aggressive Drivers During Transamerica?
« Last post by canalligators on May 25, 2016, 02:53:53 pm »
I almost agree with the statement that aggressive drivers will be found randomly, but some areas are more likely to have them.  As a generalization, I have found suburban drivers to be most likely to be intolerant.  City drivers and country drivers less so.  But this is just a generalization.

Situations may dictate issues.  You might find a high volume highway that suddenly loses its shoulder, a state highway connecting two expressways, things like that.  Or times of day - quitting time around industrial sites, and the previously mentioned prime drunk driving times. 

And oddly enough, states with a lot of paved shoulder mileage can have issues on roads where there are none.  It's almost like the drivers don't know what to do, and the thought of actually slowing down or timing their passage just doesn't occur to them.  On the other hand, I've seen states with no paved shoulders that treat cyclists well, I'll cite Massachusetts here, and most of the Northern Tier states west of the Great Lakes.  Highways with very narrow areas right of the fog line are dangerous, some motorists expect you to stay over there even if they're passing with less than a foot of clearance - learn the best lane positioning practice.  (The Pennsylvania Bike Drivers Manual is excellent, see chapter 2).

Have a great trip!
General Discussion / Re: Look for 2 month bike trip in the USA this summer
« Last post by zzzz on May 25, 2016, 01:02:51 pm »
I should have been more careful. I originally read your tour as starting in SLC.

To give you some help on your specific questions:

• Many places you will be passing thru do not have houses dotting the landscape between towns so knocking on someone's door to see if you can pitch a tent is frequently not an option. And when your in town there's frequently camping available.

• You may want to download an app on your phone called "AllStays" as it seams to list every campground in the US.

• Encounters with dangerous wildlife (bears) once you're south of the Tetons are pretty unlikely. And actually pretty unlikely when you're there as well. Take the normal precautions and then put it out of your mind.

• The route on your last post makes the most directional sense to me. Go due south from SLC to Zion (via Cedar Breaks/ Cedar City?) then Bryce, Grand Staircase, Capital Reef, Moab all  lay out in succession. Rent a car in Moab and go south from there to the Arizona stuff.

As for the Grand Canyon and particularly the South Rim, you will be a spec in part of a teaming mass of humanity. I still found it to be worth it. And if you decide to hike to the bottom you will be almost all by yourself until you get within a mile of the top. It's about 10 miles down and 4500' so a 20 mile day with 9000' of elevation change. And as they say "going down is optional, coming back up is mandatory".


Gear Talk / Re: bike suggestion
« Last post by paddleboy17 on May 25, 2016, 12:12:30 pm »
Lots of discussion on this site already if you would invest in the search provisions...
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