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Routes / Re: Southern tier in the summer time
« Last post by staehpj1 on May 28, 2015, 07:55:28 pm »
I did the ST starting in February and wouldn't even consider doing the ST in Summer myself.  If you like hot weather you might be happy doing it in Summer, but it sounds pretty awful to me.  Personally the only reason I did the ST was because it was something I could do in the Winter.  I found the scenery kind of boring the large majority of the way.  The food and the people helped make up for the scenery though.

The TA was hot enough in Summer.
Routes / Re: Is the Lost Coast Alternate worth it ?
« Last post by BJohnson on May 28, 2015, 05:24:19 pm »
Thank you for replying to my post cg, I think I will decide it on-the -road, it will at least add 1 more day to my trip but its exciting. And not only that, it has the biggest climb then from Honeydew over to Avenue of the Giants over 2500ft. Thank you again. Anyone else here who can comment on the Lost Coast ?
Alaska/Hawaii / Dalton Highway Closure
« Last post by janetanorth on May 28, 2015, 05:01:29 pm »
5/2015: the Dalton Highway is closed indefinitely from mile 334-415 due to serious flooding and damage. Please check the conditions before you set out for Prudhoe Bay:
General Discussion / Re: Pan-America bike tour starting from Prudhoe Bay.
« Last post by janetanorth on May 28, 2015, 04:52:16 pm »
the Daltpn Highway is currently closed from mile 334-415 due to extensive flooding, with no plan to be reopened soon. you can follow the progress at: www
you might consider cycling across the Denali Highway, or heading down to Whittier and catching the ferry to Valdez.
Routes / Southern tier in the summer time
« Last post by jbocrie on May 28, 2015, 04:47:34 pm »
I am thinking about biking the Southern Tier this summer from west to east. Has anyone tried this in the heat of the summer? Jerry
Routes / Re: Is the Lost Coast Alternate worth it ?
« Last post by cgarch on May 28, 2015, 04:41:39 pm »
If you've got the legs, the alternate is worth it. Very little traffic, gorgeous coastal views. Camping is available at the county park and Albee Creek SP. Supplies at Petrolia. Get real close to one of the most seismically active spots in the continental US - the Mendocino Triple junction is just off the coast. It has far more climbing (some of it very steep at 16-20%) than the inland 101 route, but more remote. The route is part of the Tour of the Unknown Coast in May. Disclaimer - i have ridden portions of it but not as part of a loaded tour - I just live in the area and have traveled it. Probably will add a day or two to your time, depending on how much you linger. You will still get plenty of miles riding Avenue of the Giants south.

There is road construction along US 101 in Lincoln City between SE 23rd and SW 35th Streets.  The road should stay open, but if traffic and conditions seem unsafe to ride through, here is an alternate to get around most of the construction:

For more information, see:
Routes / Re: Foreigner needs assistance with epic solo bike trip.
« Last post by indyfabz on May 28, 2015, 02:06:18 pm »
Here is an older thread on this forum with some notes from someone who did the loop:

Where does the time go? I have the map for years and keep saying I am going to do it. Problem now is that we are a one car household right now. Heading to South Dakota next month for a trip through the Black Hills and NW Nebraska instead.
International / Re: Heathrow Airport to ...............
« Last post by o2tour on May 28, 2015, 02:00:41 pm »
Lets make this simpler! Coming in on an international flight can you bicycle out of Heathrow Airport? Looking at Google maps not sure.
Just a heads up to current TransAmers, the roads are apparently still closed and will remain closed until June 11 according to the NPS website.

Bumped into a cyclist who'd just been through and he said it was a total shambles. The Rangers were rude and said they 'couldn't help cyclists' and when he approached another, was told to 'get out of here'.

We'll see how we fare in a week when we get there but from the sound of it, we aren't expecting much help from the NPS!
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