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Gear Talk / Re: Sources for Ultra Violent Protective Clothing
« Last post by Nard on February 23, 2017, 07:12:07 pm »
I bought a bright orange and yellow green long sleeve t shirt from Amazon, made by Hanes. These are SPF 50, bright colored, wash out easy, light for wearing in hot weather( have used it in 90 degree days), and I never want to wear a cotton long sleeve or short sleeve t shirt again. Love thess and they cost 10.00 each.
Routes / Re: Route advice - Oregon to Maine
« Last post by bbarrettx on February 23, 2017, 05:36:13 pm »
You and I are looking to do about the same route except I'll finish in NJ so will make my way SE from Niagara Falls area. Jamawani has given me some solid advice in terms of SD routing and I believe it's his route from Yellowstone through to Devil's Tower I'll be following. Headed out of Badlands he's suggesting a series of roads on the north side of 90. Basically 14 and 34 and some smaller county roads W and E of Huron. This has me exiting into MN NE of Brookings on Rt 30 which becomes 19 in MN. 23 looks like a nice diagonal road to take NE and then Rt 11 (unmarked on my road atlas) just north of 212 seems like a quiet road. In Hutchinson there's a rail trail called the Luce Line Trail which takes you either to Minneapolis or the western suburbs. Let me know if you come up with anything better. Cheers - Brian
Routes / Re: Getting Across South Dakota
« Last post by bbarrettx on February 23, 2017, 05:05:30 pm »
We'll be running 32's. We'll give Sage Creek and 26 in OR a go. Thanks for your input. Great info.
Routes / Re: Getting Across South Dakota
« Last post by jamawani on February 23, 2017, 04:43:34 pm »

I would hate to ride westbound on US 26 from Ontario to Austin Jct. - but eastbound is super.
Some killer downhills and, usually, a tailwind. It'll take 20 years off your face.
In 2015 I didn't get the prevailing tailwind, but the time before I was coasting in my big ring.
It really is one of the finest rides in eastern Oregon. And there is almost zero traffic until Vale.

There's a lodge at Austin Jct., store & cafe at Unity, nothing at Ironside, store long closed at Brogan but park with water, store at Willowcreek.
There's also a lovely back road along the bluffs from Vale to Ontario - much nicer than busy US 26.

(The TransAm section is fine - longer by 50+ miles - but Hwy 55 riding should be the minimum.)

About ID 55 - it has few shoulders and pretty heavy traffic.
As with all roads, it has different traffic levels depending on month, day, hour.
Much of the traffic is recreational - and not much commuter.

June - 8000; July 10,000 - - Neither is good.
Weekends have almost twice as much traffic as early weekdays.
Friday afternoon/eve and Sunday afternoons are the worst.
7:00a traffic is low every day (200 per hr) 7:00p traffic is low M, T, W (300 per hr)

This is why you get some people on websites saying - "That road was no problem."
While others say, "It was a death trap."


About Sage Creek Rd - How skinny will your tires be? Touring width? 32s or larger? I didn't have any problem with 1 3/8s. (35)
Of course, if there's a big storm, that's different. But the road is probably best 12 hours after a rain. Solid, not too much dust.
The scenery is muted - maybe one or two cars an hour - so you are not in trouble if something goes wrong.
And it allows you to ride the entire main road thru the park. Evening and early morning are best light.

Routes / Re: Cherry Springs State Park, Pa
« Last post by indyfabz on February 23, 2017, 04:13:34 pm »
HBG up the east side of the river has some dicey sections, including one on busy U.S. 322 that's actually part of a PA signed bike route.

I have Ride With GPS maps from a tour I did from OH to Philly back in 2014. Going west, you'd take the SRT to Mont Clare/Phoenixville and then head into Lancaster County. Next day would be Red Run Campground in LanCo to near Heggins, PA (camping up a decent climb east of town). Then to Bloomsburg (camping in Rupert, just outside of Bloomsburg) via Ashland and the infamous Centralia. West from there to Danville. Lots of climbing in places, especially in Schuykill County.

I also have mapped out a route that I have yet to ride that links Danville to the Pine Creek Trail in Jersey Shore, PA that is part of a cross-PA ride I have been toying with. You could jump off Pine Creek in Waterville and take PA 44 up to the park. Probably a hell of a climb and likely few or no services between the Jersey Shore area and the park.
Routes / Re: Hi Everyone! First Timer Cross Country Rider - ROUTES NEEDED
« Last post by bbarrettx on February 23, 2017, 04:11:07 pm »
As for routes, I've toured much of S Utah from St George to Moab. I've also driven those roads around Lake Powell and it's pretty desolate. I'd avoid the Wasatch to make things easy early on. Looks like 28 to 89. Great time of year to visit Bryce and Zion and then head over to Page as the N Rim of the Grand Canyon will still be closed. As a semi loop option 24 to 12 will give you some awesome scenery if you have some time to spare but that climb out of Boulder will be a real grind. You probably want to check out the S Rim and Sedona on your way to Phoenix as well. Not a lot of different options in terms of roads. Good luck and enjoy!
Routes / Re: Getting Across South Dakota
« Last post by bbarrettx on February 23, 2017, 03:27:47 pm »
Thanks again for all the detailed info. Sold on the SD suggestions re Spearfish to Cheyenne Junction to Nemo to Badlands. Let me know about that dirt road that crosses the park to 240. I abandoned my road bike for 25 years to ride dirt but I'll be back on a road bike. If it's reasonable hard pack that I can cover with skinny tires then game on.

Jamawani, I hadn't really considered 26 in OR as a route to Stanley but it looks like a reasonable option. Was just going to follow Transam through Hells Canyon and then 95n/55s. If you're familiar with both routes from a touring perspective and are suggesting 26 over the other then that's the way we'll go. Sounds like 55 has a ton off traffic and bad shoulders. Any other insights regarding those two options?

Routes / Re: Hi Everyone! First Timer Cross Country Rider - ROUTES NEEDED
« Last post by Slowroll on February 23, 2017, 03:20:36 pm »
Hi everyone!
Hey, I learned about a really great map tool while doing some research and I want to share it with you all. I'm getting some really great advice on how to set up searches, etc. and it's been super helpful - this map tool was found while doing a search for AADT info for Utah.

Check it out:
Routes / Re: Cherry Springs State Park, Pa
« Last post by robsss on February 23, 2017, 03:15:55 pm »
Thanks for the tips! As of right now, I've just put it into google maps, which puts me on the Schyulkill River Trail to Reading, from there to Harrisburg, then up the Susquehanna River for most of the rest of the ride. Was hoping someone out there had done some of this and maybe has some advice on routes.
Pacific Coast Route-Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge: Closed
US 1 Cabrillo Hwy: Big Sur, CA

Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Near Big Sur ‘Beyond Repair

updates also on my Group "Pacific Coast Route"
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