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Routes / Re: Another way to cope with dogs
« Last post by bikemig on January 16, 2017, 09:57:48 am »
I grew up in the South. There's no doubt that the dog issue was tough in rural Louisiana. I have yet to have an issue on gravel roads in Iowa.

But it's no easy thing to reroute the Trans Am; that is such a famous and iconic ride.
Routes / Re: Great Divide Question
« Last post by mathieu on January 16, 2017, 09:47:57 am »
Read the discussion on
My guess is that you could ride the route from Antelope Wells to Cuba, but the Polvedera Mesa and Brazos Ridge will probably be covered in snow. Check on the 'Snow Cover' link.
Routes / Re: Another way to cope with dogs
« Last post by MrBent on January 15, 2017, 11:32:51 pm »
+++++++ for Monroeville!  Boy, did I have a great couple of nights in that town.  Such wonderful people, great place to hang, super library.  After reading about the dogs and coal trucks and nasty roads, I've no desire to pedal Kentucky.
Routes / Re: Tour de SRAM USA 2017- unique cross-country route
« Last post by MrBent on January 15, 2017, 11:29:22 pm »
Huh, just looked at that Mojave section.  Yeah, Jamawani is correct.  Looks like a crazy Google map job.  I've crossed the Mojave multiple times.  Your route that leads into the heart of the East Mojave Preserve is on some very obscure, waterless dirt track.  Are you aware of that?  I'd only consider that in VERY cool temps and then have to carry a ton of water and cover a lot of miles quickly, somewhat difficult on sometimes sandy tracks.  Water is available in Kelso.  Methinks you've got a lot of research still to do.
Routes / Re: Tour de SRAM USA 2017- unique cross-country route
« Last post by jamawani on January 15, 2017, 09:56:02 pm »
Are you using Google Maps? Because it is not your friend.

Just a quick peek indicates you are routing yourself on some dirt, remote roads in New Mex.
Also, they are on Navajo tribal lands with access only to tribal members or with a permit.
Google Maps doesn't know these things.

I agree that all that I-40 riding will suck. Plus the service roads along I-70.
A snout full of fumes and the constant roar of traffic.



What the heck are you planning on doing in the eastern Mojave - from dirt road to two track in summer heat?
Why aren't you using Old Route 66 in western Ariz then Hwy 64 up to Grand Canyon and Hwy 264?
You cannot bicycle over Mosca Pass - the trail is foot only. You can do Medano Pass further north.
But do you know what you are getting into?

I am very concerned that you are an Easterner without a clue about the West.
That is a recipe for serious, serious trouble.
Routes / Re: Another way to cope with dogs
« Last post by jamawani on January 15, 2017, 08:30:54 pm »
I agree.

Now that June Curry is gone, there is little reason to traverse the hills and hollers of Kentucky and Virginia.
Anyhoo, you don't even end up on the Atlantic, but on the river bank in Yorktown.

Since most people tour in the summer, I think it makes far more sense to ride thru the Midwest.
Monroeville, Indiana is probably the most welcoming town for cyclists in America.

I've got more than 100K miles riding - mostly touring - and have ridden most routes. (More than once)
Midwestern towns are more open and tolerant - and the dog issue is rare on rural roads.
I remember one time in Mississippi, the owners actually laughed as their dogs tore after me.
And, now, Appalachia is facing an epidemic of prescription drug abuse - it's just depressing.
(Sadly, I have seen the "Appalachification" of Midwestern towns over 30 years as they lose jobs and hope.)

And Nebraska beats Kansas hands down for touring across the Great Plains -
Sandhills gently curved roads vs. 200 miles of straight and flat.
Just my 2c.

Pic - On the historic Old Trail Road in northern Indiana

Routes / Another way to cope with dogs
« Last post by hirundo on January 15, 2017, 06:12:15 pm »
The issue of dogs in eastern Kentucky has been around for years and countless solutions have been offered. Shooting, kicking, useing mace, standing your ground, yelling, out racing them, etc. have all been suggested.
My modest propasal is to avoid the state entirely. Reroute the transam to more friendly climes.  I see no adventure in being attacked by dogs or their owners pissed off over a pet with a faceful of mace.
When my family of runners and cyclists found ourselves regularly
chased or threatened by dogs in our rural area and the sheriff did nothing and typical responses were ineffective,  we just avoided that route.  I have no idea of the economic impact of x numbers of touring cyclists passing through any one patch of Kentucky might be, but perhaps a publicly voiced threat of avoiding the area might offer some results. The powers that be in the ACA might want to speak up.
Urban Cycling / Re: Bike tracks like this one?
« Last post by madonarosy on January 15, 2017, 05:30:06 pm »
what you mention here Bike tracks or Track cycling ? interesting topic . you know 3o cycle trails and bike tracks available in Peninsula .. Although I dont know the details about bike track , I am looking for a  best hybrid bikes and while i am searching this forum i got your post . I am following your post for getting more information .
GPS Discussion / Easytrails App - Loading tracks
« Last post by ptr52 on January 15, 2017, 04:50:21 pm »
Sorry if this has been dealt with elsewhere, I did search but could not find anything relevant.
I have purchased the Section 4 and 5 Pacific Coast digital maps and I can view them successfully using the free GPX Viewer app on my Android Phone.
My daughter bought me an IPAD 2 for Christmas and I would like to view the maps on the IPAD, but GPX Viewer does not seem to be offered for IOS devices, so I have downloaded the recommended Easytrails app onto the IPAD, (free version) however, I cannot see how to load the digital gpx files from the ACA. Can anyone tell me:
1. Does the free version of Easytrails let you load tracks?
2. If it does, can someone give me a clue as to how it works.
Many Thanks
Its always the simple ideas Lucy..
I think if i make my tent more cosy i might sleep better!
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