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I think most travellers who finish a long trip such as the transam become emotionally attached to their bike. And would never sell it :-)
Classifieds / Southern Tier Maps 1 2 3 Wanted
« Last post by dayjack119 on July 23, 2016, 04:55:01 pm »
Southern Tier Maps 1 2 3 Wanted  - Don't care if they are beat up.
Classifieds / Cannondale Old World Panniers $50
« Last post by bent4me on July 23, 2016, 02:51:16 pm »
Great for around town and errands.
Holds shape when empty.
Very good condition
Local pickup only
Englishtown, NJ for pics and more info
Classifieds / Arkel T42 Panniers $50
« Last post by bent4me on July 23, 2016, 02:48:31 pm »
Very good condition used on a few tours.
Cam lock mount.
Local pickup only.
Englishtown, NJ for pics and more info.
California / Re: PC BIKE ROUTE
« Last post by walks.in2.trees on July 23, 2016, 01:09:49 pm »
I think Google routes bikes away from car traffic whenever possible. That might make sense sometimes but not here. Your right about Pigeon Point not to mention Hwy 1 Brewery!
Yeah Google does weird things like that, but usually there's a reason behind it...
If you have bike paths prioritized, for example.


Even in a car you should always fully preview the route, especially the destination, no matter what device or software you're using for GPS travel.

I use it for work so much that if there was a Google maps certification, I would be considered an expert.  There's times it wanted me to take side streets that run parallel to the main route for some reason... Possibly to avoid making the final left turn across traffic...I ignored it of course, because I had previewed my route first.

One of our drivers used a Garmin GPS and it took us in a loop past our destination and back around on itself... The sad part is, If I didn't say something, she would have just kept following it blindly around the loop.

Where possible, with Google maps use the BUSINESS NAME that's at, next to, or nearby the destination address rather than the address itself. for example use "SHERMAN DENTISTRY, Sydney, AU"... Not "42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, AU"

OR.  if your going to YANKEE CANDLE but YANKEE CANDLE isn't listed, but the sub shop next door is, use the sub shop next door as your destination.

If you're going to a mall store, usually it's not finding the mall that's the problem, but what entrance to use...turn off the satellite view and Google will show you all of the individual mall stores, and let you toggle which floor you're looking at. Most of the time, businesses are pinned exactly, although, I wish they'd put the pin at the entrance, not in the middle of the building or at the entrance to the parking lot.

In Poughkeepsie, NY,  the address for Kohl's is blahblah South RD. But  Google maps places the pin for that address about 5 miles past the actual address... But if you use "KOHL'S Poughkeepsie NY"... It takes you right there

Also, for cycling, satellite view uses a LOT of data and battery. I only use it to help verify my destination while setting up my route because you can see parking lot layouts and recognize certain stores in satellite imagery. The other way I verify my destination is with street view, and there are times I'll spend half an hour or more going up and down a street in street view because Google blurs out all the house numbers and it placed my destination in the wrong spot.

By the way, as a further example, even though I've submitted an edit to fix my house address on Google maps, it still places you up the street at the corner if you search for my address as your destination. (Note too that when I submitted a correction to a business address that was not owned by me, it was adjusted the by the following day)

too, now you can add additional stops to your route, so you can use that to force it to create a route that goes the way you want to go by adding a stop at a mapped pin if it doesn't offer that way as an alternate route. so for example in your case, add the lighthouse or the brewery as an additional stop and it should adjust the route to cover that.

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International / Re: Loire Cycling
« Last post by dombrosk on July 23, 2016, 11:04:48 am »
For future readers searching this thread, I want to share my experiences now that I'm back from my trip.

Usually I take my own bike to Europe and handle the trip planning... this time I wanted a local source to provide bikes for my wife and I, along with routing, reservations, and luggage transfer.  We did not want to travel with a group, which eliminated quite a few options (and saved a pile of money).

We ended up using "Detours de Loire" and were very happy with the results.

They offer a variety of pre-planned routes.  We went with the 7 day "Wonders of the Loire Valley" with an extra night tacked on at the start for arrival and settling in.

The route started in Blois and ended in Saumur.  We arranged on our own to spend three nights in Saumur at the B&B Casanova (great place)

Compared to simply following the Loire Cycle Path, this company provided a lot more variety, getting us off the river up into small villages that we might not have discovered. The hotel arrangements were fine and the luggage transfer was a treat.

I've bike toured a lot in the U.S., Germany, and the Netherlands.  This was a great addition to the travel experiences... in particular the food really was spectacular.  The people were extremely friendly... my German isn't bad but my French is extremely limited... but never a problem.  A phrase book--- especially the menu section--- came in handy.

For travelling from the U.S. it was easy to fly into Paris and take the train down to Blois, and  delightful to spend time  in Paris after the bike tour.  And as much as I love travelling with my own bike and kit, it was liberating to hand in the bikes and then box up our bike clothing to ship home, thereby lightening our load.
The July 21, 2016 severe thunderstorms produced downed trees that has either closed or made bicycle difficult on portions of the Paul Bunyan Trail. Please view¬
Personally, I find no difficulty shifting on the road, off road, uphill, downhill, or any other time on my bikes with thumb shifters, bar ends or downtube shifters. I guess that's why I don't see any advantage to integrated shifters.

Of course, YMMV.

Enjoy the ride,
California / Re: PC BIKE ROUTE
« Last post by Rubicon on July 22, 2016, 05:38:48 pm »
I think Google routes bikes away from car traffic whenever possible. That might make sense sometimes but not here. Your right about Pigeon Point not to mention Hwy 1 Brewery!
Corridor 90 Implementation / Re: Corridor 90
« Last post by Rubicon on July 22, 2016, 05:23:13 pm »
Thanks for the link. This all new to me.
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