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Routes / Re: Transamerica route question
« Last post by currinbrandon on March 23, 2017, 02:02:46 pm »
I keep getting more information and reevaluating my clothes list.. Which isn't a bad thing.. I am going on a really long trip, TA, PCH, southern tier, east coast down and back up to the north then the northern tier

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Routes / Re: Transamerica route question
« Last post by indyfabz on March 23, 2017, 01:57:23 pm »
Jeans?  :o As other have said, don't go there.

Here is what I have been packing when I am touring in areas with a good chance of wide ranging conditions, including morning temps around freezing:

Synthetic, convertible (i.e., zip-off legs) pants
Synthetic t-shirt (might consider 2 for a x-country tour)
Underwear (2)
Warm, wool socks
Very light pair of sandals from PayLess
Long sleeve, synthetic pull over with hood that I wound on the side of the rode last year  ;D
Long John bottoms
Warm hat

Short sleeve jersey (2)
Bib shorts (2)
Short socks (2)
Arm and leg warmers
Rain pants
Rain jacket
Wool base layer
Long sleeve jersey
Short gloves
Polypro glove liners
Cold weather gloves
Skull cap that can be worn under the helmet
Gear Talk / Re: 48 tooth gear on a triple chainring?
« Last post by etsisk on March 23, 2017, 01:22:27 pm »
Thanks for that info! I've tried, and failed, to clear up that I'm not interested in changing to a 48, just curious as to the assessment that it was a "bad idea" and wondering if others agreed and why. Sorry for the miscommunication. The fault is entirely mine. But I hadn't heard/didn't know about the minimum tooth difference spec, so I've learned something else important!

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Gear Talk / Advice on Lower Gearing
« Last post by mkmiller91 on March 23, 2017, 01:01:35 pm »
Was looking into upgrading my cassette and rear derailleur to get some lower gears. I have very minimal knowledge of this and was looking for some advice. My current setup is a Cannondale Caad 8 with a Shimano 105 5700 rear derailleur and a Shimano Tiagra 4600 12-28 10 speed cassette. My crankset is an FSA 50/34. Was looking into getting a cassette with about a 32T max and wanted to know if a rear derailleur that has a recommended max cog of 30T would still be ok. I read somewhere that you can go over the max recommendations but I just wanted to be sure. I found a Shimano Tiagra 4601 RD with a max 30T cog. Thank you for any help or info!
Gear Talk / Re: 48 tooth gear on a triple chainring?
« Last post by DaveB on March 23, 2017, 12:14:47 pm »
Pat has it right that over thinking equipment choices can be a needless distraction but there is one real reason a 48T chainring probably won't work on your crank.  Your current 52/42 chainrings are 10 teeth apart.  Changing to a 48T will give you only a 4 tooth separation and your front derailleur cage's inner plate will hit the 42T chainring if the derailleur is positioned properly over the 48T chainring.   Front derailleurs have a "minimum tooth difference" specification and I'm nearly certain yours requires more than 4 teeth. 

In the past, there were front derailleurs that had shallow inner plates and would work with "half-step" crank gearing but they are no longer common.
Routes / Re: Transamerica route question
« Last post by etsisk on March 23, 2017, 11:22:35 am »
I will usually carry two pair bike shorts, a pair of stretch cargo shorts to wear over the bike shorts if presentability is important, a ss bike shirt, a long sleeve ultralight cool tech hoodie, a med weight merino hoodie, a pair of lightweight poly travel pants and a similar shirt, a fleece, a wind shirt, rain gear, and a hat of some persuasion, depending on the weather. If you don't have hair you need a hat. I, well, I have a hat. 😞

I also take a couple pair of quick dry travel undies and three pair of socks, one orange non-working and 2 merino. Wool isn't hot and it doesn't smell, so it works well for socks and shirts.

I want to be ok dry, wet, hot, cold. Or any combo thereof. I've been cold and wet and after a while I got numb and stupid, so I'll carry enough to be warm and dryish. Or at least warm. :/
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Routes / Re: Transamerica route question
« Last post by Bclayden on March 23, 2017, 10:54:08 am »
Agreed. Ditch the jeans and find a lightweight alternative. 1 set is all you will need. You will be fine traveling with 2 days worth of riding and street clothes and do the washing every other day. Easy to find coin-op laundry places in nearly every town.

I pack 1 set of shorts with the zip-on/off legs made of synthetic lightweight material. The kind hikers wear. Most of my touring is in warm places or during summer and I only had to bust out the long legs 1 time in past 5 years. Stylish? Perhaps not, but functional.

I only pack shirts, 1 long sleeve and 2 short sleeve, made of dry-wicking synthetic material. The sort runners wear. Lightweight, compact, fast drying and the material does not absorb odors so less washing. Also, does not wrinkle.

What about your street shoes?  I tour with a pair of flip-flops  Super lightweight, compact, and fine for most occasions in my world but not everyone's cup of tea.

I suppose everyone has their own way of packing and will figure out what works best for you once you head out on the road.

Less is more! 

Gear Talk / Re: 48 tooth gear on a triple chainring?
« Last post by etsisk on March 23, 2017, 10:30:18 am »
I appreciate that! I've had the bike built for a year or two and have done 2 or more short tours each year with it. I'm actually happy about it and confident about it. But I know there's a lot I don't know, so I figured I would explore that assessment and see what other folks thought about it.

Ideally I would have a 24/38/48 crankset - but who knows, maybe I'll be strong enough by next year to get some use out of that big old 52 tooth chainring!

I appreciate the feedback, y'all. :)

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Gear Talk / Re: 48 tooth gear on a triple chainring?
« Last post by Pat Lamb on March 23, 2017, 10:24:32 am »
I've got a 24, 42, 52 in front of a 11-36 cassette, with a few week long tours in it and a lot of local riding. So far I like it.

In every thread, there's a tendency to devolve into "analysis paralysis," where you spend more time worrying about some minute feature of your gear than it deserves.  I think you've hit that point. 

You've got a 24x36 low gear, which is almost low enough to pull a stump out of a field.  You've done a couple week long tours and lots of local riding, and you're not complaining about mis-shifts, excessive jumps, or any of the other things that goofy gears feature.

It's time to go ride your bike!
General Discussion / Re: European touring partner wanted
« Last post by Young Tourer on March 23, 2017, 08:29:40 am »
Hi John,
Enjoy your tour, and pls let me know how it goes
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