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Routes / Re: Mojave Desert Touring Conditions
« Last post by JMilyko on January 17, 2017, 09:16:39 am »
2) It is now (since when?) legal to ride the shoulder of I 40 between Barstow and Needles. I saw a bunch of "Share the Road" signs along the way. This is key because Old Route 66 on that section has some of the worst pavement on the planet, and there seems to be zero motivation for fixing it. Also, once past Fenner, I 40 is by far the safest route down to Needles. There are some bridges under reconstruction west of Fenner, so be warned, but touring cyclists should be down in the Amboy region on Route 66 anyway--much more scenic and quiet.

This happened just before the Bicycle Route 66 maps were published in February 2015. See SOLUTION: Bicycle Route 66 Concerns blog post. Since that time, bridges have been repaired and technically I-40 is only open to cyclists from exit 23 to 50. Of course, this can change with the next major thunderstorm bringing rains that turn into flash floods in the desert.


Gear Talk / Re: Ultra light sleeping bag, tent and pad?
« Last post by John Nelson on January 17, 2017, 12:12:56 am »
Everything involves trade offs and you haven't given us enough information to know what your requirements are.
Routes / Re: Great Divide Question
« Last post by Halcyon on January 16, 2017, 09:30:25 pm »
Thanks, Mathieu. This is exactly what I was looking for.
Gear Talk / Re: Ultra light sleeping bag, tent and pad?
« Last post by zzzz on January 16, 2017, 08:47:50 pm »
Not to be contrary to Walking in Trees but.....

Yes CubanFibre is nominally waterproof but if something inadvertantly comes to be touching the sides, like say you have all your gear in there on a rainy night and while you're sleeping some of it gets pushed around, you will wake up in the morning w wet stuff. Ask me how I know this.

Or, you can take ZPacks word for it (from their web site) "All single wall shelters will get some condensation in cold humid conditions."

And I wasn't refering to frozen ground for staking sometimes being a problem. Their tents are pretty sensitive to being precisely staked in order to get a tight pitch and there  has been a couple of times 4 stakes are in and then there's a rock in the wrong place so you move it and try again and it happens again. And when I was at Denali the camp sites are like a raised garden bed filled w gravel, that was really a PIA to stake out.

This sounds like I'm ragging on the tent, but I'm not, if I had to buy it again I would. But again, that 1 lb tent is not as livable as a 3-4 lb dome tent w a fly. IMHO

Gear Talk / Re: Ultra light sleeping bag, tent and pad?
« Last post by DaveB on January 16, 2017, 08:40:32 pm »
You didn't say where you plan to travel and what time of year.  That information can have a huge bearing on what will work and how light you dare go.
General Discussion / Re: Cycling in Iceland
« Last post by DaveB on January 16, 2017, 08:37:03 pm »
I believe a biking trip around Iceland was written up in a past issue of Adventure Cycling also.  Try a search of the archives.
Classifieds / 29 Wheelsets, SP Dynamo, Sinewave & Supernova
« Last post by vedginout on January 16, 2017, 08:16:33 pm »
I bought all this new in early 2016 and used it on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. All of it is in very good condition. I would prefer to sell it as a complete package.
Front Wheelset - Stans Crest ZTR, SP Dynamo PD 8X & 180mm disc
Rear Wheelset - Stans Crest ZTR, Sram X9 hub, 10-speed cassette 11/36, 160mm rotor.
Light - Supernova E3 Pure (only used about 2 hours)
USB Charger - Sinewave Revolution
Spare Spokes
I can email pics
Routes / Re: Tour de SRAM USA 2017- unique cross-country route
« Last post by jamawani on January 16, 2017, 07:45:33 pm »
DS -

Mid to late May is a good time to push off from California, but you may not be aware of the climate regimes in the West.
Imagine a bookshelf with fat, hardback books - yeah, I know, books are so 20th century.
Along I-70 in May there's not much difference in temperature between St. Louis, Indy, and Columbus.
Sure, there can be storms in one place and not another - but the weather is similar.

In the West climate zones shift radically on a west-to-east axis.
It can be 60F in San Fran, 90F in Sacramento, 40F with a chance of snow in the Sierras, and back to 75F in Reno.
Further south, it can be pleasant in Ventura - and broiling in Needles - then chilly in Flagstaff.
Attached Prism Climate Map - Oregon State Univ.

Because you will be in the Mojave in late May - you should expect high temps in the 90s - even 100+
But when you get to Flagstaff - you can expect low temps near freezing.
Western Regional Climate Center data -

I am not sure what your specific stopping points are along the way.
Not sure why your endpoints are Morro Bay and Wrightsville Beach, but I'm sure you have your reasons.
I did see SRAM offices in Colorado Springs, Chicago, and Indy.
Can't tell if Flagstaff, Omaha, Charleston, WY, or Raleigh are fixed points.
(From the map, it seems that Raleigh is.)

What are the places you must hit in the West?
Because there are much better ways to do it.
And why miss the Grand Canyon or other spectacular regions of the West, eh?

Here's one example - East of Colorado Springs:
Take Hwy 94 due east to
US 40 east into Kansas to
Hwy 25 to Colby
Low traffic once you get 20 miles east of the Springs.
Enough small towns for the essentials.
Way more scenic than a service road next to I-70.

Best - J

General Discussion / Re: Cycling in Iceland
« Last post by obct_2000 on January 16, 2017, 07:36:31 pm »
Perhaps refer to Bicycling article in March 2015 issue entitled "Iceland...Seriously?
Gear Talk / Re: Ultra light sleeping bag, tent and pad?
« Last post by walks.in2.trees on January 16, 2017, 07:01:22 pm »
Sure. Get out your checkbook.

ZPacks Solplex or Altaplex tents: 1lb± - $500.00
Katabatibc gear "Palisade" down quilt (30°): 1lb± - $450.00
Thermarest NeoAir: 12 oz - $120.00

I bought these 3 items 3 years ago in an attempt to go as light as I could go. They still appear to be the lightest things on the market. You can spend considerably less by carrying 3 more pounds.


edit: I thought about this answer some more and decided it wasn't complete. Most times when you go ultra light, in addition to the price going way up, the stuff may not be quite as functional. This is  true for the tent I listed above, it is not self-supporting and there is no fly. There are places where it's hard to drive your stakes and if it's pouring all night, having a fly is very nice. I'm okay with that trade-off between weight & livability because most nights I stay in a hotel. If your camping all the time you would notice it more.
ZPaks sells cubenfiber gear..No need for a fly because Cubenfiber is waterproof. I agree about about pounding stakes into frozen ground being a pain, so you want the longer heavier stakes that can take more force and get a better penetration... once you're through the frozen surface, the rest goes in easy though. Winter gear by necessity is going to be heavier and bulkier anyway.

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