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Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Hill Country Loop
« Last post by Fleabit on March 21, 2017, 10:12:55 am »
Anyone know if you can ride across the Canyon Lake Dam on the continuation of North Park Road?
General Discussion / First section of Trans Am in June
« Last post by ERS on March 21, 2017, 10:06:08 am »
Planning on doing unsupported Trans Am East to West, but don’t have the ~90 days to do it all! So I am hoping to complete it in stages over a ~6 year period; each year doing about 700 miles, or two (2) of the Adventure Cycling Organization's trip maps!! So for 2017, using Maps 12 & 13, I am looking at starting in Yorktown, VA and finishing in Berea, KY for about 743 miles. I did a ~4,200 mile bike trip in 1984 to get from VA to the '84 Olympics and more recently in 2016 cycled from Chicago to Seattle (mostly on Northern Tier) with my wife as SAG driver. I am a 62-year old, male, retired aquatic biologist. Thinking about leaving ~8 June and cycling between 60 to 70 miles/day. Camping & Hot Showers preferable, but flexible on most fronts. Happy to have some company (any stripe of the human variety is fine with me) for my stage and/or to start off your cross-country TransAm adventure! Happy trails!
Have you considered an air mattress??? Just got one (Big Agnes, Air Core C, MUMMY) that although I haven't sleep a night on, feels good testing it out. Replacing an old ~3/4 inch thick 1984 Thermorest!
General Discussion / Re: Northern Tier cell phone service
« Last post by ERS on March 21, 2017, 09:35:11 am »
I did NT summer 2016. Have Cricket (no contract branch of AT&T). Service was terrible. Awful. Non-existant for most of ND & MT. My wife was SAG and we were not able to find each other most days. Once I even had to call the police from a local store as she was a no show after waiting hrs for her. Was the worst part of our trip. Who would have thought that a major carrier like AT&T wouldn't have service in a HUGH part of the north. And don't believe their service maps! Looks like other posts tell you what is good. I can only tell you what is bad!! :(
Gear Talk / Re: Idworx Easy Rohler
« Last post by dmeans2anend on March 21, 2017, 12:06:32 am »
Hi Ron,

Thanks so much on your feedback with the Rohloff hub.  It's great to hear your perspective and all the pro's and con's.  I'm not sure if I can deal with the noise either.  Having been spoiled by Dura Ace components and how quiet and smooth it is, I always think something is wrong or my gearing is off if I hear any noise.  I'll have to really ponder if I can tolerate it.  Luckily, I won't have to pay the premium price for Rohkoff hub since the bike is used (only 500 miles or so) and comes with the hub.  The main reason I'm seriously considering this bike is for the low maintenance aspect especially if I'm overseas and the language is a barrier.

Hi Pete,

Thanks so much for your comments.  My gut instincts totally agrees with you.  I've seriously consider going exactly the route you've described.  Since I'm only 107 pounds,  every extra pound on the bike will make quiet a bit of difference between whether I'm loving' it or it being a slow slugfest. 

I would love to do the conversation of road bike to fatter tires. However, I don't know all that many "road" bikes that can accommodate the 32mm tires.  Can you suggest some steel or ti "road" bike frames that can do this. Or were your referring to touring bike frames like the Surly LHT, Lynskey backroad ?

Also, wouldn't I need longer chainstays to accommodate rear rack mounts which would bump me to the touring bike frame geometry?  I just don't know any road bikes that come with rear mounts.

Sorry, if some of these questions sounds stupid but it's due to my ignorance of different bike frames.  I was under the assumption that I needed a touring bike frame in order to have rear mounts, can accommodate the larger 32mm tires, and be able to carry the load.
Routes / Re: Skinnyish Tires on Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Section
« Last post by John Nettles on March 21, 2017, 12:00:45 am »
Ahhh, that is why your ride was so tough.  I am a wimp and took the easy way!  ;D   John
Routes / Re: Skinnyish Tires on Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Section
« Last post by Krampus Snail on March 20, 2017, 09:39:13 pm »
I took the route that goes past Brush Mountain Lodge, which I believe is the main route, not the alternate route through Columbine. The rocky part was on FR 42.
Routes / Re: Another way to cope with dogs
« Last post by YogaO on March 20, 2017, 09:28:05 pm »
... The difficulty in doing that is that we can't guarantee a cyclist won't run into dogs if we move the route

While this is a great point, our experience this summer leads me to the conclusion that Eastern Kentucky is a unique problem for the number of dogs encountered vs. the rest of the TransAm. You can dismiss this as an n=1 survey, but for virtually every TransAm rider we encountered, whether EB or WB, this area stood out. So, if we were to ride the TransAm again, I think we would strongly consider routing around this area. However, I think there is a solution that doesn't require sprays, sticks, stones, etc.

Our solution was pretty foolproof and has two parts. We were fortunate to have traveled EB, so we could perfect our technique before reaching Eastern Kentucky. Step 1 is to yell at the dog(s) in a commanding voice, "GO HOME!!" If you can point in the direction of "HOME", that is a significant help. Frequently, that is the only step needed. A huge key is you have to be commanding and not fearful. For those instances when your "GO HOME" command is ignored, move on to step 2. Step 2 requires an AirZound horn. Dogs will stop and turn around when assaulted by a short burst of painful sound. The key here is you have to wait until the dog is close, maybe so close that you are not comfortable.
Routes / Re: Transamerica route question
« Last post by currinbrandon on March 20, 2017, 09:01:53 pm »
Another question... I have my attire already picked but wanted to make sure I'm doing this right, since it's my first long distance tour... Amy suggestions appreciated

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Gear Talk / Re: Idworx Easy Rohler
« Last post by zzzz on March 20, 2017, 06:06:25 pm »
If I'm reading your self description right, up till now you've ridden a bike in as speedy a manner as you are capable of and you also say your backpacking experience has been of the lightweight variety.

I've never ridden the bike you've asked about but it really looks like a mount thats good for carrying big loads at a very modest pace and I don't believe thats the type of touring thats likely to suit you best.

If you're anything like me (and from your description I'm guessing you are), I'd get a fairly zippy steel or Ti road bike w rear rack mounts, quality wheels that have 32 spokes in a 3 cross pattern, clearance for 32mm tires, (although 28's will work for most trips), and pack pretty light (20 lbs of gear max). What I'm describing is my set-up and with in a couple of days on the road I hardly notice the extra weight of the gear and it feels like I'm just out on a ride. I'm maybe 2 mph slower than with a unladen bike.

There are lots of people who tour on bikes like the Idoworx, and they pack 40±lbs and they enjoy taking their time and they load them up with all kinds of things that make life on the road more comfortable and there is nothing wrong with that. Different strokes. But coming from your background I think it's going to feel like a brick. And since you're used to lightweight backpacking, you're used to doing w/o anything but the necessities when you're on the road.

Just my 2 cents.

I have no opinion on the Rohloff.

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