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Gear Talk / Re: New to Touring
« Last post by mkmiller91 on February 16, 2017, 03:09:17 pm »
Yes I was planning on going light. Including a tent and some overnight gear but no cooking gear. I do intend on this summer just starting off by taking weekend rides and getting the hang of things then going for longer trips. I would like to maybe just use smaller panniers for now. To me the bike handles great I feel comfortable on slow climbs and going 40-45 mph downhill although it is the only road bike I've ridden and never with any gear attached.
Gear Talk / Re: How to know tire size
« Last post by canalligators on February 16, 2017, 02:38:49 pm »
Rotation: Rear wears 3x front. If you put worn rear on front you risk crashing in blowout.

Rear wearing that much faster is not my experience.  Maybe 50% faster.  And I'm over 200#.

Like on a car, rotating tires should be a preventative action, not a corrective one.  Don't rotate because your rear is worn out, rotate earlier to prevent the rear from wearing out sooner.  Tire rotation is an economic strategy, not a safety strategy.

That said, I don't put much credence in bike tire rotation. If you inspect your tires regularly, and replace when the tire is unsafe to use, you have done what you can to prevent a blowout.  Tire failures usually happen because they're damaged by road hazards or the cord starts to fail (it develops side-side distortion).
Gear Talk / Sources for Ultra Violent Protective Clothing
« Last post by Datsdad on February 16, 2017, 02:34:52 pm »
I'm looking for sources for cycling clothing which offers a UV rating. Any guidance will be appreciated.

Gear Talk / Rohloff Speedhub
« Last post by Datsdad on February 16, 2017, 02:32:50 pm »
Currently I've a Surly LHT I use primarily for self-contained rides. My current triple ring gearing range extends approx. from 18 gear-inches to 109 gear-inches. I do need the 18 - 19 range for climbing loaded but I do run out of top end gearing on a regular basis.

I'm looking to go to a Rohloff Speedhub. My question is, has anyone had any experience running a double ring on the front with a Rohloff speedhub? This is the only way I can see reaching the gear inch range I desire.

I'm told by CycleMonkey, US Rohloff distributor, it can be done, but I wonder on pro vs. cons, maintenance and durability.

Thanks for the help.
Gear Talk / Re: New to Touring
« Last post by canalligators on February 16, 2017, 02:27:29 pm »
Do you plan to go light, i.e. light packing or so-called "credit card" touring?  Or will you be self-supported, with tent and possibly cooking gear?

Either way, I bet your low gear isn't low enough.  Most tourists recommend a low gear in the 20-25 inch-gear range.  You need it at least this low for loaded touring.  Probably get away with it a little higher if you're packing light.

If you're planning to load up and go self-supported, you need to either add stronger wheels or tow a trailer.  Caution: if you're going to load up with panniers, the short chainstays on this bike may give you heel interference.

Does this bike handle well at very low speeds, with the intended load?  How about at 40 mi/hr?  You might change the fork for better stability; my daughter replaced the alloy fork on her CAAD3 with a straighter carbon fork, that gave her more comfort and more stability.  Note that loading on both front and back is usually more stable than rear-only.

Without any more info, I'd  think your best choices are:
- Use the bike mostly as-is (gear it lower), plus a trailer, or
- Rebuild the wheels and gear it much lower, and use four smaller panniers

And by the way: start out short.  Take an overnight, then a weekend, then a week long tour.  This will help you to perfect your gear and help you to learn about touring.
Gear Talk / Re: Trekking bars vs Jones H bar
« Last post by Datsdad on February 16, 2017, 02:26:28 pm »
I have a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Previously I had the manufacturer's drop bars with end shifters on the bike. This past summer I switched to the Jones H bar. I've been extremely pleased with the conversion. Since I primarily use this bike for self-contained rides very seldom was I going to the drops.

With the Jones H bar:
1. I have more hand positions.
2. I'm in a more upright riding position which I'm enjoying since I'll never set any speed records.
3. In the more upright position I feel as if I'm getting more oxygen in my lungs.
4. I like the positioning of the shifters and brakes - easy to use.
5. The negative has been I was using an Ortlieb Ultra 6 Handlebar Bag which I haven't figured out how to properly attached yet.

I did a 10 day self-contained ride around Hawaii's Big Island this past fall with the new handlebars and won't go back.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by trekking bars.
Gear Talk / New to Touring
« Last post by mkmiller91 on February 16, 2017, 02:07:21 pm »
Hello All! I have just recently joined Adventure Cycling and was looking for some advice. I have been riding my 2012 Cannondale Caad8 for the last 5 years. It was my first road bike and I have really enjoyed getting into biking. I recently came across bike touring and would love to get into it. I have been trying to read up on it as much as possible and hope to ride the Trans-America Trail. It feels a little overwhelming with all the information out there but I guess my main questions would be about my tires and the gearing. I figured rather than buying a touring bike I would just adjust some things to my current bike. My frame size is a 61 and the rims are, (Maddux RS 3.0 Speed, 32 hole) What would you suggest for a specific touring wheel/size? In regards to the gearing should I try and put something on that gives me lower gears? The current specs I have are (Cassette Shimano Tiagra 4600, 12-28, 10-speed Level: Mid-Range). Any help and info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Gear Talk / Re: Newbie Needs Advice
« Last post by RussSeaton on February 16, 2017, 02:06:05 pm »
I have never heard of weight restrictions on a bike except for ultra light racing bikes.  A touring bike with a weight limit?  Wow.  The website said this:

"Please note: gear load recommended not to exceed 250 lbs."

I'm not sure how to interpret that statement.  Does it mean all of the luggage and equipment must not exceed 250 pounds?  Gear load means the gear on the bike, right?  Or is the rider weight included in the 250 pound limit?  Is the rider part of the gear?  Never thought of a rider as being part of the gear.  As already stated, I would not worry too much about this weight limitation.  Don't go crazy and pile 100 pounds of cement blocks onto the bike.  But anything less than that plus the rider is fine.  The bike is not going to break or fall apart unless you deliberately smash it with a sledge hammer.

Maybe touring bikes need a weight rating like trucks have.  GCVWR.  Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating.  Or something like that.  It includes the whole vehicle.  Every option.  Full tank of gas.  Full tank of windshield wiper fluid.  Driver.  Passenger.  Their clothes, shoes, and luggage too.  The 99 ounce big gulp they got at Quik Trip.  And the 32oz bag of chips.  And the spare tire and jack and 3 quarts of oil under the seat.
Gear Talk / Re: Tubeless
« Last post by indyfabz on February 16, 2017, 01:40:32 pm »
There has been some recent discussion of it on bikeforums:

There was also a relatively recent thread about it on this forum.

I ride tubeless on my road bike. Love them, and I have had no problem putting a tube in a tubeless tire when necessary. (Not all punctures will seal at an acceptable pressure, so you would be wise to carry at least one tube and tire levers.)

Until I am shown a tubeless tire that can stand the test of time for moderate to heavy load road touring, I will stick to my luddite ways.
Gear Talk / Tubeless
« Last post by dkoloko on February 16, 2017, 12:17:56 pm »
Schwalbe says they are committed to tubeless. How many are now using tubeless tires touring?

Any problem running tubeless with tubes?

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