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General Discussion / Re: Ideas for winter bike tour
« Last post by RussSeaton on November 09, 2014, 10:13:58 am »
You'll have to check on the weather.  I toured southern Portugal and southern Spain near the Rock of Gibraltar in mid November.  Weather may still be OK in Jan-Feb-Mar.  Weather was great for me.  Shorts and jersey all the time.  Great roads for cycling.  No traffic.  Scenic countryside.
General Discussion / Re: Ideas for winter bike tour
« Last post by Mark Manley on November 09, 2014, 01:44:22 am »
South East Asia or India where the weather will be great, fly to Bangkok or Delhi get the train out of town and cycle from there. Some of the best food and most interesting culture on earth, the reduced living cost will help go towards the ticket.
General Discussion / Schwalbe Mondial vs Marathon Plus Tour
« Last post by p nut on November 08, 2014, 11:40:47 pm »
I'm looking to pick up a pair of 26x2.0 rugged tires for both on and off-pavement rides. I came across these two Schwalbe tires, but I've no personal experience with either tire. I have had the regular Marathon Plus before, which while very heavy, performed extremely well and experienced no flats.

So anyone know how these compare? Will the MPT be more flat resistent than the Mondial? I would say priorities are:

1- Flat protection
2- Dirt/gravel performance
3- Wear

By the way, this is going on my Big Dummy. I would assume both of these tires are well-suited to carrying a (what I consider) big load. Probably 50-100 lbs. Thanks for any input.
Routes / Re: New York - Virgina Beach
« Last post by litespeed on November 08, 2014, 06:18:22 pm »
I have bicycle toured up the east coast  to NY and NH from my home here in Florida numerous times. Here is my route. It's a lot easier and quicker than yours.

Take the ferry from Manhattan to Atlantic Highlands NJ or the train (non-rush-hour) to Long Branch. Then just go down US9 to Cape May. It can be done in two days even with the detour through Egg Harbor City and Mays Landing. It's a fairly good bicycling road with plenty of services. I use the campground in Bayville, just south of Toms River and right on 9, and the one near downtown in Cape May.

Take the ferry from Cape May to Lewes and continue to the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel. Motels enroute in Ocean City MD and Onley VA. and camping in Pocomoke State Park. Call ahead an hour or so for the free ride across the bridge in a maintenance pickup truck. This puts you right in Norfolk.
Bicycle Route 66 / Re: Skeptical about Bike Route 66
« Last post by briwasson on November 08, 2014, 08:40:30 am »
I bet the Rt 66 route is more targeted to Europeans, who have a much higher fascination with the route than most Americans. In Germany it's almost a mystical draw for many.
Hello, is your bicycle still available and where are you located ?
General Discussion / Re: Southern Tier Tour(self sustained) this fall
« Last post by Westinghouse on November 07, 2014, 07:35:22 pm »
I think I have read and looked at most ST journals on CGOAB. I have cycled FL to CA 4 times, 3 to San Diego and one to Los Angeles. I am seriously considering doing it again starting within a few or several days. Temperatures are already in the 40s in the ST. I slept out one night when it got down to 7 F, if you could call it sleep. I wonder if I have the drive to do the full distance.
General Discussion / Re: USA visa problems
« Last post by Westinghouse on November 07, 2014, 07:28:46 pm »
Perhaps your relatives' address would be best. That way there would be someone to respond who knows you should  the immigration people need to contact you. They would have a permanent address.
Routes / Re: Southern Tier, highway 78 Glamis to Palo Verde, Ca
« Last post by Westinghouse on November 07, 2014, 03:03:36 pm »
I know I saw another post somewhere about a cyclist going west out of Ocatillo, CA on I-8 and onto highway 80. He too noticed many times how two vehicles from opposite directions would come exactly abreast of each other and himself. It is obviously timed and coordinated and calculated. I have seen such tactics used many times for harassment, crowding and noise attacks. If you run into these criminals, you might want to be careful, wear earplugs, and call the police and try to get to the bottom of it. Where there is much traffic it might be difficult to discern, but when on back roads on a Sunday when you might see one car every fifteen minutes if even that, and two trucks and / or cars  come exactly abreast of you a hundred times, and always in the same kinds of places, e.g., at the first expansion crack going onto bridges, where the side lane suddenly disappears, and where obstructions put in the side lane force you out into the motor lane, the conclusion is inescabable. It is organized, criminal-gang stalking, and I saw it clearly across five or six states.
Routes / Re: Appalachian mountain bike tour? Great Divide prep.
« Last post by greenbubba on November 07, 2014, 12:58:43 pm »
Thanks! Looks like 2 strong leads.
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