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General Discussion / Re: Surly LHT/Disc Trucker
« Last post by fiveonomo on November 24, 2015, 04:49:23 pm »
Indy that bike is sweet.  I have not asked but it says on their web site that they do ceramic instead of powder coating if you choose to go that way, not sure if it is the same thing.

I just got my frame today.  The blue is not that bad, as a matter of fact nowhere near as bad, but I still want my custom color.  I didn't realize it but my frame comes with the place to mount shifters on the down tube.  I was not planning on putting them there.  Do you guys know if all the Disc Trucker frames come that way?  I guess if I didn't want to mount my shifters there I don't have to.

Oh well, what a pretty frame.  I really appreciate this site and having a means to talk to you guys through this process.  Thanks to everyone for their input.
Routes / Re: Can I ride from Cortez CO to Pueblo CO in early April?
« Last post by RussSeaton on November 24, 2015, 04:48:54 pm »
Are your dates set in stone?  April can be a cool to cold and rainy month in the Midwest.  You will be in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri during those months.  Southern parts of those states.  Temps can and usually are in the 40s and 50s in April.  Maybe warmer.  But 40s and 50s are common.  And RAIN.  Rain and 50 degrees.  Riding a bike would not be very enjoyable.
General Discussion / Re: Surly LHT/Disc Trucker
« Last post by indyfabz on November 24, 2015, 04:07:37 pm »
This sounds terrible but I just cannot do the color.  I figured since I was building the bike I would truly make it mine.  The powder coat company is very well known and has a great reputation.  They do bikes and when speaking to the guy it sounded like he knew exactly what I was talking about.  Im going to call him back, maybe this morning, and make sure he clearly understands.

Do they do Cerakote applications? Back in May I had my custom ti road frame colored with Cerakote. It's a ceramic coating that is allegedly stronger and lighter than paint. Some of the builder's MTB customers have been using it. The colors are matte, but if they are custom blended them with the gloss white you get a sort of pearl finish. The downside is that if you do get a chip you cannot purchase touch up "paint."

The stuff is primarily used to coat firearms, but more and more people have been using it for bikes:

This is the bike my builder built for himself last year. The photo doesn't do it justice:

Paintbytodd also did my frame.
General Discussion / Re: Surly LHT/Disc Trucker
« Last post by indyfabz on November 24, 2015, 03:49:24 pm »
The frames are built for 26" wheels through 54CM, 56CM starts the 700C wheels.

A point of clarification in case it matters to you: For the regular LHT, you can get the 26" version across the full range of sizes. In the Disc Trucker, you can get 26" version up to 58cm. Thus, if you can get a 56cm for either 700c or 26".
Yes but the OP is trying to AVOID 26" wheels.  His problem is that the 54 cm Disc Trucker only comes with 26" wheels and he wants 700c which start at 56 cm.
DOH! Sorry. Missed that crucial detail.
General Discussion / Re: Surly LHT/Disc Trucker
« Last post by fiveonomo on November 24, 2015, 01:21:41 pm »
Hey guys, I was looking at the brakes for my Disc Trucker.  The spec sheet lists Avid BB7 G2's 160mm rotors.  I like these brakes a lot and will probably stay with them.  I think these are mountain brakes, am I correct?
General Discussion / Re: Trike style recumbent usability on adventure routes
« Last post by indydave on November 24, 2015, 11:59:14 am »
Thanks Susan...

Thanks for your thoughts...
Rolling lawn chair with a relaxed view... try riding it to a drive-in theater double feature and parking on the front's wonderful. Have had time to ride Indiana rail trails, county roads and state highways and have had really good results with fitting into traffic flow. High tolerance for traffic is something we share. Manhattan's my favorite place to ride an upright. Reading the ICE trike adventure at helped a bit with realizing that with added caution, the trike does have its place on the road.

Good luck with with your January southern tier adventure and thanks again for sharing your experience.

General Discussion / Re: cassettes
« Last post by paddleboy17 on November 24, 2015, 11:48:47 am »
Don't know why Jamis set the Aurora Elite up like a road bike when the Aurora is geared for touring.

Welcome to the sometimes absurd world of touring bikes.  The mainstay bike companies know that most touring bikes sold will never actually see panniers, and are being purchased for their relaxed fit.  So they routinely do stupid things.  Jamis is no exception.  The alloy chosen for the Aurora is not stiff enough to be a good touring bike.  And as you have noted, the better framed Aurora Elite is not geared low enough. 

Routes / Re: Can I ride from Cortez CO to Pueblo CO in early April?
« Last post by John Nettles on November 24, 2015, 07:53:54 am »
While the roads will be open, there will be snow along the sides of the road and no campgrounds will be open but I guess you could wild camp.  At the higher elevations and passes, the snow could very well be banked, i.e. cut through a 20' drift so you are in a roofless "tunnel" for a couple of miles.

Of course, if a snow storm comes (not unusual for that time of year), be prepared to wait it out in a hotel as most tents can not handle 12-24" of snow piled on them.

While it is doable, I personally would not do it, sort of along the same lines as it is doable to cross the country on a 2nd hand walmart $99 special bike but I would not want the hassles, headaches, and uncertainty.

Your best bet would be to head south and go along the southern tier (or further south along the border (or even dip into Mexico!), and once you get to Las Cruces/El Paso, you could angle up toward the BR66, then connect with the TransAm once in Marshfield, MO.

Whatever you choose, enjoy the ride!
Routes / Can I ride from Cortez CO to Pueblo CO in early April?
« Last post by PeanutButterShammyCream on November 24, 2015, 06:11:44 am »
I plan on biking from California to the East Coast next spring. I will leave in March, and I plan to be in Colorado in early April. Will it be possible to cycle the "Great Parks South" route from Cortez CO to Pueblo CO in early april? Will the roads be open???? Will it be safe?
General Discussion / Re: Trike style recumbent usability on adventure routes
« Last post by Susan on November 24, 2015, 12:40:49 am »
I'm in the same position as you are - I ride an upright touring bike as well as an ICE Adventure trike.  I've never ridden the Atlantic Coast route but have completed 4 other ACA cross-country routes and my experience thus far echoes Pat Lamb's comments - there were always sections that I thought I wouldn't feel comfortable riding the 3-wheeler. Most of the time, the problem was a narrow shoulder separated from the lane by a stupid rumble strip - hate those things! 
Until now I've always toured on the upright but would really like to try the trike, in spite of some of the disadvantages. 

In January I'm going to ride a modified Southern Tier starting in Florida and am finally going to take the trike, after the motto, "You won't know until you try it".  I want to stealth camp alot and would be so much more comfortable on my rolling lawn chair.
I have a high tolerance for traffic, and have often, even on the upright, felt better on a heavily travelled Interstate with a wide shoulder, than on some country roads with none - it depends.  In addition to the ACA maps, I always have my Garmin GPS and my tablet PC with GoogleMaps to help me check out alternatives.  Also, it's really helpful if you meet up with other riders going in the opposite direction and can share infos.

There are lots of trike journals on CrazyGuy and posts on BentRiderOnline where riders confirm that when on a trike, cars tend to give them more space when passing due to the "handicap" look.

It's been done, but I just wouldn't choose to do alot of offroad touring on a trike.
However you decide - happy trails!
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