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General Discussion / Re: Cycling Around the World, but.........
« Last post by pptouring on August 18, 2015, 08:26:09 pm »
Hello Stephen, my apologies, but I totally forgot about this thread and I think I owe you an email with the plugin name that we use for our blog map.

Anyway, today marks 4 months since arriving back home. We were both contacted by our former employer somewhere cycling through the middle of Texas about the possibility of returning to work once we got home. Bam! We both landed jobs with the same organization we left from, Petra got her same position, I took another position but under the same boss. Lesson here... do not ever burn any bridges and keep in touch with your former co-workers. :-) So back to work now for just over 3 months and it is beginning to feel like we never left, but the desire to get back on the bikes grows more everyday.

Our blog is still behind sadly, but we are working on it. Added several entries for Vietnam and are almost done there, but we have all of the Southwest from San Diego, CA to Tarpon Springs, FL to write about.

Stephen if you're still interested the plugin is - Google Maps Travel Route, by traveller11

Here is a link to what our map looks like.

Here is a write we posted last week that some might find interesting -

Happy Travels

How are your plans coming along?

Gear Talk / Velocity Dyad or Mavic A719
« Last post by hawkhero on August 18, 2015, 07:00:05 pm »
Looking at a set of Velocity Dyad wheels 36 spoke laced to LX touring hubs. The other set has Mavic A719 rims. Any pros or cons with these wheels?
Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions, Russ. Really greatly appreciated.

I plan on carrying 30 days of supplies at a time; having additional supplies sent USPS General Delivery along the way by friends and/or our house-sitter. The insulin I carry with me will be in a Frio pouch which is an evaporative cooling case.

For me, I can't imagine giving up the pump. The ability to set temporary basal rates along with using only one type of insulin (Humalog) is critical for me. I am pretty insulin-sensitive, so when I am riding, I frequently set my basal rate to 0%. Similarly, the CGM gives me a lot of flexibility to fine tune along the way.

Now I will be doing some multi-day trips over the next 8-10 months to see how well my infusion sets/CGM sensors hold up, because if I have to replace them every day, then I will have to consider an MDI (levemir, humalog/novalog) and syringe approach as you suggest.

I have only done single day rides of up to 70 miles so far, or 2 consecutive days totaling 80 miles. Even in the hot, humid Florida heat my pump and CGM have worked well. Yes, I have lost an infusion set, but it's pretty rare.

The lesson I am taking so far is I will have to carry more diabetic kit and fewer clothes. :o
GPS Discussion / ipad mini
« Last post by gpshay on August 18, 2015, 03:51:32 pm »
I am planning to leave on the southern tier west to east in Oct 2015 .. I will be taking my iPad mini along with the aca maps .. does anyone know if you can download the gps waypoints from aca website onto the mini .. thank you Glenn
Routes / Cal Trans Pacific Coast Bike Route Survey for NW CA
« Last post by cgarch on August 18, 2015, 12:06:35 am »
I'm including this text of the message as received in our Santa Rosa, CA bike forum (aka The Chatty List):

"Have you ridden the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route?  If so, Caltrans is looking for your input!  Please fill out the survey below:"
The Bicycle Coordinator for Caltrans, District 1 is asking... 
The Pacific Coast Bicycle Route (PCBR) runs through three of our four counties (Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino), and we’re looking for feedback from cyclists who have ridden any portion of it.  We developed a survey, both an online version (follow link below) and a paper copy that is similar to the online version.  ...  So far, this is a one-time effort this summer, that runs concurrently with our regular summer bike volume data collection that we do.

The survey will be available until September 30.  We would really appreciate your help in getting the word out to those who have ridden the PCBR!

Have you ridden the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route?  If so, Caltrans is looking for your input!  Please fill out the survey below:
While you're at it, one might want to check out their webpage for maps including plans and profiles. I had no idea Cal Trans has these in place for many of those roads.

Maybe someone who edits the ACA Bike Bits might want to throw out this link as well.

Keep the rubber side down,

Santa Rosa, CA
I am familiar with diabetes and bicycling for a summer.  But 23 years ago I used regular and levemir or NPH, not a pump.  And syringes and a meter.  Based on the size of the CGM inserts and pump cannulas and connections, you will need to figure out a way to have a month or so of supplies shipped to you at various locations.  Probably overnight shipping and you will need to spend 2 or 3 days in one location.  And have a knowledgeable contact at home.  And figure out a way to have prescriptions filled while you are away from home and not there in person.  Not sure if you can have other people get your prescriptions or not.  Carrying the insulin is not a concern.  It can get warm and not suffer.  And inside a dark pannier, it will be cooler than the outside air.  Even if you happen to ride in 100 degree sunny days.  You could carry an entire summer's worth if you chose or have it shipped to you.  Due to the complexities of getting supplies and riding with a pump and CGM attached, you might consider discussing with your doctor changing for the trip to regular and levemir administered by syringe.  Also abandon the CGM for the summer.  Go back to the pump and CGM after the ride.  Even going for multi day rides where one pump canula change is required involves extra supplies and space and trouble so to speak.  Using a syringe simplifies things considerably.  The blood meter has no problems.  Its small and the batteries last almost forever.  Strips are small and you can carry large numbers easily or have shipped.
Routes / Re: northern tier vs. north lakes/erie connector
« Last post by John Nettles on August 17, 2015, 10:46:41 pm »
I have done both somewhat.  I have done the original NT to Minneapolis that went from Minneapolis down to the Quad Cities then east over and up toward Niagara Falls.  I have also ridden from LaCrosse, WI, then over to Manitowoc, WI and crossed the ferry and reconnected to the North Lakes/Erie Connector to Niagara via Ontario.

The original NT was somewhat less scenic but much friendlier people and for some reason seemed better.  It is less hilly than the NL/EC.  The NT has fields of crops more so than the NL/EC.  If you are not entering Canada, I am guessing the NL from Minneapolis over to Manitowoc then down to Toledo?? would be best compromise (central Wisconsin is great!).

If you give more info as to what you want, i.e. scenery (what type do you like, i.e. wide open, forests), roads, services (CG vs hotels), temperature preference, etc. others may be able to provide a better answer.
Yes, road was closed. 83 was open.
Holland Lake is reachable and campsite is open.
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