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GPS Discussion / Re: BR66 GPS Data ??
« Last post by John Nettles on May 20, 2015, 01:22:00 pm »

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I did read the FAQ section prior to my post.  While you did not address it, based on your answer I assume ACA will not be offering the service points and/or the way points in the future, especially not as a benefit to members as in the past.

For what it is worth, I can understand why ACA would charge for the data IF they are not a member and/or if they have not purchased the corresponding maps since I am sure there have been at least a few cyclists who have just downloaded the info and not purchased the corresponding maps.

I have been a member since BikeCentennial published the magazine on newspaper stock.  While ACA has grown dramatically since the 70s, the core values/mission seem to be slowly but steadily evolving away from its founding roots.  Inevitable I suppose but it doesn't mean I gotta like it  :).  I will still support ACA, namely since they are the only group involved in route development, but wish ACA would keep to its original core mission a little more.

Thanks for considering the feedback Jennifer and thanks for all you and the Mapping Staff do!

Gear Talk / Re: Touring without fenders - big mistake?
« Last post by DaveB on May 20, 2015, 12:54:49 pm »
During actual rain, fenders do very little as you are getting wet from above, not below.  On wet roads they are a real benefit as they keep the road splash off of you and off of your drivetrain.  If you ride with a friend or a group the rear fender, assuming it's long enough, does your buddies a real favor by keeping the "rooster tail" from the rear wheel out of their faces.
GPS Discussion / Re: BR66 GPS Data ??
« Last post by JMilyko on May 20, 2015, 12:42:20 pm »
Hello John,

We appreciate hearing your feedback about our new data product. We consider this product as being in an evaluation phase. We are listening to the comments we receive and will look at making changes in the future to address them as needed.

In the meantime, have you seen the FAQ page that goes along with this information? ( I think it addresses some of your concerns, in particular the points below:

What is this new product?

Adventure Cycling is now offering GPS data in the format of GPX tracks. The tracks are navigational paths, following our Adventure Cycling Routes, that will display as a line on your device. When GPS is turned on, an indicator will show your location in relation to that line. This data may be used on a GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. Use it with the paper maps of the Adventure Cycling Route Network to improve your navigation, both on and off the route.

How is it different than what was previously offered?

This data is of higher accuracy, greater compatibility across multiple devices and is more user-friendly than the legacy GPS waypoint data.

Why am I now paying for this?

This data represents a significant commitment of time to produce and support. It is much more accurate and the intention is to update it more frequently. In 2014, we released some new digital data for free as a trial. We have made changes and improvements based on comments from those using trial data. New products are now available for purchase.

Again, I thank you for letting us know your feedback.


WB:  On I-25 when you are just north of Exit 294 the shoulder will become very narrow and orange construction barrels will be blocking the little that remains.  You initially have a narrow shoulder and then you have essentially zero shoulder for roughly 1/4 mile.  This is on a climbing curve.  There isn’t another route unless you take I-40 all the way to Clines Corners, so wait for a break in traffic and then peddle like mad until you reach the exit which is just around the curve.

EB:  Might not be any better.  Unsure.

I was in my car and not on my bike so the distance is approximate.
On the Hell's Gate Option, Webb Rd. is closed for construction.  Use Lapwai Alternate and River Option instead. 

For more information, see:
Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast ride
« Last post by John Nelson on May 20, 2015, 11:53:47 am »
ACA route runs North to South, why is that, or am I mistaken
You are mistaken. Almost all ACA routes are bidirectional.
Gear Talk / Re: Touring without fenders - big mistake?
« Last post by RussSeaton on May 20, 2015, 11:11:51 am »
Why wouldn't you have them on a loaded touring bike?  My bike already weighs 30 pounds, so an extra 1/4 pound ain't gonna matter much.  They don't seem to cause any problems in the dry.  And they do help in the wet.  Don't see much downside to having them on the bike.  I bolted them onto my current bike about 10 years ago and have not touched them since.  Claiming they add extra wind resistance isn't applicable to a loaded touring bike.
Gear Talk / Re: How heavy is your touring bike (unloaded)?
« Last post by RussSeaton on May 20, 2015, 11:04:40 am »
30.2 pounds for the aluminum Redline Conquest Tour loaded touring bike.  Including fenders, lowrider rack in front, rear rack, pedals, 2 bottle cages, computer, rear blinkie, and a little compass bobble on the handlebars.  No tire pump or saddlebag.  Your question prompted me to take the scale to the basement and weigh the bike, first time I ever weighed it.  Bike has 35mm Specialized tires that weigh about 2 pounds each.  I would not worry much about the weight of your Bruce Gordon bike.  Its probably around 30 pounds, like all the other bikes mentioned here.  Seems like a good weight to me.  The tires alone will make it feel very different than a racing bike.
Routes / Atlantic Coast ride
« Last post by neil on May 20, 2015, 10:28:10 am »
19 years ago we spent 3 months cycling the whole Atlantic Coast following the Mountainers guide. We went south to North, logic being, setting of in spring meant we were following the good weather and the prevailing winds are Southerly.

Looking to take a group back next year, Wilmington to Washington, however ACA route runs North to South, why is that, or am I mistaken

Routes / Re: Seeking advice on which side of Danube to bike (Passau to Vienna)
« Last post by neil on May 20, 2015, 10:24:19 am »
Did it once on the south bank
However somewhat marred by it stopped raining at 1100 and started again at 1200 for 10 days.
It's a bit of a motorway, flat and not much variety but very pretty.
You could take boats down the river for sections if memory serves me right
In the end we gave up and took the train to Vienna
  Neil ;)
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