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For Sale:  Lynskey made Salsa Fargo 29er Titanium Frameset Version 2 with Salsa Steel fork and Syncros Headset. Size MEDIUM.  This is the last year the Ti Fargo was made by Lynskey before Salsa moved production to Taiwan and is version 2 with fender, rack mounts, and 3rd bottle mount.  It is designed for the Salsa V2 black steel touring fork (included) with bottle mounts, fender mounts, and low rider rack mounts.  Also included is a Syncros headset.  You also have the option of mounting an 80mm suspension fork (not included) if desired.  The frame was never used for touring.  I only had time to use it on some very mild trails and decided I would not be touring with it due to time constraints. Excellent condition. Pictures available. $1650 shipped and insured, CONUS.
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