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canyon de chelly, AZ
« on: August 19, 2014, 04:17:29 pm »
I will be cycling solo, self-contained toward the canyon from Window Rock, AZ near the end of Sept. I heard Route 191 from Ganado to Chinle is crazy busy, has no shoulders but lots of curves. Has anyone cycled on Route 12 north from Window Rock to the south rim road 7 to gain entrance into the Park?  The other longer way for me is to continue north on Route 12 and then west - Route 64 ( north rim road back to the main entrance). Are these rim roads paved or dirt? Are they doable with 700x32 tires?  I'd rather do a loop in the Park, rather than have to back track out on Route 64.  Ultimately, I want to get to Shiprock, NM.  What condition is Route 13 toward Red Rock? Paved or dirt? What's the %slope of the climb?