Author Topic: direct-ish connect(s) / Pittsburgh to the UGRR trail / Cincinnati to Madison, IN  (Read 453 times)

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I live in Pittsburgh, PA. planning (REAL EARLY) to go to the North American Hand-Built Bike Shop (NAHBS) in Louisville, KY. The show is in 5 months. March 2015.

I wanna do this trip unsupported. And it seems like the UGRR trail is too far out of the way en route, in some areas.

Does anyone have any recommendations/suggests/experience with more efficient way to Louisville from Pittsburgh?

Some rudimentary R&D looks like a (relative) straight shot from Pittsburgh-westbound- to Fredricktown/Mt. Vernon, OH.

From there I'll just hop onto the UGRR trail (map#4), until Cincinnati, OH. Seems like that should work.

But I don't want to follow the out-of-the-way route from Cincinnati to Louisville. There's GOT to be a better way. Say from Cincinnati to... Madison, IN?

THEN, from Madison, I can hop BACK onto the UGRR trail (map #3) to Louisville!

Any and all help/suggestions would be ever so GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from EVERYBODY  :P

Also, get in touch if'n yer planning to check out the NAHBS show!! Should be a fine time!