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If you only had a couple of weeks?
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Unless something changes I will return to teaching next year after 4 years of various jobs and erratic time off.  In 10 years of teaching with summers mostly free I did a supported week long tour almost every year; all rides with acronyms usually starting with BR, but never toured self supported, kind of wimped out I guess.  I've planned a short 3 days tour in a couple weeks from my home in Southern Illinois very close to the TransAM to Mammoth Cave where my wife will meet me for some caving. 

So if I enjoy the 3 day adventure and want more, which I'm expecting, then I'm strongly considering quitting my current job in July.  I'll start teaching in mid August.  My wife has said she could only bare to be apart from me for a couple weeks max, unless I left her with significantly more money then I'm able to. (I think she was joking)  Her going is out of the question really, she's got health issues that keep her from "roughing it" 

So if you had 2 weeks to go ride somewhere what would you do?  I'm fairly capable of 75-100 mile days if they are not mountains.   Honestly what I'd like to do is ride the Northern Tier from the West Coast, but don't have that kind of time. 

One other question, is it cool to connect up with other cyclist you meet on route?  I know that it would be all about social interaction and seeing if a individual or group would like a tag along.  I guess my question is does that happen much?

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Re: If you only had a couple of weeks?
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I keep looking at routes that I could create using Amtrak. Depending on your location, take the train towards Denver and the maybe the Lewis and Clark route back home (riding north to connect). If you haven't looked yet, go to the interactive map for Adventure Cycling. You can "turn on" the Amtrak routes.

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