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Bikes into Newport News Airport
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:18:54 pm »
Hi all, I'm planning to fly into Newport News airport from London Heathrow in May to start the Trans Am route. I've looked at several posts about getting to Yorktown to start the trip - and Newport looks very close. My question is this - has anyone had experience of using that airport either from the UK or US and will the bike be ok on the connecting flight? American Airlines provide the flight in from the UK - and then I switch to either Air Wisconsin or PSA depending on which connecting flight I take. I'm assuming the bike will be ok all the way through but not sure. Also is there much accommodation - motels etc - close to Newport News that I can use to overnight and get the bike and gear together for the start of the ride. Any help appreciated! Thanks,


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Re: Bikes into Newport News Airport
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Which airport will you be entering the USA?   Dulles (IAD) or Baltimore-Washington (BWI) are the closest international airports to Norfolk and the tidewater region.  According to Google maps,  the cycling route(s)between the airport and Yorktown are 75-90 miles.  It's only about 40 miles by car but that's because you can't bicycle through the tunnels.   It's likely that there are other cyclists who have landed at Norfolk and will share their experience and suggestion but you may send me a message via ACA and I'll try to help you sort through the specifics of the area even though I'm in Virginia much closer to Washington DC.   

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Re: Bikes into Newport News Airport
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I flew into Newport News, but I shipped my bike via FedEx to a church in Yorktown. The pastor's wife picked me up and took me to the church. If you fly with your bike, it's a quick ride into Yorktown. Flights to Newport News use fairly small planes with limited cargo room, so they can't guarantee they'll have room for your bike.
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Bikes into Newport News Airport
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I assume David is flying into Philadelphia if he's coming from England on American Airlines. There is an airport in Norfolk (ORF) and also in Newport News (PHF). If flying into ORF, which is a (somewhat) bigger airport, you will have to get yourself across a long bridge-tunnel that doesn't allow bikes. You could hire a cab or Uber. PHF is easier because it's on the "correct" side of the water and you don't have to worry about the bridge. I've flown in-out of ORF in the past when I lived in Virginia Beach, and at the time they flew small regional jets. You can check what planes they are flying in the various routes pretty easily online and then check to see what their cargo hold sizes are. They should be able to fit your bike.