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Mountain Home, Idaho to Bend and TransAmerica?????
« on: June 27, 2016, 09:16:10 pm »
I am trying to find the best route from Mountain Home to Bend and then I will connecting with the TransAmerica and Pacific Coast Routes and have done 4 days from Jackson Hole so far without any problems as far as water, sleep, food, etc. BUT trying to figure out these next few days seems challenging and it looks like there are several 50 mile stretches without water. I decided to throw my question up on here rather than just wing it because I really dont want to get stuck out in this heat... at all. Any insight is HIGHLY appreciated. I might just hop a truck up to Boise at worst....

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Re: Mountain Home, Idaho to Bend and TransAmerica?????
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1) The Oregon Part -
In Oregon you have two choices - US 20 or US 26
a) Taking US 26 you connect up with the TransAm at Austin Junction.
There are stores at Willowcreek, Unity, and Austine Jct, and water at Brogan Park.
The is also a huge climb west of Brogan.
Pleasant, scenic, very light traffic.
b) Taking US 20 is more direct, but less scenic - esp. west of Burns.
You have three moderate passes between Vale and Burns - and a long downhill into Bend.
There are services at Juntura, Drewsey, Burns, Riley, and Brothers.
There is also a wonderful natural spring on the side of the road between Vale and Juntura.
The eastern section following the Malheur River is scenic - the western section, blah.
Only light to moderate traffic until you get near Bend.
I've done both -  prefer A.

2) The Idaho Part -
Two choices also, I-84 and service roads to Ontario or Highway 78 thru Grand View and Murphy.
a) The interstate section is doable and safe on the shoulder, but with the constant roar of traffic.
There are paved service roads for part of the way to Boise, but you have to get on I-84 for much of it.
There is a lovely bike trail system in Boise along the river and then busy streets to Nampa.
Then you can get onto US 26 into Oregon.
b) Some good friends did the Hwy 78 route and like it - but it can be very hot.
From Mountain Home head southwest on Hwy 67/167 to Grand View - not Grand, no View.
There are very limited services along this route - in Grand View, Murphy, and Givens Hot Springs.
At Marsing you can connect with Hwy 55, US 95, Hwy 19, and OR Hwy 201.
This route has very little traffic except Hwy 67 to the base and Hwy 55/US 95.
If the weather is not too hot, I would do B.

Best of luck.
I did