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Atlantic Coast Section 1, Map 14
« on: October 08, 2015, 08:25:16 am »
Hi Everyone!
I am nearing the end of my sojourn from the Bronx to Boston. It has been wonderful in part because of the elevation! Despite my knowledge, research and warnings from my cheering squad there is nothing like actually doing it!

Lucky for me, I met a couple guys just before Ellington, CT and one is a cyclist himself. He saw my panniers and had so many questions. Days and miles later, I am so glad he did! When he noticed the route going via Bigelow Hollow State Park just beyond Union, CT he had great concern and proposed Route 20 as an alternate. Having such GREAT experience with my ACA maps and terrible experience with Google, I refused to stray from my map. I was obliged to hitch a ride and am, as I said, so relieved I did. We drove Rt 171. Gorgeous! And so much safer to travel like all the other automobiles through long ups and downs. I saw my first sign warning of a 9% grade descent! The road was rough, the shoulder almost nil and the trucks going so fast. (Lots of industry in the area). With a driver who was really great company and taught me about diary farming and other ag realities in the area, I sped along to North Woodstock where I was able to pick up the ACA route.

All this is to preface the question, has anyone tried Rt 20 to skirt the Hollow?

Thank you,
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