Author Topic: Great Divide - 'Best' GPX files to download to Etrex30 for rookie GPS user  (Read 68 times)

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Offline Jcorrea

Traveling S to N on the Great Divide starting in mid June.  Struggling with best option for downloading  the GDMBR track to my computer and then to my Etrex30. I do have the ACA paper maps.  Options seem to be the following:
1. Adventure cycling Tracks (low resolution)
2. Adventure Cycling Tracks and Service Points Limited
3. Topofusion Tour Divide 2016 v2 10K.gpx
4. Topofusion GDMBR basemapv3.img
I would appreciate any recommendations/ pros and cons etc. about which option or options I should use.

Also do I need to/ should I install Garmin's basecamp on my computer?
Is continuing to be a very steep learning curve for this first time GPS user. Certainly appreciate the ACA forums. Thanks