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Hey Everyone,

So I am just getting into the cycling world and had a quick question to ask. I am very budget restricted and therefore have made the journey to craigslist to find an entry level bike to use for general cycling and some entry-level triathlons. I am 6'4" tall with a 35" standover height. Reading online and even asking questions in local bike shops, I have found that I would fit a 58-60cm bike. I have found an almost brand new Trek 1.1 (again, very entry-level) bike on craigslist as well as a few others in great condition in 58cm but not 60cm.

My question is, how much difference does the 2cm between a 58 and 60cm bike affect riding comfort and ability to ride efficiently? There doesn't seem to be many used 60cm bikes for sale in my area, and buying new will cost an easy $300-400 without much improvement in overall bike quality.

I don't want to buy a 58cm bike if it will be a bad thing in the long-run, but I also don't want to spend an extra 300-400 dollars just to get a 60cm bike if it won't make that much difference in the long run.

Any input would be much appreciated!


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Re: Sizing Dilemma (Is there a big difference between 58 and 60cm trek?)
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Calculating your fit only gets you in the ballpark. You need to take a test ride. Don't just ride around the parking lot. Go a number of miles, including flats, uphill and downhill.


Since I'm new to road biking, I'm not 100% sure what I should be looking for. Is there anything specific that would tell me that the bike is or isn't a good fit? Any indicators?


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The sizes you quote refer to the length of the seat tube, which is not overly important given seat posts offer a significant range of adjustment.

But a larger frame will have a longer top tube, affecting the reach. This is the important dimension as scope for adjustment is limited. Since the saddle must be set to position you correctly in relation to the pedals, the reach dimension can only be varied by changing the stem.
An off the shelf bike will usually have a stem of 100-110mm. A long stem is 130mm, 50mm is short, but may affect the feel of the steering. Stems are made in 10mm increments.

At 6'4" a 58cm will most likely be too small, but you may be able to compensate with a longer stem.

If it is too small you may feel cramped on a test ride.

Perhaps you should visit a bike shop and test ride a correctly sized bike to get a proper feeling before looking at used bikes.
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