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Flashlights for bike are needed
« on: Today at 01:59:37 am »
Hi, everyone, I love cycling. Now, my old flashlight is broken, and want to get a new one. I check some flahslights sites online, such as sure fire, fenix,streamlight, Tank007 flashlight, etc. but do not know which one to buy now. I found the flashlights are all similar, but the prices are different. So, do you guys know what kind of flashlights are good for cycling?

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Re: Flashlights for bike are needed
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First, you have to decide whether you need a "see" headlight or a "be seen" headlight. Then you need to decide how long you need it to run. Is this for an hour commute or a month tour? Then you need to establish your budget. Do you have $200 to spend or $10 to spend?

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Re: Flashlights for bike are needed
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How much light do you need and for how long at a time and for what use?   

For an around-camp or utility light get an LED flashlight with enough output that uses AA batteries.  Those "Tactical" lights like Surefire and Streamlight tend to be overbuilt and very expensive and use expensive CR123 batteries.   Maglite's AA LED lights come in very powerful versions (200+ lumens) using two AA batteries and are reasonably priced and durable. 

For on-bike use as a headlight, a powerful (300 lumens or above) LED rechargable headlight is the way to go and there are many makes like NiteRider, Cygolight, Light and Motion, etc. that work well.  The headlight can double as a camping light but you need to be able to recharge it every day or two.

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Re: Flashlights for bike are needed
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Other than a blinkie for the bike my only light on most trips is a tiny .25 ounce eGear Pico that I wear on a cord around my neck.  I don't use it all that much and when I do it is typically for a few seconds at a time.  So the battery lasts me for a full coast to coast trip and more.

Having a light fail on tour isn't that big of a hardship since you will be able to pick something up in just about any store and doing without for a night is not a big deal.  I recommend something smallish and fairly inexpensive.  I think folks get pretty carried away with high dollar fancy tactical lights.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.

A headlamp with an elastic headband works well if you use a light a lot in camp.

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Re: Flashlights for bike are needed
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Upon closer reading of your original post, and based on the examples you gave, it does seem that you are talking about a flashlight rather than a headlight. I think I went off in the wrong direction because you asked about "what kind of flashlights are good for cycling." I don't think any flashlights are good for cycling, because you don't typically use a flashlight when cycling.

If you are asking about what kind of flashlight is good for camping, then I'd recommend a headlamp. A tiny headlamp is good for reading and sorting things out in your tent, but you may need something more powerful if you camp outside established campgrounds and/or plan to walk a fair ways at night.

I'm still not sure I interpreted your question correctly.