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Its been a year since I've checked the Adventure Cycling forum, so I don't know if I've dropped a spot on this page.  For the record, I'm Jeff and I live in Littleton, CO.  I have a major obsession with mountain biking 100 mile stretches of the highest possible paths and roads through the state.   I do a lot of solo runs, but have met others now and then to ride with.  My work schedule is unconventional, so the times I go are usually week days, unless I take a weekend off.

My name is Chris. I am moving to Colorado Springs in June. If anyone wants to bike this summer let me know.

Howdy ACA folks,

I'm a native son, born and raise on the Western Slope.  My name is Matt Thyer.  About a year and a half ago my wife and made the opportunity to move back to the high country and we now live in Cersted Butte, CO.

I started touring back in 1986 after meeting a fellow on a transcontinental.  Since then I've run my odometer up quite a bit.   Love this as a way of life, and I don't drive so it's all that much more likely I'll see you on the road.

Happy trails!

Roy here.  I cycle in the Deer Creek area.  Love the riding there.  good to meet all.


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