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Fred Hiltz:
No. Like this:
  Maiden daytrip

Click the Image icon, then put the URL of the image itself, not the web page, between the img and /img bracketed key words.

Click Quote above this message to see the details.



Here it is so you can see the actual text that got it (I used a different trick to keep it from doing its job, and took out Fred's sizing spec.s since the image was that size already):

  Maiden daytrip

Fred Hiltz:
Neat! Do you write web pages?


No, but I do need to get into it.

I've created an image in Photobucket but I'm not having any luck.

Trying to create a Classified the following shows no picture when I click Preview

$10 + postage

With mounting kit

(with the http stuff between [img] etc. )


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