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TransAm Closed in Yellowstone for the Season
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:33:47 pm »
The TransAm route through Yellowstone is closed for construction for the remainder of this year and, likely, for a chunk of 2015 over Craig Pass from Old Faithful to West Thumb. It is possible to detour via Canyon and Bridge Bay - - which is 30 additional miles. (It's actually a pretty nice route.) This route will remain open until November 3 unless - and quite possibly - closed earlier due to snow.

I have biked in Yellowstone since 1987 and it has gotten increasingly bike unfriendly - while the administration always bewails the crush of cars. Meanwhile - the NPS has constructed a cloverleaf interchange at Old Faithful so the thousands of onlookers can zoom away as soon as the geyser erupts; there are 40-foot pull-thru parking places at all of the major attractions; 4 people in a car pay $25 - but 4 cyclists pay $12 each or $48.

I have follow park activities carefully- especially cycling related activities. I toured in the park in late July. Never did I see anything related to earlier closure of Craig Pass or alternatives for cyclists - online at the park website, posted at ACA (which would have been a nice thing for the NPS to do), or posted within the park itself.

After 25 years of bike touring, I have to say that the National Park Service is, fundamentally, aimed at automotive visitors with their ever larger RVs and need for auto services. After all, everything is political and car visitors vote - especially retired folks in RVs. Whatever the various superintendents at Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or Glacier say about traffic - they really don't mean it.

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Re: TransAm Closed in Yellowstone for the Season
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2014, 04:26:10 pm »
Hi -

Yes, we hear you. We've met several times with Yellowstone NP but haven't made much impact. Our local partner, Tim Young from WY Pathways is meeting with Supt and staff again in late Oct. and we'll be passing along our concerns about the road closure and some other issues that we've recently heard about from some touring cyclists from Tennessee.

Thanks for your post and letting us know about the closure and the growing issue concerning lack of bicycle accommodations in Yellowstone.
Ginny Sullivan