Author Topic: I am Planning my 1st solo Bike Touring in Southern California 12-2015  (Read 1812 times)

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I am Planning my 1st solo Bike Touring Trip in Southern California 12-2015 from Riverside, California to El Centro, California via Indio, CA and Niland, CA (Slib City Layover) and Back to Riverside, CA some Route 438.7 miles then to Long Beach, CA Friends Home and I am going to do Stealth camping and use and I am using Google Maps, California  Paper Maps and ACA Maps and it is going to be a El Nino year in USA and I have Rain Gear and Waterproof Panniers and I gone on Stealth Bike Camping Trips in San Diego County in Southern California

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Sounds like it's going to be a fun but hot ride. Make sure you stock up on gels and other types of nutrition to keep your body energized. The other thing to consider is the weight you'll be carrying. If ur rear load is too heavy and ur tires are under inflated and not up to the challenge, you'll be getting a heck of a lot of flats.

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from nov to feb in the 70degs, 60degs, 80degs this time of the year and my load on my bike is fine,
and it is are rainy season