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Wish I was there

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--- Quote from: 1gewb702g on June 28, 2010, 06:21:30 pm ---If it didn't cost so much to have slides scanned, I'd have done it already.  And don't say to do it myself, as I have slides from the 2 trips, and to get a good scan takes a number of minutes per slide.  Plus I don't own a good slide scanner.

--- End quote ---
Slide scanners keep getting cheaper and easier to use:

Just found this site.
I rode from Reedspoint, OR to Yorktown, VA in 76
A few years ago i was abe to drive back over the route from Baker City, OR to Reedsport.
I could not believe I had done this trip GREAT memories


I was in TAWB523...been looking for those in this group
My name is Rick
Who is this?


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