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Rider Safety, Dwight, IL to north of Bloomington, IL
« on: July 20, 2015, 08:33:59 am »
 :o Four of us spent two days riding Rt. 66 from Dwight, IL to Lincoln, IL and were shocked by treatment given by motorists. Road conditions are not good, few shoulders to ride on, no signs warning drivers to "share the road." We crossed the ditches numerous times to get onto the abandoned roadway but required riding through mud and the unmaintained Rt. 66 is bumpy with weeds 2' to 3' tall, road heaves as high as 12" but at least you are safe. By the time you get south of Chenoa, IL things start to get better and Bloomington drivers are used to cyclists plus you are on the bike path through the city. I have contacted IDOT and am currently playing phone tag with Mr. Michael Brand to continue the discussion about the lack of preparation by my home state. Illinois simply did nothing to prepare people for cyclists on this stretch of road. Anyone else have a similar experience?  :-[

Follow-up on this post, I did speak (at length) with Mr. Michael Brand (Acting Bike/PED Cooridinator for State of Illinois) and he is also concerned about this section of the route. He stressed to me that his office was not involved in following the route that has been published on map 1. He is especially concerned about the section I am referring to from Dwight to north of Bloomington and would prefer cyclists follow a different route. Mr. Brand encourages riders to contact for route suggestions.
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Re: Rider Safety, Dwight, IL to north of Bloomington, IL
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Thanks for the timely information. I'm planning a 4-day ride from Chicago to St, Louis in a couple weeks. I was primarily concerned with the potential for oppressive heat and planned the shortest route using a combination of the Route 66 map and the route from As a result, I chose most of Bikelib's alternate, but busy, shortcuts along Route 66.It looks like I shouldn't be doing that and go with the longer distances for safety.

It looks like even much of Route 66 south of Bloomington also has no shoulders. Did you find that acceptable or just barely tolerable?