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Cycling South Florida: Everglades, Florida Keys, Tamiami Trail

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Thank you for taking the time to make this write up...

Thank you for paying a visit. I am glad that you enjoyed it.


Here's a link of my ride from Key Largo to Marathon.  Check it out if your wondering what the roads are like.

I have updated my CrazyGuy article covering the Florida Everglades region. Various construction projects are ongoing, as part of the Everglades restoration plans. Cyclists visiting the area should make note of these plans.

Here's a link:

Just wanted to say thanks for the great article.  I planning on riding from Ft. Myers to Key West in a couple of weeks and am on a limited time to get there.  While I've been to the Everglades several times it's been by car or boat and I wasn't sure about the safety of going across the Tamiami on a bike.  Despite the obstacles you relate in your article, I believe this will be our best course.  We'll have vehicle transport for part of the trip so we shouldn't have a problem with the construction on the east end, if it is still a problem. 


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