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Title: Montana route info...
Post by: MrBent on May 04, 2012, 11:27:11 am
Hey, Cyclists:  My wife and I are in the planning phases for a mostly paved Rocky Mtn. tour starting in Aug. from Jasper, Alberta.  At times, I'm planning on taking some mixed surface routes (ex. Cottonwood Pass and Ute Pass in Co.).  Another option I'm exploring is a mixed surface route between Augusta and Hwy 15--old state hwy 434. Google Street View shows pavement south of Rt. 200, so I'm wondering about the section between Augusta and Rt. 200, which appears to be dirt/gravel.  Google doesn't covered that section except the very north-most tail out of Augusta.  We'll probably hit this mid-August, give or take.

Opinions, info., experiences?


Title: Re: Montana route info...
Post by: jamawani on May 05, 2012, 12:13:00 pm
I've ridden both US 287 and CR 435 from Augusta years ago.
US 287 has very little traffic - CR 435 almost none.
Both have expansive views of the Front Range - CR 435 a bit closer.
With the views comes the risk of wind - can be brutal.
Bean Lake - a MT Fishing Access Site has nice camping / primitive.
There's a bar/store at the xing of US 287 and MT 200.
Wolf Creek is very recreation friendly.

Oops! The gravel section was fine - usually a track to follow without much gravel.
However, gravel roads vary considerably from year to year.
The worst for cyclists is heavy, fresh gravel.