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Title: Underground Railroad or Great Rivers
Post by: Norsman on February 05, 2013, 02:29:44 am
I plan to do a southeast to northwest crossing of the USA. To get from the Southern Tier route up to Cave-in-Rock and the TransAmerica route I plan to use the Underground Railroad route for most of the way.  However I noticed that the UR crosses the Great Rivers route twice before they join south of Cave-in-Rock.

My question is: Between the southern crossing point, near Tishomingo,  and the northern crossing, near Waverly, which is the better route to use? In particular ease of riding, traffic, food stops etc.
Title: Re: Underground Railroad or Great Rivers
Post by: CMajernik on February 07, 2013, 10:29:29 am
Between Waverly and Tishomingo, the Great Rivers Route follows the Natchez Trace for another 100 miles northward before leaving the Trace to head to Waverly. Services are sparse right along the Trace; you need to go off route to access many of them. You will find more services along the UGRR.

I suspect, though I don't have actual knowledge, that traffic levels will be similar on both routes. You're in the rural parts of Mississippi and Tennessee and small towns are the norm. The speed is limited to 45 mph on the Trace, and no trucks are allowed.

In comparing terrain, the Trace is rolling, then gets hilly once you leave it. The UGRR will be hilly all the way.