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Title: Astoria to San Diego
Post by: Dabeiswenger on October 14, 2014, 08:46:14 pm
Biking the 101, looking for anyone who wants to join. Text me, 9073604636
Title: Re: Astoria to San Diego
Post by: John Nelson on October 14, 2014, 09:37:37 pm
Strongly -- strongly -- suggest that you don't ride the 101 all the way from Astoria to San Diego. There are so much better routes.

For Oregon, you can just get a copy of the Oregon Coast Bike Route Map published by the Oregon Department of Transportation. It's available at most information centers. It uses 101 quite a bit, but it also takes advantage of some incredibly beautiful roads off 101. IMO, the ODOT route is probably better than the ACA route in Oregon. For California, I really suggest you get the ACA maps. There are so many -- so, so many -- beautiful roads you will miss without them. E.g., it would be a high crime to miss Scenic Drive just south of Trinidad. You probably already know about Avenue of the Giants, so I'm sure you'll do that. And of course you'll want to get off 101 and onto CA 1 at Leggett. Staying on 101 after Leggett would be such a terrible mistake.