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Title: Thailand .. local bike club in Saraburi
Post by: surazal54 on June 18, 2015, 12:24:38 am
So just bought a house there 90 KM north of BKK ... nice quiet town on Highway 1
the main route north through much of Thailand ...
if any one is coming that way drop me line as I am there in the winter
Oct-Feb and always happy to meet fellow bicyclists ... decent inns in town to stay
at as I have a small place and family live with of course in the Thai manner
but have a nice comfortable set of couches internet and ceiling fans
in a modern cement row house with an indoor shower and a modern toilet
707/51 Pichai Rd , Saraburi will post a phone number when I am next there as I have to get a new sim
every year ... take care all and keep biking David'e Lazarus