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Title: thoughts on Evernew titanium pots
Post by: Inge on November 27, 2017, 04:06:28 am
I would appreciate any experience on the Evernew non-stick titanium pots. At the moment I have a GSI nonstick pot which is fine but since I am slightly changing things around equipment wise I went searching for a cup with measurements on it (am replacing my 1.5L nalgene bottle for a Klean Canteen 1.9L and then no longer have a way to measure liquids. During this search I came across Evernew in particular this cup with matching lid: ( and ( It is going to double as my waterkettle/ mug and measurer. Since I am coming to Canada/ states in 2018 I thought that I might as well update my regular cookingpot with non-stick 0.9L or the 1.3L ( for it has measurements on it as well as a pouring spout. Something I have missed in my pots until now. Am still contemplating whether to swop my MSR non stick skillet for an Evernew probably the 18cm version ( By replacing these items it will reduce the weight of my cooking outfit roughly by 150 to 200grams. Back home these pots and pans are twice as expensive so if I want to go for titanium this would be the right time.

But like mentioned before I no experience with (non-stick) titanium pots whatsoever so any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.