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Title: Route 1 - Atlantic Coast section 3, maps 34 and 35
Post by: Bronzebull on June 21, 2018, 04:48:29 pm
I took some time today to ride Section 3 maps 34 and 35 between Occoquan VA and Fredricksburg VA (by car I needed to get off the interstate).  I am not sure when the last time these two sections were updated but I am concerned about how busy the section between Dale City and Thacketts Mill road were at 8am in the morning.  This area has grown quite a bit since the Map was last published and the roads were heavy with commuter traffic.

also on map 35 (near Fredricksburg) start with with sections D through F (southbound), this section takes you past a local land fill as well as there was a lot of construction vehicles (large dumb trucks) using this route.  It seemed very dangerous to me when you have an 18 ft wide road and trying to share it with a 10ft wide dump truck and a 6ft wide car, it does not leave much room for someone on a bicycle. I would use extreme caution in this section. It might be easier to follow US Rt 1 between Fredricksburg and route 628.