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Title: Lake Erie Conn. & UGRR Det. Alt. Sec. 1 & 2 - Walpole Algonac Ferry closure 8/21
Post by: CMajernik on August 18, 2021, 10:42:15 am
The Walpole Algonac Ferry is currently not running due to COVID. Please check for updates.
Because the Blue Water Ferry in Marine City/Sombra is permanently closed, and this ferry is temporarily closed, the only option to pass from Michigan into Ontario (or the other way around) is to call a taxi company in Port Huron, MI, or in Sarnia, ON, to take you over the Blue Water Bridge. The Michigan Transit Authority may or may not be able to take your bike in a truck, but presently they won't take you (due to covid). Some of the cab companies will take you and your bike. It's important to call the companies a day or two in advance so that they can make sure they have someone working that day who has a passport and can take you over the border.