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Title: Bicycling Stroll through the National Parks
Post by: spartanstork on July 31, 2004, 09:38:41 pm
I am planning a one year long bicycling stroll through the National Parks of the USA.  This stroll is aimed at newly retired senior citizens.  Mileage will be about 30 miles per day to smell any flower they want to.  An RV and a scout truck will accompany us.  The RV is so we can shower when camping for free and to keep the food and meat cold.  The scout truck is to locate our next lunch stop and for locating our evening camping spot.  We plan to 1) free camp when available 2) backcountry camp where available 3) national parks or state parks 4) commercial campgrounds.  This will be participatory camping with each person doing a task each day.  I would like comments and suggestions as to the feasibility of this plan.  Thank you. :)

Title: Bicycling Stroll through the National Parks
Post by: cidhandyman on August 01, 2004, 12:30:40 am

I think its a good idea.  My concerns would be covering the costs associated with operating two vehicles which will undoubtedly burn lots of petrol. The other issue is where to advertise.  Pick media sources which reach your target audience but not just through internet and print.  Try local events which cater to those groups also and advertise in printed handouts or cycling calendars that are printed in bike shops nearby.  It may also be good to setup some sort of web based system so that potential riders can inquire about the ride, mileage, what to bring and such.  Also have a back up plan in case you run into something which makes the potential route traveled impassable, like inclement weather or roadway construction.  Im sure you will get other input for your idea through this source.  Good thinking, it should be a good ride.  Time to round up your staff and potential riders and calculate costs that need to be covered.

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